Is a UK Skilled Worker Visa Temporary or Permanent?

Skilled workers are scarce these days and every country in need of them will almost fight for you to get into the country and do what you do best. Some demands are bigger some less but all in all, if you are a skilled worker you can get a visa for any country without much hassle.

Today we are discussing the UK and its skilled worker program. This is the most common way to move to the UK and work. What most people are interested in is how to get that visa and how long it lasts. Today we will answer those questions and discuss this topic a bit. We will try to give you guidelines and tell you what to do and where to look for certain things.

Numerous places will give you the exact information you need, and most of all there are articles like this as well as videos you can refer to when in need. But besides all of that, we got something even better for you. if you need expert help and things to be done the right and safe way then all you need to do is check out

Without much ado let’s dive into the skilled worker visa, to the road to it and its longevity, shall we?!


The first step to any skilled worker visa you need a job right?! Well, in this case, yes and no. You do need a job offer from an eligible employer and to get it you need one thing first – a CV and a cover letter. Nothing can be done without this and this is your first step toward a working visa anywhere not just in the UK. You will need to have your CV in order, and done correctly and you will need to prepare the cover letter that will go with it. the CV and this cover letter need to be done in a way that will tell the employer what they need to know about you not what you want to tell them. Another thing to know is that you need to include certain keywords in your CV and cover letter from the job position you are applying to because a lot of big companies these days do not manually review each CV and Cover letter, they run it through a program that is designed to search particular keywords or phrases. So, if you do not want to miss that job opportunity make sure you hunt down those keywords and include them in your documentation.

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The next step is the application for the job and the company that does skilled workers’ visa sponsorships. These are your primary target and after you found all job positions that suit your skills you then will not sit back and wait; you will need to work some more to make sure your documentation gets out there and be seen by someone. The best place to find recruiters from the companies you just applied to is to find them on LinkedIn and “hunt down” their recruiters. Tell them that you applied, tell them about the position you applied and if you want to be even safer, send them the same CV and cover letter as well. This is the way to fight for your chance at that skilled worker visa and bolster your chances of being seen and being chosen among thousands of other applicants.


When you are hunting for this skilled worker visa you need to know that two types of companies can give you what you want – ones that have already listed job offers that are sponsored visas and companies that do not have openings listed yet but still can offer you sponsored visas. These two are the only companies that can hire you and make you a job offer that will be eligible for you to get a skilled worker visa. Any other job offer from any other company or business that doesn’t have a sponsorship will negate this type of visa and the whole thing is a lot different.

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If your hunt turns out to be prosperous the next thing you will get from your employer is the CoS or Certificate of Sponsorship. This Certificate will have all of the details of your employment in the UK including the question of this article – the longevity of your skilled worker’s visa.

When it comes to the skilled worker visa and its longevity it will depend on your employer, their needs and what they put in your CoS. So, if you are hunting and get a job offer that requires permanent employment you will get a permanent skilled worker visa, according to your job. If the job position is temporary you will probably get a short-term skilled worker visa that will allow you to stay and work in the UK until the needs of the business or the company for your position are fulfilled. It can be a month-long employment, three to six months and anywhere up to two years.


Employment over a year and a half to around 3 to 5 years is considered to be long-term employment and this is an option as well when it comes to a skilled worker visa for the UK. Your employer might express a need for a skilled worker for 2 years and in that case, if you are chosen for the job your CoS will contain information about that and show that your visa is valid for two years max.

All in all, it is not hard to get a skilled worker visa these days. The tides are shifting and there are huge demands for workers now, especially for skilled workers in certain industries or business segments. These provide opportunities for both you and me to change the location of our residence and to work for other companies than those available to us in our country of residence. This also allows us to reach for jobs that are paid a lot more elsewhere and give us a chance to make a decent living in other countries.

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