Fascinating Facts About Online Casinos You Need to Know

Another COVID-19 restriction and another state of emergency due to the we-don’t-know which wave of the pandemic. Many countries are announcing lockdowns, and they report an increased number of infected people. That means, a lot of us will again spend more time at home, working, studying, or simply surviving every day, and some entertainment is surely needed. So, let’s grab our favorite hobby from the last time – responsible online gambling.
Today we won’t talk about how risky and addictive gambling can be, also we won’t mention the fact that you MUST be careful when choosing the right platform for you. But, we will try to mention some fascinating, funny, and important facts about online casinos.
Let’s start:

1. Do you know the Devil’s game?

Source: citron-vert.info

Maybe you’ve heard about it, but the roulette’s nickname is Devil’s game. Why? The sum of the numbers on the wheel is 666, and we all know what that number means. Also, even though it’s considered that the chances are 50/50, there is one green spot with zero on it, that still gets some of the odds. So, it’s not really 50/50, since the ball can hit that green wheel’s field. And if you are interested in online roulette, you can check the offer on CasinoWhizz.com – you will surely find the one you love.

2. Most of the articles related to this topic are written by freelancers

It’s a popular topic, and the high demand for related content is normal and expected. But, do you know that a lot of the articles and reviews you can find on the Internet are written by independent authors and journalists, who know how to dig up all the relevant information they need. Probably someone who gambles can do the same too, but the freelance writers know how to make all of that polished and easy to read and understand. It’s probably the lucky choice of words and writing talent that makes this content that attractive.

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3. Not all slots are fruits

Source: slots43.com

As you can see on 24kCasino, not every slots game is related to fruits. Slots got this name due to the original version of the game, but today you can find plenty of different symbols and charms, with different meanings and levels of gain. You can even find slots that are inspired by Disney movies, Star Wars, Ancient Egypt, St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and many other interesting pop-culture things.

4. The first online casino was invented in 1994

Even though it seems like new technology, the truth is that online casinos are around us for almost three decades, but they weren’t that popular and attractive back then. And the most interesting fact is that the company named Microgaming still runs some of the most commercial casino platforms today.

5. Both men and women are interested in it

Source: fashiongonerogue.com

Online gambling doesn’t make gender differences. Is available for everyone, and there are a lot of women who are really into these games. According to some resources, the number of women and men involved in Internet gambling is almost equal – so no one can ever say that these activities are not for the ladies.

6. They can be illegal in some places around the world

Gambling is not illegal, but online casinos and payment methods can be limited in some countries. So, before you join some platform, you must read all the terms and conditions, and your local laws too, so you can be sure you aren’t doing anything wrong.

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7. Cryptocurrencies are becoming an important part of it

Source: wearablemedia.studio

The crypto and gambling market take a huge portion of the Internet activity these days. So, can you imagine the fusion between them? As a matter of fact, some online casinos allow the players to bet with cryptocurrencies and request payment in Bitcoins or any other supported currency.

8. Some popular strategies don’t work there

For example, in blackjack, the players can count the cards, and that’s practically illegal, but also, easy to be done without being caught. But, since you are playing against a machine, you can never be sure about the situation with the cards, and even if you try to do that, you can end up being frustrated, because you won’t be able to accomplish this so-called strategy. If you find yourself interested to learn more visit zarcasino.co.za

9. You can use the bonus, but you still have to deposit some amount in the bankroll

Source: santewinebarandlounge.com

Probably this is the most obvious one on the list. You can’t get the bonus until you don’t put some money when you join some casino. So, don’t fall for the fake ads that claim you can win money using the bonus. It’s simply impossible, because everyone is getting some bonus amount and spins, and if you earn something, the house will lose – and that won’t happen ever! Every relevant service will ask for a deposit before you are able to claim the bonus. And if it happens to win something big using it, without touching the deposit, you can withdraw the whole amount, but still, have to keep some money in the bankroll, so you can proceed to gamble.

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10. It’s nice and polite to tip the dealers

No matter if the dealer is a person who is pressing some buttons or automated software that deals the cards, it’s always polite to give some tip to the dealer. It may seem like not that important, and it’s not mandatory, but it’s a sign that you are willing to take a role in growing funds, that one day may end in your hands. So, be polite, and tip the dealer – some gamblers are sure this action is bringing them luck. Even though there is no proof for that, it’s nice to try. Maybe it will be lucky for you too.

We really hope these facts were interesting enough, and that now you know more about this topic. And if you are interested to join, make sure you will be careful about the certificates, policies, and law regulations in your country.