How To Protect Your Car Audio System

We received this article from a car radio fan and an old 4AG fan.

Car thieves will break into almost any car if they think there’s something valuable in it. Nobody can watch their car 24 hours a day to make sure it’s not broken into. After spending hundreds of dollars on my audio equipment in the car and grabbing that of a bad thief, I decided to think of better ways to prevent the theft of my new equipment. I’ll now pass on the advice I imagined.

Tinted glass

Once people have parked their cars in isolated parking lots, there is usually no one to look at the cars to prevent theft. In such situations it is a good idea to have tinted windows, especially on SUVs where the cargo space is normally visible through the rear windows.

Many people paint their car windows to protect them from ultraviolet rays. However, tinted windows can also help protect your property from thieves. Most thieves look inside the vehicle before they come in because they want to make sure there’s something valuable in it.

Most SUVs have rear windows that enclose the rear cargo space. If your SUV is equipped with subwoofers, they are probably located in the rear cargo compartment, next to these windows, which are clearly visible to anyone looking inside.

Shadow on the rear windows can make it almost impossible to see into the cargo space where your expensive audio system is located.

Stereo camouflage bath

It’s a relatively rare form of protection for your car radio, but I’ve seen it before and I thought it was worth mentioning. Some companies have developed a cover for their car radio that looks like an old cassette recorder. Here is a link to check the price.

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Most thieves know that the demand for and value of a cassette recorder is low, so they usually don’t waste time stealing a cassette. The cover simply clicks onto your car radio and gives the impression that you have installed a cassette recorder instead of a modern stereo system.

You can also remove the face from most aftermarket stereos in a unique dining style. You can do this by pressing a button in one of the corners of the front panel of the stereo. This button unlocks the front of the stereo so that you can remove it. If you do, you can help reduce the theft.


This is probably the most common form of security people use to protect the audio equipment in their car. This not only protects your belongings in the car, but also prevents theft of the entire car.

I advise you to buy an alarm to get one with a beeper function. So, if an alarm is triggered, you will be notified by the alarm device you wear on your keychain.

Know your environment

Remember where you are and who’s around you. If your car audio system is really noisy because of your subwoofers and amplifiers, it may attract the attention of others. So if you know you’re in an area with a lot of crime, don’t blow up your music if you want to park your car nearby for a while.

Some thieves will notice your noisy stereo and watch and wait for you to park somewhere, then get in your car and try to break in. The same goes for your own neighbourhood, especially if you park your car in front of your house.

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I recommend turning off the music when you’re a few blocks from your house. That way other people living in your neighborhood don’t even know you have expensive audio equipment.

As you can see, this isn’t the hardest advice. But they will make a big difference when it comes to protecting your car’s audio equipment from theft. It is important that you keep your equipment out of sight and do not draw attention to yourself if you know you are going to park your car somewhere for a while.


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