6 Reasons to Never Settle a Car Accident Claim Without an Attorney

We all have that incline to think we can do it all and that we know everything. In most cases, we should fight that urge to believe we are the best and that we know everything. We, as a species, are highly intelligent and capable of learning and adapting but some things we shouldn’t do for ourselves.

When you have a loose board on your front porch or a loose nut on your sink, you are capable of doing that by yourself most likely, and you don’t need to call a plumber or a handyman for the job. What you do need to do is always call a professional when doing your taxes, for instance, especially if you do not possess the knowledge to do it yourself. Another thing you should never do is settle anything without your lawyer because the most likely scenario is that you will regret it, it is just a question of time.

When it comes to legal things, even if you have some basic knowledge, it is always a good thing to have a professional with a lot of experience by your side. This way you are not proving your incapability to fight for yourself, but proving your ability to think about what is best for you and look for your best interest.

Today we will tell you why is it wrong to settle a car accident without a lawyer and if you have been in one and you need one for your case, check here.

1. Is it a really smart thing to do?

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Lawyers have invested a lot of their time and money into learning this profession. They trained and invested in themselves to become what they are. There is no reason that anyone with a law degree and work experience should be passed because you think you have an easy case and that you can do this by yourself. One thing you should always consider is – is the thing that you are doing in your best interest and are you doing the best that you can to look for yourself. Sometimes even the easiest things in life can get complicated over time and this is something you need to consider upfront, but the fact is that you probably won’t. This is why you have to have someone who has seen it all, done it all and who has the experience and knowledge to plan things and consider everything even if there isn’t a need for that. This is just one of the reasons you need a lawyer on your side no matter what happened, or in this case who big or small the accident is.

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2. Hidden damage

In smaller accidents usually, there are a lot of complications, and most of us regular people tend to overlook that initially. What we all do is see the obvious and big damage, write it all down and head to claim it. What you also need to consider is hidden damage that you cannot see right now and that might, or will emerge sometime later. You also have to think about that type of damage leading you to a potentially dangerous situation. What if your brakes, for instance, suddenly stop and seize, months after your accident and you end up having another accident or even worse, God forbid. This is why lawyers tend to look closely at these things, not from a mechanic perspective, but from a professional perspective where in your settlement they try to incorporate everything bad now and that might go bad in the future. This is why these guys are so irreplaceable when any type of claim, settlement or litigation.

3. Hidden health issues

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Although it is really silly to compare someone’s health to the health of the vehicle these two points can be tied in with pretty much the same explanation. It is always good to have a lawyer with you when settling an accident because they will most certainly look out for your present and long-term health status when approaching the settlement. They will try and incorporate everything in the settlement but just before that you will be advised to do all kinds of tests and checkups to have a basis to go from.

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4. There are two sides

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When car accidents happen, you need to know that there is another side you are fighting against, or in this case settling with. You need to know that car insurance companies have whole teams of lawyers that are there with only one purpose, lower the settlement amount to the lowest possible to save the insurance money. Now, if you try to settle by yourself, you will be put against some of the best lawyers that the company could pay. Are you going to do that without one of those at your side it is up to you, but if you will listen to us – never do this alone.

5. Lowballing

When settling any case, you will always be approached with the lowest possible sum, or if you set the terms there will be one thousand other reasons the other side will present why that is not doable. This is why you need to have an attorney at your side to protect you from these attacks and to make sure that your best interests are fulfilled. Lawyers, especially ones that have experience against car insurance company’s lawyers will know in advance what to expect and based on that and your overall situation have counter proposals and documentation that will benefit no one else but you.

6. Negotiations

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One thing we all believe we have is negotiation skills. When you enter a courtroom for the first time in your life and stand against a well paid and smart lawyer from the opposition you see that haggling with your neighbour over some trinket doesn’t mean that you can do the same thing here. Some lawyers spend more than half of their career tackling negotiations and the obstacles those bring. This is why you need to give them your trust and wait for your justice and your settlement to come. Trying to negotiate yourself would mean that the opposition will heave you led to so many dead ends and through so many tricks, that you might end up thinking that it is all your fault in the end.

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