3 Alternatives to PayPal

When people think of digital payment methods, they often immediately think of PayPal. Although PayPal has helped change the industry since 2003 with its merger with eBay, today’s technology continues to adapt. But some of its features are trivial compared to the needs of its face-to-face and digital customers. Its competitors are getting bigger and are eager to prove themselves. What are the best digital payment alternatives to PayPal?


PayPal may have stumbled in international payments, but TransferWise has caught up with the train. The company has positioned itself as the ideal place to accept and send money internationally, especially for businesses. The savings on international remittances through PayPal are their main selling point and are proving to be important for the future of international trade.

Money can be managed in a variety of currencies (up to 40), and TransferWise can even settle in specific currencies relevant to the recipient. The money itself never crosses the border, which is why it can be charged at such low rates. For example, a transfer from dollars to euros costs $1 and 0.6% of the transaction amount.


Skrill is a cheap e-wallet that allows you to do everything a traditional bank can also do, with an emphasis on account security. It is used for those interested in cryptocurrency. As cryptocurrency becomes more and more important in people’s lives – or at least in their periphery – it can be useful to have a service that focuses on it.

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Skrill also offers its accessories to those who play online. For example, Harrison Score of WDW states that “Skrill is a very popular payment method among online gamers. It has long been accepted at bingo sites, so it has earned the trust of players.” Indeed, the growth of games like online bingo means that players expect banking options that reflect the small amounts they can deposit and withdraw. The ideal option for this could be checking.

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Square is a viable alternative to PayPal for those who sell in person. It aims to position itself as a point-of-sale service and one that can be used online. The advantage is that they accept a range of payment methods, including debit cards, checks and gift cards. Online functionality, square checkout, merge with online shopping.

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Perhaps the biggest advantage is the ability to use payment cards without the need for an Internet connection. Many businesses, especially those in small stores or markets, are hampered by poor Internet connections or even by not being able to accept non-cash payments. Square does not require this type of connection, so even people who do not have the ability to use a reliable Internet connection can take advantage of it.

In 2015 eBay and PayPal became separate legal entities, and in 2024 eBay announced that seller fees would be paid directly to accounts, not through PayPal. This suggests that PayPal may already be on its way. A number of alternatives also show that, if its utility is extended, many other options could be chosen.

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