How To Increase Your Chances Of Winning A Giveaway?

The sphere of the internet is changing every day. Brands, influencers, and small businesses are all looking for ways to be recognized on social media.

Giveaways have become a massive part of the social media trend now, and everyone is either hosting or participating in one. How often do we take part in giveaways and dream of already having won the contest? We all are guilty of doing it! But it can be disappointing not to win even once.

But giveaways are not always about your luck. It is important to be practical and put effort into increasing your chances of winning. Nowadays authentic sources have emerged which sell votes to help you win online contests. To get top-of-the-line experience in this area, visit .If you are in search of tips and tricks on how to have the odds of winning giveaways towards you, keep reading this article!

Please Follow All The Rules


Giveaways are diverse, and they all come with a set of rules. Participants are required to follow all these rules to increase their chances of winning. The majority of the accounts ask us to follow their account, like the post and mention friends in the comments. Though this is a plain simple, and obvious tip, it is surprising that many of us do not do it.

Every giveaway is done differently, and it is important to follow every single rule to be qualified. The harder the rules, the lesser chance of people participating, hence giving you a better chance at winning. If there are a lot of steps, make sure to do every single one of them so that you are not eliminated.

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Optimize Your Entries

Expanding on the first suggestion, another way to bring the box of goodies to your doorstep is to complete all the bonus and extra entries. A lot of the giveaways tell you to share the post to their story to increase the chances of winning. Other sites ask people to enter into daily draws or share the giveaway to friends and family for greater odds.

When an Instagram giveaway asks you to tag three friends, don’t stop at three. The more the tags, the more your entries. But also make sure you don’t spam the post all at once and tag every once in a while.

Enter Giveaways With Lesser Entries


The best giveaways to take part in are on websites or pages that are new or have not been discovered by many people yet. These giveaways usually do not have too many entries, increasing the chances of winning for you.

Due to the constant change in the algorithm, receiving engagement on posts has become complicated. These companies or people host giveaways to get the word out there so that people recognize them, follow their page, or buy their products or services.

Participate in giveaways where the odds of winning are much higher. More prominent brands and influencers have thousands of entries flooding in every day on their giveaways, and the chances of winning are thus decreased.

Choose Diverse Giveaways

We get tempted to enter giveaways that are offering the latest iPhone or a PlayStation or thousands of dollars worth of stuff. But it would also benefit you to take part in those that give away handmade jewelry, a box of cookies, or a book. The probability of winning these items is higher than the expensive ones.

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Some giveaways are easier to enter and take only a few steps, while others have more complicated and lengthier steps. But even if you have to put in a little extra effort, winning the prize will be worth it.

Giveaways are usually local or worldwide. The odds of winning local giveaways are better than the latter. Look out for giveaways taking place in your city or country and actively participate in them. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try winning an international giveaway!

Be attentive towards the host.


Giveaways are a win-win scenario. As much as you would like to win a giveaway, the host would also like to gain substantial recognition in the process. Help support the host by liking, commenting, or sharing their posts on Instagram stories and other social media sites.

Make your presence known to the host. By regularly engaging with the brand, you are likely to be noticed by them. They will not see you as someone interested in winning the contest but as a person interested in their brand.

Even if sharing or being attentive towards the page is not a requirement of the giveaway, it can help tip the scales in your direction on the day of the lucky draw.

Search For Giveaways Using Hashtags

Most influencers, bloggers, and businesses run giveaways on their social media pages from time to time. However, you can also find some great giveaways using hashtags. Select relevant hashtags that aim towards giveaways and check them regularly for new and upcoming giveaways to partake in.

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Some common hashtags that websites and pages follow are #giveaway, #prize, #win, #giveawaycontest, and many more.

Sign Up For Brand Newsletters


We usually are too lazy to sign up for a brand’s newsletters or are annoyed by the dozens of e-mails we receive because of it. However, newsletters can help you be one of the first ones to know about an upcoming giveaway.

Sometimes, the giveaways go unnoticed on our feed amongst all the other posts, but with newsletters, you are at the advantage of never missing a giveaway from your favorite brands or bloggers. Some sites and pages also have giveaways specifically conducted just for those who have signed up for their newsletter.

Don’t Create Giveaway Only Accounts.

People often create a separate account dedicated to entering in giveaways. They post their entries through this account or post stories on Instagram because they don’t want to do so on their personal accounts. Though this may seem like a good idea, most of the time, it is not.

Hosts of giveaways might check the winner’s profile, and if they believe it to be fake or impersonal, they may choose another winner. Even if you have hundreds of entries and follow all the rules, you can end up getting eliminated.


With these tips, you can effectively increase your chances of winning giveaways on social media platforms. The joy that comes with winning even the smallest prizes in contests is immeasurable!

Giveaways on social media handles and websites are one of the most successful ways to build a rapport with people, and your participation can do wonders for the brand!