How Long Does it Take to Tear Off and Replace a Roof?

A few days ago, spring began in the northern hemisphere, which means, among other things, that we are starting to think about what we should do on the outside of our house and in the yard. During the winter we were mostly prevented from performing some of those works. But now with the arrival of nice weather, we have the opportunity to repair, fix or replace whatever is needed.

One of the most important things for our house is the roof. The roof protects us from all external weather influences and that is why it is necessary to maintain it regularly. But after a certain period, which is usually more than a decade, we have to replace the roof. Since the roof is large, everyone thinks it is a long and complicated process. There are also those who claim that everything will be completed quickly and easily within a day. But there is no one universal answer to the question of how long does it take to tear off and replace a roof. Therefore, we will address this issue in more detail in this article.

How long does it take to tear off and replace a roof?

We asked, the roofing contractor, how long it takes on average to tear off and replace the roof and they told us that the average time it takes is between one and three days. Of course, that is an average time, but you can’t be sure that it will take that long for you, if you don’t first analyze all the factors that affect how long the whole process will take.

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That is why we will tell you in the rest of the article which factors to consider when calculating the time it takes to replace the roof.

Factors that determine tear off and replacement time

Size of roof


The size of the roof, and therefore the house, is the first factor that dictates how long the work will last. If it is a small house with two rooms, everything will be much faster than when it comes to a mansion.

This will of course affect the cost of the project, not only because of the duration but also because of how much material will be needed.


There are different types of roofs and therefore the complexity varies greatly. On many houses the roofs are very simple, but there are also those where there are so many different angles and parts to which attention must be paid that it will take days until everything is done.

In addition to the roof design affecting complexity, the slope should also be considered. The more steep the slope, the harder it is for roof contractors to do the job.

When it comes to a flat or shallow slope roof, everything will be done very quickly. But when it comes to a roof that is very steep, then safety equipment must be installed because it is not possible to walk safely on the roof without that equipment. All this will have the effect of prolonging the completion time.



Different materials are used to cover the roof. The most popular types of materials are asphalt shingles, clay tiles, metal, wood shakes, slate, synthetic materials and so on. Each of these materials has its advantages and disadvantages, which are not the subject of this article.

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What interests you is how long it takes for what type of material to be installed on your roof. Asphalt shingles, which is also the most common choice of people in the USA, is the simplest material to assemble and can be finished within a day. Metal and wood shakes are a bit more complex and take a few days. The most complicated to install are clay tiles and it will take at least 5 days, but you better calculate that it will take between 7 and 10 days because that is an average replacement time when you decide on clay tiles.

The weather

You know that the weather must be nice and, above all, dry, so that the roof can be replaced. In case it is wet, it can catastrophically damage your interior. So you will choose the time of year such as spring, summer or early fall to avoid snow, rain, frost and other adverse weather conditions.

However, you can never be completely sure that it will not rain, even if you choose the driest part of the year. So you have to follow the forecast and choose dry days for this job. If a sudden downpour happens, which is not uncommon for the summer months, don’t worry, they will cover your roof with protection and continue as soon as everything is dry.

There is also the possibility of making a structure above your roof that will cover the roof and allow workers to work even in the rain, but it is expensive and we do not recommend it.

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Condition of structure


The first thing a roof contractor will do is inspect your roof to determine what the condition is. But only when they rip off the old one, they will have a real insight into the condition of the structure. If everything is in a great shape, then the job will be done quickly.

However, if they detect damage, they will have to replace the damaged parts or even rebuild everything. And even if they have to replace only one part, it is a complex job that will significantly prolong the time of completion.


As you can see, many factors can affect how long it will take to get your new roof. And that’s not even all the factors, but only the most common ones.

What else can affect is the accessibility of your roof. For example if you live in a dense area, it can be very complicated for a contractor to install equipment and tear off the roof. Then if you live in a house that has historical significance, then everything must be done with special care which requires more time. So when you decide to replace the roof, set aside at least a week for the job.