12 Reasons Why You Should Take a Hiking Vacation Someday

Hiking is a wonderful activity. Maybe you take a regular stroll with the dog or you like to go for a day out hiking with your partner at the weekend. Together you can enjoy nature and in the meantime, you can talk about the week. Is hiking not really your thing? Then there are many other reasons to go hiking. Hiking is a great form of exercise for anyone who wants to keep his or her body in good condition. In this article, we tell you all about it. Perhaps after reading it, you will become so enthusiastic that you will start walking immediately, and maybe you will even go on a walking vacation. Before you are going to book a walking vacation, read more information on Bookatrekking.com. They offer wonderful hikes all over the world!

1. Anyone can go hiking

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Hiking is accessible to everyone: young children, elderly couples, and pets can all join in. From the most challenging trails for athletic people to quiet long-distance hikes on flat terrain – there is something for everyone when it comes to hiking.

2. Hiking is a good way to lose weight

You wouldn’t know it, but hiking can burn a lot of calories. That’s because hiking is a low-intensity exercise. This means that the heart rate does not suddenly increase very rapidly, but is slightly elevated for a long time. With low-intensity exercise, your body uses a little more energy, but not suddenly a lot. When your body suddenly needs a lot of energy, it mainly burns carbohydrates.
If your body needs a little more energy over a longer period of time, fat reserves are called upon. In other words, while walking you burn more fat and thus lose weight. Of course, it is important that you eat healthy in addition to hiking. During a walking vacation, you can lose a lot of weight this way.

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3. Hiking helps against depression

Do you suffer from mood swings or depression? Then hiking is also a good idea. While hiking you experience an optimal combination of healthy outdoor air and exercise. This makes it easier to ‘clear your head’ and achieve a balance between body and mind.

A walking vacation is also very beneficial. The change of scenery and physical activity will do you good. You will find that after a walking vacation you will return home as reborn. Perhaps by taking a walking vacation regularly, you can improve your mental health in the long run as well.

4. Walking has a positive effect on diabetes

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Do you have a condition such as diabetes? Then it is very important to get enough exercise every day. And walking, in particular, is very beneficial. It significantly lowers blood sugar levels. And a walking vacation even has long-term benefits. You get a better grip on the condition and the fluctuations in blood sugar levels will be less extreme.

5. You’ll come back fitter

Why shouldn’t you work on your fitness on holiday? A walking holiday is one of the few trips you’ll come back from the fitter.

6. Walking holidays are cheap

Once you have the right equipment, a walking holiday is a cheap way to travel. Europe is blessed with countless unforgettable walking destinations that are cheap to reach.

7. Walking reduces stress

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Do you experience a lot of stress in your daily life? Then walking can also have a positive influence. Taking a walk every day makes it easier for you to let go of the tension. You will notice that you can sleep better, are more rested, and can cope better with life. Do you suffer from burnout? Then it’s a great idea to take a walking vacation. You can leave the stress of daily life behind you and completely unwind in a different environment.

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8. Hiking makes you more creative

One of the most striking benefits of hiking is that it literally makes you more creative. That’s because while hiking you unwind and stressful thoughts fade into the background. This frees up space for new ideas and thoughts. So are you in need of inspiration for any reason? Then a walk could be just what you need to get that one great idea.

Are you facing a new and big project? Then there’s no better way to get started on it than by doing a walking vacation first. You clear your head and you start your new project with a “clean slate. Chances are, after the walking vacation you’ll even have some great ideas already. In this way, the walking vacation functions simultaneously as the ultimate brainstorming session with yourself.

9. Get to know your hiking partner

Hiking with friends or with a partner is perhaps the best way to get to know each other better. How does your hiking partner cope when something goes wrong? Can you and your new flame cope with being on each other’s lips for a couple of days? Long-distance hiking is the ultimate test for your relationship.

10. Digital detox: kick back and relax

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These days it’s hard to escape the constant flow of information provided by the internet and social media. A walking holiday allows you to detox from technology and find mental peace.

11. Combine hiking with other hobbies

Are you interested in spotting different birds or plant species? Do you want to know all about the history of an area? Do you enjoy a culinary destination? A hiking holiday can be perfectly combined with other hobbies by choosing the right destination.

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12. Even if you want to, you can’t take your work with you

To fully relax, it is necessary to leave your work at home. Don’t check your email and certainly don’t take your laptop on your holiday. And that’s just not an option on a walking holiday. Not only is it unnecessary weight, but your laptop is also insufficiently protected against rain and you often have no coverage in the mountains anyway.

Your holiday is also a good time to stop and think. How are you really doing? What are your dreams? What are you satisfied with and what would you like to change? And let walking facilitate this process of standing still!