How can an SSL Certificate Add Value to your Business?

Have you noticed the extra ‘s’ to the http URL on some websites? Well, that extra ‘s’ ensures the security of these websites as they are equipped with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates.

If you have your own website, having an SSL certificate is one of the most important aspects of keeping it safe and encrypted. The certificates are small files of data that bring together a digital key around the information and details of your website. They help establish a secure connection between the end user’s browser and the web server. This means that all the data transmissions that take place are encrypted and protected against any third-party access.

Data security and privacy are of utmost importance in this digital era. If you leave any chance for the leak of confidential data, cybercriminals are quite active in grabbing the chance and misusing them, resulting in the loss of important business and customer data. However, SSL can help you prevent that and add value to your business. Let us see how:

  • End-to-end Encryption


Data security is the fundamental reason for getting an SSL certificate. As any information goes through a series of servers, it is quite possible that any other website might access the data and misuse it. As a business, customers trust you with their confidential information, and you would not want this information to be compromised in any way. It can hamper your business’s credibility and reputation.

When you are just beginning out, people might question the reliability of your business. This is where the SSL certificate comes in to ensure secure communication. It makes the data unreadable to unintended recipients and only the intended recipient can read it.

  • Delivers Authentication

The web server of the end-users sends the browser or server a copy of its SSL certificate. After this the browser or server checks whether or not the SSL certificate is trustable. If it is trustable, the browser sends a message to the web server. The web server then sends back a digitally signed acknowledgement and there begins an SSL encrypted session where data transmission takes place.

  • Safety for all Your Subdomains


The Wildcard SSL Certificate is a particular type of SSL certificate that allows you to secure your primary website along with all the subdomains with just one single certificate. If you are a business owner or are maintaining big websites with numerous subdomains, wildcards are quite essential.

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With the standard SSL certificate, you will have to install a single certificate for a single subdomain, which is quite a hassle. For more detailed information on wildcard ssl certificates can be found on

  • Protects your Brand’s Credibility

This is a tech-savvy era where even an average user is quite well-versed with information about digital security thanks to the information available on the internet. However, your business must stand out since there are so many alternatives. An SSL certificate will help you win the trust of your users, as it ensures that your website is legitimate and the user data is safe in your hands.

Not just data security, but the certificate also helps in website ranking. Any website’s basic idea should be to offer safe and easy access and getting an SSL certificate is a major step toward it.

  • Secure Payment Processing


An SSL certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority (CA) is imperative if you want to run a successful online business. Typically, business websites have a compelling call-to-action button, which takes the users to the page where they can buy products, thereby boosting conversion rates.

On the payment page, the user is asked to enter the credentials like credit or debit card details. Any website that accepts such sensitive information needs to adhere to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). It is a security compliance that is designed to ensure that all the businesses that accept, process, store or transmit financial information maintain a secure environment.

One of the guidelines of PCI DSS is having an SSL certificate. Therefore, having a certificate is a basic requirement if you offer such services on your website. Simply put, you cannot conduct online transactions if your website doesn’t have an SSL security certificate.

  • SEO Benefits

Another important benefit of having an SSL certificate on your website is the significant improvement in SEO rankings that your site will get. According to Google’s guidelines, websites with HTTPS, which translates to offering encrypted connections, will rank higher than the ones with just HTTP.

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While the boost may not be that substantial, having an SSL will give you an added advantage over your competitors who don’t have the certificate.

These are some of the ways SSL certificates will offer value to your business.

Concluding Words

It has become compulsory for websites to obtain an SSL certificate due to numerous security reasons. While it involves an investment on your part, you would never run into the risk of compromising your business’s reputation.

It is an investment that will help you be in the business and maintain your credibility. To sum up, SSL certificates’ advantages offer your business are incredible. Many web hosting providers have made their installation process quite quick and easy.

Apart from SSL certs, you can avail of code signing certificates to secure your software or code. The variability of cheap ev code signing certificates is quite widespread. So don’t miss to take full benefit of the HTTPS revolution and make the Internet a safe place for your users.