How to Avoid Getting Taxed on Your Sports Betting Winnings

Watching sports and sports competitions for some is just a boring activity from which there is no way out, and for others it is a way of life and the best way to fill your free time. In addition to watching the competition and nurturing the love of sports, they would add to all that the betting that gives them additional passion for sports, but also additional opportunity to earn. If there is a moment of making a profit when betting in a large part of the world, these winnings are taxed, so this topic is very popular due to the fact that winnings must be taxed.

There is quite the debate if one should declare their respective winnings from a sports betting site. Let’s say that you have wagered $50 on the upcoming heavyweight boxing match, and you land a profit of $20 when the athlete you bet on wins. Do you keep the winnings? Do you gamble them once again, or do you just declare them to the taxman when the dreaded time of the year comes along?


There are many sports betting sites out there, and all crave to take your bets. The choice is yours to make on which site to place your wagers at. You can choose a UK gambling site, a prominent one that would hold a UKGC license and probably Gamstop. Although your winnings might not be so lucrative at a Gamstop betting site, sports betting sites that are not on gamstop are becoming quite the hit with gamblers. So what is the phenomenon all about? The answer is quite simple. If a UK player signs up to Gamstop, they will automatically get free access to a platform where self-exclusion is the key. This means if you self exclude voluntarily, you will not be able to access any Gamstop endorsed sites. On the other hand, if you crave that massive win and feel confident enough that your team/athlete will win, head over to a non-gamstop site. This is where the big winnings are.

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Now let’s talk licensing

We did mention earlier that non Gamstop sites are most probably offshore sites and located outside the UK. If you land a massive win at a Gamstop site located in the UK, chances of evading the taxman are grim. On the other hand, a non Gamstop site is not obliged to abide by the Gambling Act of 2014, and regulation goes out of the window.

Many offshore sites take the laissez-faire approach and do not make the player go through a rigorous process regarding payments. So, how does this affect the gambler? If the main goal is to make a lucrative win from your bet and avoid getting taxed, best get your bets wagered at a sports betting site, not on Gamstop. That way, if you are good at watching sports and you know the games, rules and strategies of the teams very well, if you know the rules of the bookmakers well and you can easily predict how a match will go, you can easily make a profit that will not be taxed and will go completely into your hands. So be careful!


Gamstop has many positive attributes and helps many gamblers across the world get control over their playing. Having said that, many players sign up for the free service in a heated moment of briskness. Getting off Gamstop when you are still in the self-exclusion period is quite the task, yet not impossible. On the other hand, you can always head over to sports betting sites, not on gamstop, and avoid facing the taxman when your favourite basketball team wins. This way you will be able to enjoy NBA League games, you will be able to make your own predictions for your favorite team or for many other teams, place them and easily make a non-taxable profit.

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In the US, any wagers that you make out of sports betting is regarded as making income, and we all know that you should typically declare income. Such are the rules that are set and must be obeyed. But many people find a way to circumvent these rules and not have to declare and tax the money they received as a result of predicting the course or result of a particular sporting event.

The good news is that you are expected to report your funds to the IRS only if you have landed winnings over $600 with your sports wager. This means that you can bet multiple times and try to make the winning amounts on your slips less than $ 600 because that is the only way to avoid taxing your money.


If you do not comply, you will most probably end up spending time in federal prison. This is how serious the US’s stance is on tax evasion. Apart from that, sports betting in the US is still frowned upon and is only legal in a few states which means that you need to be careful and otherwise you will be put in a situation to get a fine or you will get a prison sentence.. With 42$ million legal bets placed on sports in the US since 2018, we are pretty sure some people have landed massive sports winnings. Do you really want to hand a significant portion of the cake to the taxman? This is why non Gamstop sites should be on your to-do list for the rest of the year. Avoid them for your own good so that you can get the most out of what you really owe. Give yourself that given break, enjoy that big boxing fight coming up, wager on how you will win the 2024 Champions League, and enjoy every cent in the process without a single dollar being deducted from you as a result of the rigorous taxation prescribed.

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Want to enjoy the best on all your winnings? Gambling sites not on gamban, is your answer. Check here to know all you need for this in order to be prepared for everything that awaits you in the future regarding betting and profit taxation. Enjoy the game, but above all enjoy your pure winnings.