How Popular are Online Pokies in New Zealand

Are you someone who loves to play different casino or online games? How about pokies? Well, a lot of people love to play games of luck, especially during the global pandemic since different occupations keep them inside of their home yet worry-free. Are you also trying to have some fun online & with different players from around the world? Keep on reading and understand how popular are pokies in New Zealand.

What is history like when it comes to gambling in New Zealand?


The history of gambling in NZ and Australia is interesting. Games of luck have been around for quite some time. The name itself is probably a shorter way or slang for the word and game poker. These slots were initially placed in pubs since there were no casinos, and the need wasn’t as big as it is nowadays. People tried to have a game of pokies right off the bat, just because it sounded appealing & it was something new on the market.

They were initially illegal once hitting the market in 1990. However, in just nine years over 180,000 slot and pokies machines were working and have been operational in Australia.

All slot machines worked with the use of a coin. If you were to win, the coin would come back to you and fall out for you to collect it. Some believed that the word pokie was made up because players would poke their fingers in slot machines trying to get their payout.

Online slots and online pokies


Slots changed as time went by and as everything upgraded and changed in technology. However, for some, gambling got out of control since they were spending way more money & time at casinos than they were allowed to. When trying to set up a feeling of control and organization, a lot of developers came up with different slot & machine games. The graphics are also appealing and something that will capture your attention when playing online.

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Virtual & mobile games are now available & more fun than ever

Pokies were played in clubs, not as much as in casinos. However, everything made a slight shift after becoming available on our phones, and laptops. Nowadays there are hundreds of sites that provide you with quality gameplay, unique options, pokies, as well as slots.

So, how popular are online pokies in Australia & New Zealand?

Pokies are quite popular in New Zealand, as well as among Kiwis & Aussie bettors & competitors who are trying to have fun constantly & over and over again. Some of them view this game as a national pastime. Some games offer amazing jackpots that you get to experience & enjoy winning. So, in conclusion, this is a popular go-to in this country and a well-loved and played game, both online and in-person.

What determines a good game + how to test some games


With hundreds of real money online casinos to choose from, it can be hard to make your mind about your favorite game that is on the market, as well as your trustworthy casino. Well, your chosen game or your site should have some of the next things covered:

Game selection – large selection of new games that are popular on the site is important since variety helps to keep newbies and your customers happy and satisfied.

Welcome bonuses – massive & different bonuses that aren’t available on every single site, as well as bonuses that are different in some way will suit and capture your attention.

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Security – a transparent software, as well as loads of different cashier options, should be available in every casino.

Deposits – speaking of cashier options, think about your deposit option. Fast payouts are exactly what a casino needs in order to gain popularity.

Mobile gaming – mobile games offer you a variety, as well as a feeling of real bets & making big moves. They also allow you to have fun wherever, whenever & however you like.

Payout time – most proper & trustworthy casinos will have a quick & practical service, as well as a fast payout time when compared to their competitors.

Top 5 most asked questions when it comes to pokies & gambling


1. Is online gambling legal in New Zealand?

If you are above the age of 20 you can have fun on any casino website. Online poker is a popular game, and no one’s been charged thus far playing similar games in NZ.

2. Are my personal and banking details secure?

As long as you go for a trustworthy casino that has positive feedback and loads of reviews you will feel confident and safe about where you’re at. Usually, casinos that have more payment options will suit you and are safe to use.

3. How do you pay at an online casino?

Different casinos will have different methods. You can usually use your credit cards, eWallet, as well as bank transfers. Some payment options are processed quicker than others since some take more time to process. For instance, wire transfers usually take the longest.

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4. How do I claim my welcome bonus?

Some sites have different methods than others. For instance, you can claim your bonus on your own, while others do it automatically for you. Check out both ways and see what works. Some sites will send you a confirmation mail where you get to claim your bonus.

5. Can I play in New Zealand Dollars?

Yes, but within certain parameters. Make sure that you are of age. Also, go for casinos that accept this type of payment.

Where to have fun?

Are you interested in playing pokie games anytime soon? If so, you should check out Over there you can see loads of New Zealand online slots games created by top software developers, big jackpots, and generous bonuses. Every player will find his or her ideal game while browsing through different pokies that are playable on your computer, phone, or tablet!