How Often Should an AC Be Cleaned? 7 Tips for Homeowners

How often should the air conditioner be cleaned? How to maintain the air conditioner? These are just some of the many questions that homeowners face every day. In order for it to work perfectly and be safe for your health, you must clean it. Regular maintenance is very important, because otherwise you will get unpleasant odors in the home, poor air quality, mold, fungi and bacteria. Consider our tips so that you don’t feel the negative effects of an unclean climate.

1. Make an AC cleaning schedule


How often should air conditioners be cleaned? Almost every household has this device, but the way of use and the type of AC are different. That’s why we can’t create a cleaning schedule for you, because it depends on how often you use the device. In relation to your habits, a thorough cleaning should be carried out. For example, homeowners who often use it during the summer should carry out cleaning at least twice a year. Regardless of the season, choose a date before the peak season as well as at the end of the season. If you are not sure that you can do this yourself, ask a service technician for help. They will quickly and easily remove accumulated dirt and dust. In this way, you will extend the life of the device, but also improve living conditions. You can find more about cleaning of AC at and that will help you make best possible schedule.

2. Use products

Look for local stores that carry special sprays for cleaning this device. They contain appropriate ingredients that eliminate fungi and bacteria, and at the same time carry out disinfection. Although you already have such products in your household, they are most likely not adapted to the material and mechanism of AC. Use only lukewarm water that you will mix with a specific agent. Be careful when handling sensitive parts. This applies in particular to the filter cleaning procedure. If you are careless, there is a risk of cracking the plastic component. If you don’t want to risk it, wash only the outer box and check the drain hose. It can often fold or sag, which makes it difficult for condensed water to flow. This is exactly why a master’s inspection is important, because he will determine the condition of the device and all its parts.

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3. Adapt the cleaning schedule to the household


As we mentioned before, the schedule will depend on the intensity of device usage. However, pets can also be a significant factor. If you live with a pet and if there is a lot of dirt in your surroundings, clean it more often every 2 to 3 weeks. Dust and dirt of various kinds can accumulate inside the air conditioner, regardless of the fact that you have not used it for months. Check what model of air conditioner you have, because some filters need to be changed regularly. Nevertheless, try to clean or replace the filter yourself at least once or twice a month during the summer or winter season.

4. Prepare the air conditioner for cleaning

You might think it goes without saying, but it should be mentioned that before removing the mold, you must prepare the air conditioner for cleaning. Therefore, it is necessary to first turn off the device completely and disconnect it from the power supply. After that, you can start disassembling the internal elements. To thoroughly clean the filter, remove the front part of the air conditioner with a simple pull towards you. However, pay attention to the model. You may need a tool. Once you have done this step, carefully remove the filter and wash it with lukewarm water in the sink or sink. If there is a lot of dirt on it, wash it with a special agent for AC components. You can use a cloth or a soft toothbrush. When you’re done washing, dry it well and put it back in its place.

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5. Check AC components for correctness


Otherwise, this would be done by a service technician. However, if you want to try it yourself, be aware of the limitations. You can independently check the only drain hose, as well as the operation of the air conditioner. The process is very simple and you can do it often. Bugs and various pests can often stay in the drain hose, which will block and prevent the flow of condensed water and cause air conditioning leaks. Therefore, simply blow out and clean this hose, so that the air conditioner will function at full power again. Otherwise, severe respiratory infections, diarrhea, headaches and similar symptoms can occur. They are the result of contaminated air.

6. Use AC properly

What it means? We are sure you know how to operate the device. However, it is not enough to know all the basic functions. It takes a lot more than that to maintain it, and if you don’t want to take on the responsibility yourself, consult an expert. The consequences of improper use can be temperature shocks and impaired health. To prevent this from happening to you, use it wisely. To begin with, it should be positioned in a part of the room where you do not stay for a long time. Direct exposure to a blast of cold air can seriously damage your health. Pay attention to the temperatures. In relation to the outside temperature, always set the air conditioner to 5 to 8 degrees lower, so that you do not experience a temperature shock.

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7. Learn how AC works

Speaking of usage, you should also know how all the AC components work together. In this way, you will better understand the importance of device maintenance. In the room, there are dust particles and microorganisms in the air that the air conditioner sucks in while it is working. Part of that dust and microorganisms will always pass through the filter and collect and settle on the heat exchanger that cools the intake air. Condensation of moisture also takes place there, and the resulting water is collected in a drainage container and goes outside. These can be ideal conditions for the development of harmful organisms. Therefore, you can clean the filter yourself, but leave the other parts to licensed craftsmen.


Air conditioners that work constantly must be regularly serviced and cleaned in order to maintain their functionality, but also to preserve the health of all household members. It is also important to follow the steps correctly and use the appropriate products.