iTunes Won’t Open on Windows 10 [Fixed]

iTunes is a feature-rich application that allows Apple users to enjoy the convenience of data transfer and restoration on their iPhone. If you use an iPhone, you can have a huge collection of different music titles. But do you ever find out that iTunes doesn’t open in your Windows?

It’s annoying, but don’t panic. If you try to run iTunes on Windows 10, the application will not open, and when you check Task Manager, it indicates that iTunes is running. This is also the case with a Mac, where it indicates that the application is being updated.

iTunes cannot be opened

You can solve this problem easier than you think. We’ve written an article here to tell you how to solve this annoying problem: iTunes doesn’t open on Windows 10. The iTunes client for Windows 10 allows iPhone users to work with media files and updates from their Windows computer. Some users have reported that this application no longer works after the iPhone client has been updated.

Why doesn’t iTunes open?

There are several reasons why iTunes cannot be opened on your PC or Mac:

  • Incorrect installation of iTunes is one reason iTunes cannot be opened. Each time an iTunes application is reinstalled, incorrect installation or a damaged old iTunes file causes such an error.
  • Any anti-viruses or firewalls may be limited in the performance of iTunes software.
  • Connecting a device such as Bluetooth or USB can prevent iTunes from opening an error.

In fact, iTunes does not open on Windows 10. Problems can arise for many reasons. We present you this guide, which offers a safe way to successfully download your tunes. In the following article, we discuss methods for troubleshooting problems that cannot be opened when a Windows 10 error occurs. You can use simplified methods to solve your iTunes problem without opening it in window 10.

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Decision 1: AppendixUpdate

You can consult an outdated version of the application for this problem. Usually iTunes notifies you when an update is available. When you open iTunes, it checks for updates, and if an update is available, it opens a pop-up message asking you for an update. However, you can also manually check for updates so that you can follow these steps:

Step one: Open iTunes first.

Step two: Then open the menu bar and click on the Help option.

Step three: Also click on the Check for Updates button.

Step four: If an update is now available, a pop-up message will be displayed. Then select the option to download iTunes.

Step five: Continue and make sure the Update checkbox next to iTunes is selected. Then click on the option to install 1 item, and when Windows asks you to confirm, accept.

Step 6 : When the program is ready, click Yes to restart your computer and install the update. Conversely, you can also select the NO option, but the installation will not be complete until you restart your computer.

Decision 2: Restart the application and the computer on

You may want to consider restarting your computer to see if iTunes opens in Windows 10. The Windows 10 operating system downloads regular updates. To install these updates on your computer, you will need to restart them. When your computer restarts, the system automatically adjusts the settings, including iTunes.

If you do not restart your computer after the upgrade, iTunes will not open in your windows. So a rational solution is to simply restart your PC and the iTunes application.

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Decision 3: Recovery of iTunes

Reinstalling iTunes is considered the most annoying way to fix an iTunes error and will not open in Windows 10. This method can be tedious and cumbersome, but it ensures the success of the problem described above. You can follow these steps carefully to reinstall and run iTunes without crashing:

Step one: First go to the control panel and select Programs or Programs and Functions. Then select the option Uninstall program.

Step two: Now install iTunes and all other software from your computer.

Step three: Then follow the instructions to uninstall all associated software to avoid obstacles.

  • Support for Apple applications
  • iTunes
  • Updating Apple software
  • Hello
  • Speed
  • Support for Apple Mobile Devices

Step four: Finally, open the C drive and remove all folders one by one:

  • Hello
  • Training camp
  • iPod
  • iTunes

You can also empty the basket of recycled content before reinstalling the iTunes software on your computer from Apple’s official website. Then you need to go back to the official Apple website to download iTunes for your computer.

However, this method can be both cumbersome and inconvenient for any user, so you can use a different method. You can reinstall iMyFone TunesFIx in just a few clicks. In addition, you can easily click on the Remove All option and remove all software with all tracks.


From the above description, it is clear that iTunes will not open – it is a user problem or a major malfunction in your computer. Although it can be repaired at home without technical assistance, the solutions are very simple – from simple troubleshooting techniques to the most advanced. You can use one of the methods that best suits you and enjoy uninterrupted service on your computer.

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