5 Digital Marketing Strategies You Shouldn’t Overlook

Brands and businesses rely on marketing strategies to promote their services and products. But what happens when your existing strategies are ineffective?

Digital marketing presents a cost-effective option for both small and big businesses. And here are the 5 digital marketing strategies no brand and business should overlook.

1. Creating a Buyer Persona

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A buyer persona is a fictional person who is also the ideal target for businesses. The creation of a buyer persona is a long process that is backed by lots of research. The purpose of creating a buyer persona is to identify what the ideal client looks like, what they do, and how to promote your products and service to them.

While this marketing strategy is far from anything new, your business will benefit a lot from creating a buyer persona. With a clear image of how the ideal customer looks like, businesses will know how to market their products and services to the right customers.

Simply said, it is a research-based digital marketing strategy that identifies your ideal target audience.

2. Do Lots Of Research and Tell People About It

Some of your customers might not be impressed by what you have to say about your products and services. Since we’re living in an age where competition is high in every industry, nothing stops the customer from doing business with your competitors.

So one way to keep the customer on your side is to convince them that your product is better. This is why every business should focus on conducting their own research as to why their product or service is better.

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People love reading about stats, numbers, and they especially love facts. If you tell the customer enough facts about your product, chances are they’ll engage in business.

Every business with a website should incorporate a blog section where they’ll put the research on the table. A blog is one of the best ways to let your customers know that you’re not only selling products or offering services.

A blog serves as the main information hub for your business, and it should be properly utilized. Writing blog posts backed with research as to why your products are better will convince the majority of your customers to stick around.

3. Find New Traffic Sources

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The job of an off-page SEO specialist is to identify sources for website traffic. If you’re not particularly familiar with the role, then do know that off-page SEO is the best way to gain new organic visitors. You may visit Digitalspotlight.com to know more about this.

But finding these new traffic sources is easier said than done. Luckily for you, we might know a few to incorporate into your digital marketing advertisements.

The first we’d like to talk about is Quora. Quora is the leading question-and-answer website on the internet. The website boasts more than 300 million active users each month, and they’re eager to answer all of your questions.
Only in this case, you’ll be answering the questions. But there’s a twist. You will have to identify questions related to your business and write compelling answers linking the solution to their problem with your website.

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This presents a unique digital marketing opportunity that your business simply cannot overlook. To help you out identify popular questions on Quora, you have to do some keyword research. Luckily for you, we have a link that will help you do that.

SEMrush is a popular keyword tool that SEO experts use daily. The software helps you identify high-ranking and high-traffic keywords and it is a must-have for any digital marketing strategy.

However, SEMrush is also very expensive. So for those of you who aren’t ready to pay up, make sure to visit https://thenicheguru.com/seo/semrush-alternatives/ for the best SEMrush alternatives.

4. Update Your Content

Businesses that run blogs should know that this is a vital tool in their arsenal. If you’ve written hundreds of blogs on industry topics, you should make a good job of updating these blog posts whenever you can.

When it comes to identifying the most important SEO factors Google values, quality content ranks very highly. Not only that but every business should update and optimize their content to offer readers even more quality.

If you have a blog post from 2017 regarding the best SEO tips for beginners, maybe you should update it with a focus on 2024. Not only will this tell Google that you’re updating your content, but that you’re also serious about quality.

5. Video Marketing

Source: forbes.com

People love watching videos. It is the media that everyone consumes the most. Blog posts might be popular, but they come nowhere near the popularity of videos.

This is precisely why YouTube has more than 2 billion active users, and why each of those users watches more than 2.5 videos a day! These numbers are seriously impressive and they highlight a need for video marketing.

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Video marketing is not only effective but very overlooked. Partly to thank for that is the fact that it is more expensive than other forms of content marketing.

Writing a blog post is less expensive than creating a video to explain what your product does. But the price should be overlooked in this case. While we do look for cost-effective ways to digitally market our products, this one shouldn’t be in that.

Video marketing has the potential to captivate the user more than blog posts. And while you will throw more money at it, it is a necessary expense that offers so much more in return.


Digital marketing strategies are truly many. While nothing guarantees that the marketing strategies you come across online will work in your case, they are indeed solid strategies that every business should give a try.

In your case, focusing on creating a buyer persona will save you a lot of trouble and time in identifying what your ideal customer is. From then, you can implement the rest of our strategies, which most overlook, and get the necessary traffic going to your business.

At the end of the day, it’s all about making sales or getting clicks to your website, and these strategies will hopefully do that.