Messaging in Customer Support

If you run your business you know how difficult it is to deal with the high competition level of a modern market. Everyone tries to be unique and up-to-date, and the further the market develops, the more people understand that the customers’ attention has the value of gold. It is complicated to gain and hard to retain, but those who succeeded, use the benefits of their loyal clientele and develop with no hassle. One of the key aspects that affect this process is the manner your company provides customer service, and what tools you use for this. Read below why messaging can be a game-changer, and pass to the page to learn what service desk is better for this purpose –

Value of a customer

As we mentioned, the attention of customers is really valuable for any business – either small or large. This situation is conditioned by the changed balance compared to the older business models.

When the market was not so advanced, there were plenty of possibilities to engage new clients, and even if some problems were appearing, you did not have to worry about them because there are many people on our planet. But as the opportunities for small businesses became wider and wider, there appeared people that conquered the market with some very specific offers and extremely high service levels. It created a problem for giants which did not care much about their service.

Today, there are many similar offers on the market, some are presented by enterprises, others – by small businesses, but the fact is that any company tries to show their best to gain the customer’s loyalty. People started to explore the market searching for something better, and finally, it is usual now for people to search for the best of the best in their location. If a company does not correspond to these requirements, it cannot develop. So it became really expensive for businesses to try to gain new prospects. The focus passed to retaining those customers who have made a purchase and convincing them that the company is reliable and pleasant to work with.

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Variety of channels


To provide the best customer service, the companies need to follow the tendencies. Today there exist much more possibilities to connect the support agents than just a phone call. The possible channels include:

  • phonecalls;
  • video chats;
  • web page chats;
  • social media messaging;
  • email messaging;
  • SMS exchange and mailing; etc.

These are just a few of all the variations possible in different industries. And each business owner should consider those channels to function quickly and seamlessly to let the customers know that they are appreciated. But to reach the highest efficiency, you need to have regard to many aspects defining the popularity of some channels and the speed of communication. The tone of communication depends a lot on the channel that is used for customer service. Finally, if chatting reminds you of some work conversation it leaves a more neutral or negative impression than if this contact reminded a friendly talk. That is why messaging makes the difference.

Why chat is not the same as messaging?

Using chats can be confused a little with messaging. In the context of customer support, chats are supposed to use some in-system communication channel that is some kind limited. In other words, it is session-based and has a definite start and end.

Communication by messaging does not have such a feature, so it reminds a more relaxed conversation that is not strongly restricted by some limits. It makes a difference on the customer’s part. Finally, using messages now is more usual, as we use them for contacting our friends, family, mates, and colleagues every day. So asking for the help of a support agent may feel more usual, and completely different from the stressful issue-resolving call when something goes wrong.

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Benefits of messaging


When discussing the benefits of messaging over the other channels, it is necessary to mention:

  • Time-saving – it is hard to deny that using the help desk or service desk systems helps to save much time on manual classification, distribution, and handling of incoming requests. Using the system you can use the benefits of messaging along with saving comfort and productivity.
  • Productivity rise – as the time is saved by automation, you can solve more problems, pay more attention to the peculiarities of the problems that the customers encountered, and finally, if you are relaxed and you succeed well doing your job is far simpler to support a friendly conversation (even if a customer is in a bad mood). Overall, it helps to raise the CSAT measurements, which raise the chances of retaining more customers.
  • Using opportunities for long-term interaction – if people use messengers to contact your customer support team, it is easier for them as well to remember what issues made them unhappy previously. If you managed to resolve the problem successfully it will provoke a customer to remember the positive emotions after the resolution. Thus, there are more chances that the next time he will need help, he will be more confident and relaxed from the very beginning of your conversation. Such a friendly tone is the base of trustful relationships between the company and the customer.
  • Creating a loyal clientele base – the thing that comes from the previous point. If your customers trust you after the first issue you helped to resolve, there are fantastic conditions for creating the base of clients and prospects being able to perform the functions of promoters just by sharing their positive opinion.
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These benefits are not the only ones. If you start using messaging as an option, you will be able to feel your specific opportunities opened by these channels.

As you can see, using various channels helps not only to build more trustful relationships with the clients but to simplify the support agents’ work as well. Thus, you raise both external and internal results of work.