How to Choose Right Type Of Material for Your Deck – 2024 Guide

After a while, your decking becomes worn out and no longer look as good as it used to. However, that is not one that should worry you. If they are not replaced in time, breakage or complete rot can occur. Floors cannot be in this state for long, otherwise, they completely deteriorate. Either way, you have to act fast. Start thinking about this in time and which type would fit perfectly in your space. It is especially important that you think about this well if you are deciding on this type of floor for the first time.

Maybe there used to be only one type of decking flooring, today it is different. It is true that you can still find this material, but there are hundreds of different decking floors. This applies to ones such as plastics, metals and mixtures of others. Wood is one of the cheapest options, but also more difficult to maintain. If you are interested in learning more about the types of materials, continue reading the text.

1. WPC


This is one of the materials that is definitely being used more and more lately. The full name is a wood-plastic composite. As you can see, it is a mixture of wood fibers and plastic. During production, sawdust is mainly used when it comes to the concentration of wood, and the dimensions vary depending on the manufacturer. One of the biggest advantages is biodegradability which depends on the percentage of plastic in the final product. In this way, the felling of trees is reduced, especially endangered and slow-growing ones, because other less endangered species are used. However, people opt for this one because they can choose any desired shape, it can be bent and fixed in various curves.

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It is also a very simple installation, it has a very natural appearance, it does not corrode, it is resistant to rot and moths. The only drawback is that, like any tree, it absorbs little water and can be sensitive to some fungi that attack the tree. However, much less than the wooden one. The surface can be treated as desired. Maintenance is very simple and it is enough to use hot water and ordinary floor cleaner.

2. Wooden decking


We present to you the most common decking. It is a processed wood that, despite various materials, is still widely used. People mostly opt for it when they want to invest in outdoor floors, and their decisions are based on the following advantages. Wood can be classified as the cheapest option when it comes to this type of floor, and during the design you can choose between soft and hardwood. For many, this is a huge advantage if they have a limited budget or are preparing to equip a really large area and want to save in this way.

There are some other advantages related to the unique feeling that this material provides, and that is the real look of the wood. In this way, people have the feeling that they are in nature and so they feel more beautiful and relaxed, and the wood certainly has a special smell and retains heat. They also fit very easily with the characteristics of the space and are easy to paint.

3. Composite floors


If you are thinking about this one, we must note that people associate them a lot with the previous one. Therefore, they are considered as their alternative, and the difference is that they are very easy to maintain or lighter than wood. They are mostly chosen for yard floors and various materials are used during production. This applies to mixtures of recycled layers, e-bamboo, etc. That is why it is a more environmentally friendly option. So, it is a matter of adhering to the highest standards.

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The price of these floors is higher than wooden ones, but the maintenance costs are much lower as well as the effort you put into it. This material will not require re-painting and is very resistant to external influences. In that way, it hardly changes visually after a long time, it is resistant to rot and weather conditions. This is because other materials were used during production, not just wood.

4.  Pressure-treated lumber


This is another one that is made of natural wood, but there is a difference. It is reflected in the chemical processes by which wood is treated to protect it from beetles, fungi, etc. The great thing about this one is the price. It is also very easy for installing, but there is one small problem. This refers to the lifespan, which is not great. So, it happens that over time it cracks or loses its proper shape. Maintenance requirements are very high and if you opt for this type of material you need to be prepared for a few things. To know more about the maintenance and installation process you can always read more here.

Once a year, you must thoroughly check the surface and take all the correct steps that are implied during maintenance. In addition, it is necessary to do more detailed cleaning every few years. We really like decks made of pressure-treated lumber, and whether you will, depending on personal preferences.

At you can see how they look like and whether you share our opinion or still prefer another option.

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5. Aluminum


If you really care about resistance when choosing materials, our advice is to opt for this type. Aluminum floors are really best known for their durability. They simply do not rot, it is resistant to the harmful effects of beetles and its lifespan is long. On the other hand, be prepared to give a little more money for this option. Also, some people are not thrilled for aesthetic reasons. This mainly refers to the sterile appearance which is far from all wooden materials. However, everyone has different requirements. And each one has its advantages and disadvantages, it is important what you can and what you cannot tolerate.


So keep in mind which material looks better with your space but also more. This applies to the cost as well as maintenance efforts. Our advice is to always pay a little more if you will not have major maintenance problems later because that will also cost you. However, it is important that one material includes a whole package of functions that are of great importance to you. We hope we helped you decide on the right one.