How to Strategically Select Which Slot Machine to Play

Gambling as an activity comes in a wide variety of different types and approaches. It is as diverse of a hobby and the style of play greatly depends what you expect from the overall experience. Are you in it to have a little bit of innocent fun, or do you want to win some money in the process? If so, is it going to be something you do every once in a while or a daily activity you look forward to constantly? Perhaps some dreams of making a living out of it linger deep within you?

As you can see, gambling comes in all shapes and sizes, but the one thing that remains the same across all of this is the fact that you need to be good at the games you mean to play. And being good means winning and walking away with money more often than losing and going home with less than you arrived with.

Many Games to Choose From


Now, there are various games to choose from, by far the most popular being the classics. The big three has always consisted of and will always consist of poker, blackjack, and roulette, but the slot machines are right there behind them. Actually, slots are the most played casino game because of the sheer amount of machines present in every casino, and the diversity of every online casino’s library. They are also the simplest game to play which of course draws in the most crowd.

But how does one choose which slot to play, and is there even the right choice to be made? Are they all the same or do there exist certain differences between them? In this article we attempt to answer this age-old question and determine how to strategically select which slot machine to pick. Read on to find out more about this. When you are ready to browse the slots in search for the one that suits you most, be sure to check out

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Slot Machines and Strategy


Right off the bat, we have to debunk the myth that playing slot machines comes with any type of strategy or skill behind them. The very core of the game and the mechanisms or systems that make them up lie in the sheer luck and randomness. The truth is that nobody can really prepare for a slot nor get better at it. It is true for regular slot machines and for the online variety that is now more popular. Slots work through random number generators, or RNG for short. As the name suggests, it is a software that does not make sense and one that cannot be beaten through the use of skill. Other games that depend on skill more than they do on luck are the very opposite.

In blackjack, roulette, and especially poker, you can get better in time. As you gain experience and have more and more games under your belt, you will become better at it and start to develop patterns and strategies. The same cannot be said for playing slots because it is not a game where skill matters. It is not something where skill exists even. All there is to it is pulling a lever or pressing a button. The rest is up to the software and all the player does is wait for the flashy colors to show the symbols on the screen as funky sounds play in the background. You either win or you do not, and the chances to win are as slim as they can be.

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Checking Your Odds


Perhaps the only strategy you can employ when choosing between different slots revolves around the odds. Traditional slots usually have a sticker or an engraving that tells the players the odds of winning different amounts. If you pay attention to the side of the screen, you will see the RTP of that very slot. RTP stands for return to player, or the amount of cash the machine pays back over a certain number of spins, compared to what it is being fed by the gamblers. RTP is stated in percentages and most slots, regular and virtual, range between 80% and 90%. This means that a slot with a 92% RTP gives back $92 for every $100 that the players spend on it. The higher the RTP, the more chance you have to win. In this same scenario, the remaining 8% is referred to as the house edge, and sometimes it is the house edge that is shown on the slot.

No matter what numbers you see, this is the only thing that will allow you to pick the best slot among them all. Aim for as close to 90% as you can, or whatever is the highest. If you are lucky, maybe you come across a slot machine that returns closer to 95%, or even higher. Strategy does not and cannot exist in a game where Lady Luck and the RNG gods determine everything. Therefore, in order to maximize your chances, the only thing you can do is scour the casino (traditional or online) in search for the highest RTP or the lowest house edge and stick with that one until it starts giving back. The only other thing to do that can be considered a strategy is to wait for somebody to finish playing a slot and then jump in. In theory, the fact that they had not won could mean that the slot is closer to paying up during your session. This is much easier to do in regular casinos than online because you can never know how many people are playing a certain one on the web.

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Conclusion and Takeaways

Nobody has ever gotten rich playing slots. Other games have competitions and are considered classics for a reason. The players can become skilled and use intelligence and experience to their advantage. Slots were made to pass the time, to offer a short but fun experience to the players. The fact that they became so popular is attributed to the people’s fascination with the rails, the colors, the symbols, and the sounds. It is appealing and easy and sometimes that is all we need. But you cannot expect to strategically approach a slot and hope to win money every time. It simply does not work like that and it never will.