How to be Safe from Ransomware Attack?

In 2019, the cost of the ransom attacks exceeded $7.5 billion. And it is expected to increase further in 2024. The problem is that technology has become smarter and in many ways a blessing. But the users have become even wiser and have found a way to turn this blessing into a curse for others. From the invention of the very first computer virus to the chaos of salvation, manipulation of the technology is far advanced and companies are the main carriers of this mess.

How can I protect myself against a ransom attack?

How can you be safe from a ransom attack?

Someone reaches out to you, freezes your system and asks you for a huge amount of money if you want to return the data and control of the system. That’s what ransom programs are, and it’s become one of the worst nightmares for businesses.

But is there no way to stop this fraud and protect your data? The answer is yes, it’s true!

Here are some tips and tricks to help you strengthen your security regime and protect yourself against ransom attacks:

Control system upgrade

Your operating system is a gateway that allows such intruders to infiltrate and take control of your system. So always keep your operating system up to date with every new update. These updates are for your own good and include a new security system to prevent safety disasters. So don’t ignore these updates, because they’re your savior.

Installing anti-virus software

In addition to updating your operating system, installing a good firewall program is also an important factor in determining the strength of your security system. It prevents you from opening a malicious website in your browser and blocks spam, which can also be a phishing attack. That’s why antivirus software should protect you against ransom attacks.

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Data backup

Prepare for the worst. The reason intruders manage to get money out of you is that they get practical data that you can lose. But what if you have a copy of your data stored on another hard drive? You don’t have to worry about data or file corruption. You should therefore regularly keep a back-up copy of your data in order to protect it against any future malfunctions.

Be careful when pushing something.

Online criminals have become smarter than you can imagine. They make you pay for using websites and email phishing attacks that can victimize you when you eventually click on these websites or download an attachment to a file. So before you click on anything, first check the domain name and the sender and content.

Training of your employees

No matter how good your firewall system is, if your employees are not aware of the underlying problem, they could get into trouble. Therefore, follow specific training programs for your employees and tell them what they should and should not do when using the Internet. You can use specialized training companies that have in-depth knowledge of potential threats and best practices to hide the possibility of such attacks. You can manage your employees forever.

Development of a safety policy

Develop a security policy that strictly focuses on the behavior of online employees who need to have confidential company information, how to prevent the possibility of an attack and what to do in case of an accident When dealing with brain criminals, you need to be one step ahead. It is not only about what you have to do to prevent an attack, but also about what you have to do when such an incident occurs to minimize the serious consequences of these attacks.

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