Features That Have Revolutionized Sports Betting

Initial records of people betting on sports derive from the Olympics over two thousand years ago. Nevertheless, it was the Romans that first legalized this pastime. Public gladiator games provided an ample opportunity for people to profit from events featuring uncertain outcomes. Yet, during the reign of Emperor Augustus, this activity got outlawed. Moreover, as time passed, religious groups pressed hard to suppress gambling virtually everywhere. That was particularly effective in European countries from where the principal North American settlers came. Thus, an anti-wagering stance persisted in the US for centuries. That is until 2018 rolled around, and the US Supreme Court decided to do away with PASPA, a law that forbade US states from passing their sports betting regulations. Today, each US territory has the freedom to regulate this pastime as they see fit, and many are doing just that.

In the past, the American Gaming Association predicted that over $150 billion in illegal sports wagers got placed each year in the US. Laxer regulation and the digital gambling revolution have now shifted most of these bets onto online sportsbooks. Such platforms appeared on the World Wide Web in 1996 but rose to prominence in the US over the past three years, as before 2018, most US bettors resorted to wagering on offshore sites. They are currently the preferred gambling option for sports enthusiasts who wish to put their knowledge to work en route to attain money prizes. The chief reasons for their popularity are that they offer unparalleled convenience and options not available at retail locales due to the miracles of modern technology. Below, we analyze five sportsbooks features that have revolutionized this hobby.

In-Play Wagering

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In-play or live betting is one of the best features found on Tennessee sports betting apps like gamble-usa.com and dedicated betting software available to residents of other US states. It provides gamblers with the ability to make extra wagers once an event has begun. This option can be available in-between quarters, periods, halves, and even, in some rare cases, at every single play or minute. The odds of a particular event listed for live betting get re-adjusted depending on what transpires in it. That means that they are ever-evolving. Thanks to complex algorithms and on-staff experts, gambling sites can keep pace with events’ actions, continuously updating end-result odds.

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Live Streaming

Retail sportsbooks are famous for plastering dozens of screens over their walls, showing multiple sporting events at the same time, as well as displaying scoreboards and shifting odds. To enhance customer loyalty and drive revenues up, many online sportsbooks have started offering live streaming. Note that this option is only for premium operators that have the budget to provide it. Furthermore, it is likely to only be available for specific leagues, no more than a few. Live streaming solutions are frequently boosted with full live odds coverage and live data visualization.


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Cash-out is a somewhat novel feature that allows bettors to get paid before the end outcome/score comes in. They can exercise this choice, taking a chunk of their estimated bet winnings, before a game ends, if they believe that the current result is in their favor but that the event will not pan out as they have predicted. It is an ideal option for those that like to rely on their instincts or bettors that frequently get cold feet. Cash-out is a convenient betting option for outright or future bets on longshots that have started well but do not appear to have the strength to finish strong.

Virtual Sports Betting

Virtual sports are computer-simulated contests that rely on random number generators to determine their results. That is the same software utilized by slots and software variations of established table games. Gamblers can view their virtual competitions in real-time and wager on them as they would on a regular game. Betting-wise, there is no difference between these two categories. There are even entire virtual leagues that accept outright wagers. The chief benefit of visual events is that these simulations are usually much shorter than their real-life sports equivalents.

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Availability and Convenience

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Nowadays, the availability of sports betting has increased significantly and has helped several people in making enormous profits. Sports betting is getting rapid fame and popularity amongst gamblers and other sports enthusiasts. Many companies promote virtual sports betting through their websites.

It’s an easy way you can make money just by predicting the outcome in sports matches. The increased availability of sports betting has made possible real-time betting with wagers at your convenience. Make real-time bets with dealers and earn easy money if you have good prediction skills. The availability and convenience of sports betting have revolutionised sports betting in several countries.

Increased Betting Options in Sports

Sports betting has been legalised in several countries which have made it possible to increase betting options in sports. Earlier, betting was only possible in a few games including football, soccer, cricket where dealers has to meet at the stadium to place bets while watching the match or in a presence of a local bookie. Now, betting has revolutionised up to a great extent.

Sports betting has become so easier and convenient that is why more people are trying out their luck and making high profits from betting. You have an increased variety of betting options in sports. Now it’s not just limited to football or cricket matches. There are plenty of sports games to place bets on and easily earn money anytime. You will find dealers like you ready to make bets to earn money.

Access to Information

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The Internet can be used to increase your chances of winning a bet in sports betting. With the aid of the internet, you can get complete information about athletes, read the complete history of different teams participating in the match, their strengths, weaknesses, gameplay, playing strategy, the performance of each player and plenty of other information based on their past matches.
Also, even if you are placing bets from home you can check real-time scores on the internet and also on your TV or computer screens. Based on all this information you can closely study a team inside out and easily predict their performance in upcoming matches and increase your chances of winning with luck on your side.

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The Bottom-line

The features of sports betting have revolutionised and advanced widely in several countries. There are still few countries that consider all kinds of betting illegal but in most countries, gamblers are making huge profits from betting all because of wide availability and convenience. You can place bets from any place and with any dealer virtually through the online platform.

There has been a great support of technology and the internet is revolutionising sports betting. If you have the skills you can put this information into making enormous profits. Moreover, the revolution of virtual sports betting lead to the formation of online betting communities where you can share insider information about sports teams to help you win bets.

The advancement of sports betting at this current rate will make many more improvements that will provide dealers with a seamless betting environment in their favourite sports.