Pros And Cons Of Using Headset Microphones For Gaming

When you think of buying a microphone, you do not get a lot of stress as buying a microphone would be easy, but as a potential streamer, you’ll come across terms like condenser microphones, USB microphones, dynamic mics. For streaming, the headset microphones are one of the best in the market.

The headset microphones are usually used to minimize delay and facilitate high-quality live correspondence. While streaming, you have to communicate with your teammates so that you have to hit the microphone that minimizes the delay as much as possible.

If you invest your money in any gadgets related to your gaming session, you will always think of the best one and invest in the best one as if it will be a good one; it will work perfectly for a long time.

Some Of The Pros And Cons Of Headset Microphones For Gaming:

When you have to make a decision of buying a particular thing, you will always check for the pros and cons, so further you will learn about all the advantages and disadvantages of the headset microphones for gaming:

Advantages Of Headset Microphones:

The game streamers highly rely on the headset because their hands are occupied while gaming, and the microphone functions as two in one piece that consists of a speaker and a microphone.



Functionality is the most important thing that a gamer requires, and gaming headsets come in handy in situations and allow an individual with good team communication. Communicating with your partner and teammates is important. The built-in microphone helps you chat with your teammates while discussing strategies easily at the time of the playing session.

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In team gaming sessions, communication is vital, and headset mics make it a lot easier. You only have to put the mic on your head and start talking and communicating without being conscious or careful of where the mic is and enjoy your gaming sessions without stressing over your communication.

Good Sound Quality:

One of the biggest factors that distinguish headset microphones from traditional microphones is a premium quality sounding range. The sound quality of the good headsets is top-notch.

The speakers popped up in your right ear. The listening range is another plus factor that delivers a fine and smooth audio quality that enhances the audio hearability if the voice from the receiver’s end is not good. To play a satisfying and instant reflex game, a player needs to rely heavily on sound queues. This will gradually help the player to have good gaming streaming.

The headset microphone delivers two kinds of sounds; one is surround sounds and stereo sound that create the ultimate auditory gaming experience that makes a player feel like a part of the virtual world and connects them more with all the surroundings. The speakers of the microphone contain cushioning that blocks out any external disturbances and unwanted sounds that distract you.

Save the storage space:

Space is one of the most important things for the game as there is so much equipment used while gaming and microphone headsets save up space. You don’t have to place them somewhere on your table and put them on your head and can easily communicate and have pretty good access to the game.

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If your computer and other gaming equipment and devices cover a large part of your desk or gaming area where you are playing, you might find it challenging to move around stuff to find the right place for your microphone. And every one will admit that most of us hate clutter and want to avoid it as much as possible.

They Are Affordable:

If you are looking to go easy on your pocket and do not want to spend a lot of money, you can consider buying a headset microphone, but it is also not a usual advantage.

You can buy a decent microphone in the range of 40$ to 100$ or maybe less than this, but it is not usually true as many specific brands offer headset microphones at much higher prices than the USB one.

Disadvantages of headset microphone:

More pressure on the brain:


When the sound directly comes to your ear, your mind gets a lot of pressure, and if you play for a very long time, then there are high chances that you are going to get a severe headache. When you play, you usually don’t care about anything else.

You only want to play with utmost determination, but you should consider the after-effects of it, and for the streaming and gaming session, you should go for the USB microphones as they are a little far away from you and do not put your body at any risk.

If you are looking for a USB microphone, you must check this out, and if you want to protect yourself from any severe problem, you must consider using a USB microphone.

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Hearing problems:

The headset microphone directly harms your eardrums, and there is a chance of hearing damage which you will not like. You will never want to have any long-term damage to your ear just because of the gaming session.

As you might already know, there is a certain level of listening in the headset microphone; you can’t listen to the microphone up to a certain volume point because they are highly prone to causing hearing problems.



Recently, many people have been showing concern about the radiation from Bluetooth headsets. Some changes show that radiation might be emitted, but this is not proven yet, so no conclusion can be drawn, but yes, there are chances.

Bottom lines

Headset microphones might give you isolation, but they are bad for your ear. They can give your ear severe damage, which you will never want. Before taking the decision, you must read this article out to get comprehensive knowledge about the microphone and take the most appropriate decision. Before buying anything, it is important to know about its advantages and disadvantage so that you are clear about everything.