How to Fill Hair Before Coloring – a 2024 Guide

It seems like we all changed our hairstyles while we were quarantining and if you opted for bleaching it blonde during that period, you may now wish to return to something a little bit darker. If so, you must know that you’ll be required to utilize a filler, mostly because it’ll assure that the tint is even and that it doesn’t shift into purple, green, or brown.

However, if you’ve never utilized this type of product before, you may be wondering how you could use it properly, without messing up your hair. Luckily for all people that found themselves in this situation, our article below can help! Let’s take a look at the list of the ten most common FAQs, answered:

1. Will I Actually Require Using it?


As we already mentioned, yes, you’ll be required to purchase a filler, particularly if your hair is lighter at the moment and if you desire to make a transition to a dark color. By utilizing it on your strands, you’ll guarantee that you gain that warmness of your natural strands, but more importantly, you could guarantee that the product you use doesn’t shift into purple, green, or a really ugly brown – which could quickly happen if you don’t restore the hues before using a darker tint.

2. What is it?

Generally speaking, a fill is basically a gradient or dye that is utilized on the hair before dyeing it in a distinct hue. In this situation, a gradient, as the term implies, represents the gradual progression of diverse shades and tints, more specifically, the transition from one color to the next or from one shade to another. This fill is required when going from lighter to a completely different hue, mostly because it guarantees that the pigment is even.

3. How Does it Work?


If you research the topic online, you’ll learn that all filling products are manufactured from seven peptides. Each of these ingredients is effective in boosting your hair growth throughout the procedure and if you opt to use it on your head, you’ll promote restorative blood circulation in it, which is something that’ll guarantee that your follicles get stronger, and in return, it’ll cause your strands to grow faster and stronger.

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4. What Does it Look Like?

Basically, the filler you opt for will most likely have a creamy-white color. It’ll serve as a dye that you’ll utilize in between the 2 dyeing processes – the current hue and the one you wish it to be. If you’ve whitened your strands and colored them in a lighter tint, you’ll have to use the filler, mostly because it’ll build back your natural pigment into your hair, hence, your natural pigment will return, making it easier for you to turn your hair darker.

5. How Could I Apply it?


Although a lot of people think that it’s daunting and complex to fill their strands, it isn’t and all it’ll take is a bit of your time and patience! Firstly, you’ll need to opt for a high-quality filler and once you do, you must start by mixing it together. You might want to add one-half of the bottle into the mixture you’re making, and then ensure to blend it well. Once you’re finished, you must use the mix on the ends of your locks.

When you’re done spreading it evenly, you must leave it on your head for approximately fifteen to twenty minutes. Once you’re finished, you can add water to it, massage the mixture into your head, and rinse it with water. You should remember that, if you’re unsure about your skills, it’s always best to opt for professional services such as the ones offered by the best hair salon in Singapore,

6. Should I Consider Using a Protein Filler?

There are various fillers available on the market, including one that contains protein. If you decide to use it on your hair, you’ll lower the porosity of the strands, which suggests that you’ll prepare your strands for absorbing the new paint better. This will, of course, result in long-lasting results, hence, if you wish to make sure that the tint lasts for a longer period of time and that it looks better, you can consider using this type of filler.

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7. Can I Utilize Dye Instead of a Filler?


The answer to this query is ‘yes’, however, you must be extra careful about the product you opt for using. This indicates that you must opt for something that doesn’t contain ammonia. If you find it, you’ll want to spread it all over your head while your strands are completely dry. You must remember, that the dye must be lighter than the one you prefer to have once you are done, and additionally, it must correspond with it.

8. What Must I Do if it Ends Up Being Green?

If you made the error of not filling your strands before coloring them, you’ll need to utilize an opposite color of green, which in this circumstance is red. It’ll eliminate the green color in your locks and any red dye (but purple and pink will work as well) shouldn’t contain ammonia or hydrogen since if it does, it won’t reduce the green in your strands. Again, a professional hairdresser will be capable of eliminating the green, hence, if you’ve made this error, you might need to visit your hairdresser.

9. Can a Protein Filler Help With Damaged Hair?


If you’ve whitened your hair and it no longer feels soft and natural, you could choose to purchase a protein filler that’ll make your strands feel normal again. As we’ve mentioned, they’ll completely fill the pores of your follicles with beneficial ingredients, which will result in them feeling softer. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that it’ll also give your hair back its shine, hence, your hair will also look better.

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10. Could I Utilize it as a Conditioner?

Last on this list, but definitely worth mentioning is whether or not you can use a filler as a conditioner. Now, you could, however, you must ensure that it contains conditioning substances. These conditioning fillers don’t contain any color, which indicates that you could choose to use them as a way to increase the porosity of your follicles. You must use them before or after you use the dye on your hair and you can even put it in a spray bottle and spray it on your head.


Whether you’ve whitened your hair or if you just want to go from your natural color to one that is a bit darker, you must utilize a filler on your scalp. By doing so, you could make sure that you color your strands evenly, but more importantly, you could make sure that it does turn green, brown, or purple during the process.

Since you now know how you could fill your locks before dyeing them into a darker shade, you really shouldn’t lose any more of your free time reading guides similar to this one. Instead, you might want to start browsing different stores so that you can find high-quality fillers that’ll suit your needs.