Which Sport Is The Most Popular For Betting In India

There is a huge increase in the popularity of online betting in recent years. The main reason for that is related to the improvements in digital technologies, which means that using online platforms is now much more convenient than visiting traditional bookies. Commonly, modern websites are offering all kinds of events from all over the world. However, there are some differences from country to country depending to most popular sports.

The popularity of some sport can affect the offer on betting site in a way that there could be better and more accurate odds, improved deals, and better selection. Therefore, if you want to gamble on some sports in Indian leagues, the best option would be to choose a website known for having a section related to these leagues. The advantage is that you will get higher flexibility since these bookies will include more odds for each event.

Besides the selection of odds that you can choose for some events, there are some other important things to check before you choose a betting site. First of all, you have to be sure that the website is safe and reliable. Also, compare different options to find the one with the best promotional deal. If you are interested in a betting site where you can find some excellent deals and promotions, check out in.unibet.com

The popularity of some sport can significantly affect the offers. In that matter, if you want to bet from India, the best option is to choose a website that is available in this country. It is never a good idea to use a VPN for avoiding certain restrictions. Here are the most popular sports for betting in India.

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We are going to start with this sport because that is the main difference between India and most other countries. It is not a rare case that people in Europe and Northern America don’t even know the rules of this game, except in the UK, where it is very popular as well. We can compare the popularity of cricket in India with soccer in Europe and Baseball in the United States. Both the National League and international competitions are very interesting, and India is always almost always a favorite against other countries, especially on home ground.


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It is not a surprise that this sport is popular in this country since it represents the most-watched sport all over the world. While the Indian Football league is not popular like top leagues from Europe, we can notice a lot of improvement in the previous decade. The clubs are trying to improve the quality and popularity by bringing some big names to be players and coaches, like Alessandro Nesta, Roberto Carlos, Del Piero, Lucio, and more.

The great thing about soccer and betting is that you can find excellent offers on almost every website. That makes it much easier when compared to cricket. Also, the overall selection of games is much better because almost every country has a major league followed by several lower competitions. In that matter, you can create a decent ticket almost every day.


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The tennis events always attract a lot of people in this country. India is especially successful in providing some excellent female tennis players, like Sania Mirza, Ankita Raina, Tara Lyer, and more. Also, there are some great results in international tennis competitions. While there are no ATP 1000 or other big tournaments in India, there are some great events that attract some bigger names, like Delhi Open, CS, Chennai Open, and more. When it comes to betting on tennis games, the great thing is that you can choose a wide selection of odds. For example, you can try to predict the number of games in one set, margins, winner of each set, and more.

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People who are not so familiar with popular sports in India might find it surprising that this sport is on this list. However, hockey is one of the most popular sports in this country. The reason why people find it so strange is the fact that India is known for hot weather, while hockey is usually linked to countries with long winters and lots of ice and snow, like Russia, Canada, Finland, and more. Still, it is important to learn the difference. First of all, hockey in India is not played on ice. It can be played on open, and instead of a puck, they are using the small ball. Most of the rules are the same.

Focus On Choosing the Right Betting Site

Proper research is essential when you are choosing the games that you can combine on your ticket. However, finding the right website can be even more important. As we already mentioned, safety should be the priority. The high competition in this market is great, but that also brings increased risks for scams. In that matter, always check if the website has a proper license to operate in your area. After that, compare different sites to see their offers and odds.

The great thing for newbies is that they can determine several good options, and then register on each one of them. The strategy should be to take the most of their promo features. For example, you can make a payment of $50, and then only use the free credit provided on that website. After that, you can withdraw the money and make the same payments on other available sites. This strategy can be perfect to start with your gambling progression.

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Last Words

Sports like football, cricket, and tennis are the most popular ones, which means that you can expect an increased amount of odds for available events. On the other hand, you can still combine them with other sports as well. The key is to create a plan where you will determine the most probable winners and favorites from all over the world and combine them on the same ticket. The successful betting will require proper research, money management, and some luck as well.