How Pandemic Affected Used Car Market

Salvage King cars are a rich inventory of damaged cars for sale and used cars in great shape. Salvage King brings excellent deals to people financially affected by the coronavirus pandemic and needs to buy a used car for work or family. This article helps you find more about price fluctuations during the COVID-19 pandemic and make the best decision to buy a used car from Salvage King cars or other markets.

Coronavirus Pandemic Effect on Car Market


The coronavirus has changed many life features worldwide, including used cars and damaged cars for sale prices. The prices in this market have risen dramatically over the past year due to many factors, including:

  • Car manufacturers had to close down for several months and made a lot fewer new vehicles for the market;
  • Market demand decreased because of changed lifestyle and more people working from home;
  • Public transportation has reduced due to coronavirus concerns;
  • The overall supply of vehicles decreased as well.

These factors, among many others, caused increasing prices in the market of used cars and damaged cars for sale worldwide.

As time goes on, purchasing a vehicle will become top of mind for many people. For instance, since people in the US got their second stimulus check, they have saved money during the pandemic, and they will be getting their tax returns.

According to the reports of 2024, the average used car price increased 4.8 percent in some areas of the US and some other countries. This number is nearly on par with the national average of 4.9 percent.

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According to Consumer Price Index, used cars and damaged cars for sale prices rose 21 percent since last April, including a 10 percent rise in April 2024 alone.

Demand for used cars has grown, and while new auto sales are up compared to January, the auto industry does not have a steady flow of new vehicles on hand.

It can be traced back, in part, to another staple of pandemic consumerism, which is a disruption in the supply chain. The car market is different from what it was pre-pandemic.

Your new car may not be the exact model you needed, and it certainly won’t be a steal. As much as it might look counterintuitive, low sales are helping fuel higher prices.

Coronavirus and the Used Cars


The used car market and damaged cars for sale are more significant than the new car market; Just in the US, about 40 million used cars were sold in 2019, compared to about 17 million new ones. However, as one auto industry specialist described it, they run in tandem.

The used car market relies on vehicles from clients trading their old cars for new ones; they put damaged cars for sale or turn over leased vehicles.

However, as the pandemic went through peaks, this supply chain was affected by more common disruptions in the new-produced supply chain, locked-down factories, and skeleton crews.

The lack of semiconductor devices required for the integrated circuit chips that are part of electrical and electronic devices in cars has stalled the manufacturing process.

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Due to these causes, manufacturers are striving with billions of dollars in loss, and workers face hourly cuts or temporary layoffs, which ultimately lead to more factories shut down.

While the new car market demands took a big run to sales, which affected the used market supply, many people are trading in their cars as much or ending their leases regularly as earlier.

After the financial crisis of 2007–2008, the US government tried to incentivize the auto industry by passing legislation that would cause more car industry.

As the US government made way for people, they started to trade old models under the Cash for Clunkers program or Allowance Rebate System for $3500 or $4500 off the purchase of a newer vehicle.

However, there has been no such program following the latest slowdown. The industry tries to recover from shutdowns and catches up to meet current demand on its own.

Now car dealerships tend to have different kinds of stock, damaged cars for sale, and buyers’ demographics to survive in this situation.

Time for Damaged Cars for Sale


Expensive SUVs may dominate the hearts and rule the market, but lower-income buyers come out of the new-produced market because of the lack of smaller, cheaper cars.

Buyers who can’t afford a new Toyota Camry these days may find themselves thrown into a market where damaged cars for sale are still an option for everyone with every budget.

First-time car buyers look for sites with damaged cars for sale and seek advice from seasoned buyers and dealers to determine which models of used cars fit their budget and require fewer maintenance fees.

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Demand for damaged cars for sale has risen so much that dealers are running ads for finding them. They associate this spike to the economic crisis that might inspire customers to seek a cheaper alternative, but that’s not all.

Due to the pandemic, some people are looking to avoid public transportation and ride-sharing. It also may seem there has been an increase in first-time car buyers, but industry insiders are not crediting these buyers with the rise in demand.

Lease periods are constantly ending, and many renters reconsider it, try to either a lease extension or even a purchase.

People worldwide are still buying cars, and the factors that play into that decision could be low-interest rates coupled with utility.

If they’re looking for something cheaper and valuable, damaged cars for sale or used car markets like Salvage King are great places to get the best possible deals.

This increased demand, coupled with the still-recovering supply chain, means that even while sales are down, demand and supply remain tight, allowing prices to stay high and not waver.


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