How Can You Tell if a Roofing Job is Bad?

Spring has begun, which means that many of you are preparing for home remodeling projects. Such projects can be large, medium and small, and that primarily depends on the scope of work and the price of the entire project. One of the biggest and most important home remodeling projects is the replacement of the roof. It is something that is done every 15 to 30 years, unless some weather disaster occurs that significantly damages the roof. In all other cases, roof will stand on the top of our house for very long time.

Precisely because the roof is rarely changed, it is necessary that the roofing job be done as well as possible. Finding truly reliable roofing contractor is very challenging. They all claim that they will do a perfect job and that the roof will last for decades, but you cannot be sure of their words until they finish the job. Even bigger problem is that you will not be able to notice mistakes immediately after they finish, but after a couple of weeks and months. We will tell you how to determine if the roofing job is bad and that you need to fix certain parts.



The vast majority of poorly done roofing jobs can be seen with the naked eye. You don’t need to be a roofing expert or an engineer to see that something is wrong with the appearance. You probably won’t be able to notice this right away, because if there was a noticeable error, the contractors would correct it right away.

But pay close attention to the appearance of your new roof after the first storm. If something is done badly, then you will see the first signs of it. Your roof must have a completely uniform appearance. Any deviation from that is a sign of concern. Symmetry is very important for the roof to function properly. Your house is not a Sagrada Familia basilica, so if you notice an asymmetry, inform the contractors immediately.

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The primary role of the roof is to keep water out of your house. So check your attic regularly after the roofing job is done. In case the problem is so big, you will see leaks on the ceiling and it is a warning sign as it means there may soon be a flood in your house. But don’t forget to check the ceiling as well. Because there may be only small leaks, which will not reach your ceiling, but will affect the deterioration of the ceiling over time. If you also notice something you are not sure about if there are signs of water or some other type of moisture, immediately call the contractors to come and check. Not the slightest leaks are allowed, especially not in the first years after the roof is replaced. What is positive is that even if there are leaks, they are usually very easy to repair. No complete reconstruction is required.

The material is falling off


If a storm occurs with a very strong wind in your area, then it is not rare for some of the material to fall off, even if the roofing job is done properly. If you notice that anything has fallen off without any weather related problem that could have caused it, it is a sign that mistakes have been made. For example, they may have used the wrong types of nails or not used enough nails and so on. There are well-defined rules on how they have to do everything, so if you notice that something is missing, it means that they did not adhere to the building code. Therefore, you can call an inspection to determine whether everything was done according to the rules or not.

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No underlayment

Underlayment is a crucial part of the entire roof because it is in charge of water insulation. Without underlayment, your roof will deteriorate incomparably fast. Some constructors try to save money by not putting you underlayment because they think you won’t notice it. If they do, it is a sign that you should never call them again because they are not professionals. They will probably offer you a slightly lower price, but will not inform you that this means no underlayment. So explicitly ask if they will install underlayment and ask for it to be stated in the contract.

Material that does not look new


Pay attention when they bring the material to see if it looks brand new. Another common practice of all those non-professional contractors, which we can call fraudsters, is to use old material. They try to use old material that they have uninstalled from another house and then install it at your place. Of course they won’t do it with the complete material, because that would be too easy for you to determine it is used material. They will use small parts, such as flashing. It is a thin piece of sheet metal that has the role of preventing water from penetrating your house. So it is very important to be brand new, some like everything else. You should remember that there is no unimportant part of your roof.


Not just obvious mistakes are a sign that roofing is a bad job. What many fail to check is paperwork. Any home remodeling you want to do, you need to check everything related to contractors. They must have a certificate and insurance. It is crucial to know that the whole roofing job will be good. Because if they don’t have all that, then it means that they are operating illegally and that they have not received an official permit to work on your house.

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Without a license and permission, you will have no way to prove that they worked for you at all. Which deprives you of the opportunity to sue them. Also, if they are unlicensed and uncoordinated, it probably means that they do not work well enough, otherwise they would obtain licenses and work in accordance with the law.

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After a roofing job your roof must be perfect. You have to pay attention to every smallest sign and react immediately, in order for the mistakes to be corrected. If you work with trusted and licensed constructors, such as, you significantly reduce the possibility of roofing being bad. And even if they do something wrong, they will surely correct everything as soon as possible.