Mobile Application to Communicate With Visitors on the Website

Do you own a small business or are you a beginner business owner in this market? Do you know the importance of your presence on social media and availability on the communication channels? Many customers want to engage with the owners, so they can gain more trust in the brand, and be sure they are spending their money in the right place.

Communication is an integral part of our life, especially if we’re talking about the website as your business. You need a usual connection with your user in order to increase your purchases. There are so many different channels to establish that communication, including a contact form, public email address, or even a live chat with the customer care department. One of the ways is a mobile application, that will help you maintain that connection all the time.

Here are some examples of the most widespread mobile apps. Take a look at them. But firstly, let’s know why you should use apps on your own website.

What are the benefits of Mobile Applications?


  • You can communicate directly with your users

Communicating with customers gives them a feeling of trust. It’s connected with the product which you promote and the reputation of your brand as a whole. Customers learn information and have personal questions, that’s why it’s vital to provide live support. They want to ask questions, use some help and suggestions, and establish a durable connection with the seller. That gives them a feeling of importance, and if you get back to their messages on short notice, they will appreciate the approach and recommend you to their friends too.

There are lots of services that help to create live chats, one of them is 13Chats. Try it and improve your business.

  • You can attract user’s engagement

As much as some clients want to talk about the products and ask plenty of questions, there are those who want to engage with the seller as much as it’s needed to complete the order. You need to offer both the options and recognize their preferences.

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People prefer to spend less time on the questions of orders. Mobile apps are the best helpers in giving additional information in real-time. They give the quickest solution to any item.

  • You can create your own users’ community

The faster and qualitative support is, the better conversion is. People will come back and make more purchases. This is how feedback also works. Because of them, users get closer to the brand. It could be the reason to create a community and share with each other nice offers, which will push them to make new orders in short periods of time.

Starting a community around your company will help you be more visible to those who have similar interests, and attract more potential clients and collaborators. That’s also a great way of self-promotion, and increasing the chances for your business to grow. All these things mean you are ready to embrace the challenges and provide the best possible service to all your clients.

Mobile apps will save in that situation and will spread all the necessary information to your clients!

  • You can have more efficacy

By using mobile apps, you can find more potential clients. This is the question of spreading information about your brand or service. The more potential users, the more effectiveness you will have.

All the customers love when they get a quick response to their message, and also the right answer to their question. The instant messaging app, connected to your website or social media profile, will make these things easier for all the parties included. You only need to find the right one and proceed with what you are doing.

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Let’s talk about popular apps which you can try on your site.

Facebook Messenger


That’s a nice app to communicate with your users. Lots of platforms use it. People all over the world use Facebook Messenger for communication and other different goals. You can share photos, videos, or documents, even have video calls and audio messages. After downloading, you can see how many new messages you have, if we’re talking about android. Take a look at the following example of chat. The icon can be in any corner of the site. It makes the work more convenient.

One more app to use. Not less important and still useful!



This is a nice one to understand how apps could be easy to use! The set-up is simple. It also provides syncing with your existing contacts. WhatsApp gives you the opportunity to share text messages, audio files, video, and other features. Create chats here and share more useful knowledge. Here’s an example of the WhatsApp chats interface.



That’s an incredible platform for communication. It belongs to one of the most popular worldwide apps, which people use. There you can share videos, audio records, carousels of photos. Moreover, you can have group videos, chats, and even more. It has simple settings. One of the best functions is the ability to share stories. You can also add useful links and stickers. This is the best format to notify customers of new products, talk about upcoming updates, or even get customer feedback on products or services.

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These are maybe the most common choices, but you also need to know that you need to include other options, especially if you want to launch your business worldwide. So, you need to research your target markets and see if they have some particular messaging app they prefer, over Messenger or WhatsApp. For example, many business owners use Telegram for that purpose, or even Signal, even though they don’t offer much customization.

Probably you’ve already seen it, but subscribing to Viber groups can also be an effective way to get in touch with the customers and lead them to your website, where they can find your special products.

Don’t underestimate the importance of messaging apps in your business. We know that formal communication is the key to business success, but some clients, simply like to chat and talk all the time, so they can explain what type of service they really need. And you must offer that to them.

Final words

After reading this article you can’t have doubts about whether to use Mobile Apps or not. They have tons of advantages which we have already mentioned. Be modern and sensitive to the needs of your clients and you’ll be truly approved by them. Use Mobile apps and help users know about your brand. Good luck!