Tips To Make The Most Of Your Upcoming Summer Sales On Amazon!

Summers can be hard on Amazon sellers, especially new sellers who don’t have a tried-and-tested sales strategy in place. According to a study, online sales see a 30% decrease in summer sales compared to other months.

Summer is usually the time when people go out for vacations, and online sales also reduce due to poor marketing responses. So if you’re an Amazon seller and worried about the sales this summer, don’t fret!

In this article, we will look at some tips that Amazon sellers should follow to overcome summer slowdowns..

How To Improve Sales This Summer?

Summers are the time when people are in a lazy mood and income fluctuations also occur during these times leading to poor sales. Following are some tips to improve sales during summer:

1. Plan online events –


During summer, people are mostly away from their homes seeking leisure, and conducting online fun events can be a great way of interacting with your customers.

If there are attractive prizes and discounts for playing the game, the interaction will be even more. This will help maintain your sales by keeping the customer base with regular interaction.

2. Try out new items –

Businesses tend to release new items during the later months of the year, however releasing them during the summer in a grand way can be a good attraction.

If the marketing is done properly it will create a lot of hype among the customers which will help in normalising the sales data.

3. Implement a proper business model –

Having a foolproof business model for the summer quarter is very important, and this has to be developed before the onset of the summer. Following the business plan to the point is also essential. Amazon provides Amazon account management services that help businesses track all their activities and monitor sales growth.

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4. Carry out optimization for better ranking on eCommerce sites –


Securing a high rank on eCommerce sites is very important as every company will be putting in efforts to make sure that their product ranks first. Hiring Amazon product listing optimization services can help businesses optimize their listing copy for higher ranks.

5. Provide bundle offers instead of discounts –

Most businesses tend to reduce their selling prices by providing a discount to attract customers. But the more profitable way is to move inventory quickly, which can be done by providing bundle offers. The shoppers will think of it as their gain while helping the company move out products.

6. Maintain regular communication with the customers –

Making sure that you don’t lose out on your potential customers during this quarter is very important. The most effective way to do that is to keep them aware of the ongoing offers and deals that they might be interested in via emails. It will make them feel connected and it ultimately creates a positive image about the seller.

7. Use high-quality images –


One of the most overlooked aspects is taking care of the pictures you’re uploading for your products. Amazon and customers like to get a high-quality image of the products they intend to purchase. It will give a clear vision of the product in their mind, and a high-quality image might compel them to buy.

For the reasons mentioned, Amazon constitutes a list of image standards. For instance, all the images should have a dot per inch or DPI of 1000 to enable customers to zoom it in and have a glance at the product details.

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8. Provide compelling and detailed product descriptions –

Product descriptions have always been vital to making potential customers aware of what the product is all about. It’s working, uses, how it operates, and other information. It would help if you made an exciting and engaging product description for compelling people to read it. It should be used as an extension of your product features.

Accentuating the attributes of the product helps grab the attention of customers and search engines. Include primary keywords in the descriptions to form SEO-oriented content contributing to improved rankings. In addition, it will contribute to increased leads and conversions as it acts as bait to lure the customers and make them stay at your website by providing helpful information about the product.

9. Use Amazon PPC campaign –

Being an online merchant, all you need is to gear up your business for digital marketing tactics to gain maximum traction. You can boost your sales by running an Amazon PPC campaign. It will help you reach your targeted audience through paid campaigns, whether for sponsored brands, product display ads, or sponsored products.

As users Google the products they require to purchase, it will make your website pop up in their search results above organic listings. It will ultimately help your business stand out from others and rank at the top of the search engines. You can visit eStore Factory, to get optimized PPC campaigns for your business for more such services.

10. Add legitimate customer reviews –


A customer will always look for reviews before purchasing any product. It calls for having a sound review management strategy. 80% of the customers’ buying decisions are altered by reading the reviews about the product. So it’s paramount to get legitimate reviews about the products from the shoppers. It might be an arduous task to get reviews and fulfill the purpose. You need to design a legit review strategy to earn fruitful reviews from verified customers.

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11. Target long-tail keywords –

Long-tail keywords are assistive in boosting your sales on Amazon. Long-tail keywords entail lower search volume, cost-per-click (CPC), and competition with specific user intent. You might optimize your products as per short-tail keywords, but you should remember long-tail keywords can catch users’ motives. So including long-tail keywords in your strategy will help you reach the target audience and amplify sales.


These tips can help new businesses overcome the sales dip during the summer months. In addition, there are various online services available that can help businesses follow their business model accurately to reap maximum profits during these times.