Things You Should Know About Comporta

Comporta or Comporta coast is in the northwest of Alentejo, Portugal, and south of Lisbon. It is an elite summer destination in Europe. The coast is also known as the ‘The Hampton of Europe’, where Hampton’s name comes from the group of villages settled in the coastal area of Alentejo. Comporta also houses famous artists and designers like painter Jason Martin, architect Phillip Stark, etc.

The USP of Comporta is in its architecture. Most buildings were made centuries ago and the architect and appearance have been kept the same. It has been refurbished just to keep tourism alive that helps in the growth of the economy. If you’re tired of the overcrowded beaches in the summers and want to feel real serenity and nature, then visit Comporta.

Portugal’s real estate business has boomed even during the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Comporta is the best investment area for vacation homes, luxury homes, cabana, etc. Even foreigners invest in this area since they know the village and nearby areas are short of hotels because locals want to keep the aura of privacy, serenity, and natural beauty. Once you reach Comporta you will experience a true side of a village by staying in cabanas made from white clapboard shacks, wood from pine forests tied tightly with grass.

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It means a door that is holding or locking the water. On visiting Comporta you will see many canals which define the meaning completely. You will also see stripes of green land with rice cultivated. The crisscross irrigation canal keeps the land green.

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Therefore, the village is surrounded by canals, dunes, rice paddies, the ocean, pine and oak forests, and yellow wildflowers covering the bed. You will also see migrating birds, wild boar, black pigs, and many other fascinating animals and birds that call Comporta their home.

Weather in Comporta


The climate here is temperate and the village is blessed with sun all year. The summers may be dry and hot, but winters are mild. Thus, tourists can visit Comporta any time of the year. In summers, they can relax on the beach and swim around while during winters they can sunbathe and watch migrating birds as well.

June to September is the best time to visit this place. Spring, as well as autumn, is also good for long-day trips and picnics. During winters, the seashores are silent and water temperature may be around 16degree Celsius to 22 degrees Celsius, but it is still a good time for people who want to enjoy a peaceful vacation.

Where to Vacation in Comporta?


It is recognized for old buildings that are refurbished considering the tourist’s crowd and their requirements. The village is known for its aesthetic values and culture, therefore nothing is as good as a stay in a cabana. The cabanas are made of white clapboard shacks or woodcuts from the pine forest. They’re tied tightly with grasses. If you’re visiting Comporta to enjoy nature, then start with your stay in a village-style.

Otherwise, there are some good hotels, sea-facing luxury homes, and vacation homes as well. The stay in hotels can be expensive during peak season. If you’re a group of friends or families then use a luxury home near the beach. The money is contributed and it becomes a cheap affair for everyone.

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What to Experience in Comporta


  • Explore Herdade da Comporta which is a territory located in between the ocean and the Sado estuary. Herdade da Comporta is known for real natural beauty because they have protected nature nicely and you can see plenty of storks which are growing in number.
  • Comporta has the largest rice fields in Portugal. This makes the whole area appear lush green, but during April and May the rice fields are completely drowned which makes the appearance more appealing with watery mirrors all over the canals.
  • You can’t miss a trip to the Rice Museums which is at the beginning of the Comporta village. The museum narrates the history of crops and their development in Comporta.
  • Explore the rice field by foo, on horseback, bike, and also enjoy beautiful birds chirping around. You will see around 200 species of birds because the area falls within the Sado estuary nature reserve.
  • No matter how many tourists come and settle in Comporta, the village doesn’t forget its culture and custom. They nurture their history which can be seen on the roads, cafes, restaurants, shopping centers, and among friendly locals.
  • Gomes shop is commonplace in Comporta, where all locals gather to sell fruits, vegetables, old furniture, antique showpieces, wine, fresh produce, woven baskets, hats, fabrics, and many more. The whole village gathers at this one place for tourists and visitors.
  • The trip to Comporta is incomplete without a day at the beach. The ocean is crystal blue and the sand is white and fine. There aren’t many water sports, but you can enjoy surfing, watching, and helping fishermen.
  • If you go further away from Comporta beach you can explore the Gale beach in the south. The huge red and yellow ochre cliff is the main attraction of that beach which looks beautiful early morning.
  • Another beach where you can enjoy the sunset while sitting at one of the local restaurants is the Aberta Nova beach. It is also at the south of Comporta village.
  • Various restaurants serve local dishes and seafood. You can make your dream come true by having lunch on sand and dinner near the bonfire.
  • Visit Troia to explore the Roman ruins which will take you to the times when Portugal was an important destination to export fish and other seafood.
  • Watch dolphins in the estuary and also take a ride in the hot air balloon to take a view of the wild nature of Sado from above the land.
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Comporta is the best place to relax your mind as well as enjoy yourself with families and friends. There are various activities for kids like surfing, tennis, cycling, etc. No matter which time of the year you plan a trip, Comporta is ready to welcome and give you plenty of enjoyment.