Totaled Car? 6 Things to do with a Wrecked Car

We can all agree that experiencing a traffic accident is not a pleasant thing, right? Most people believe that this is something that cannot happen to them. But when you think about it hard, you will see that this is not something that depends on your skills and the control you have over the automobile.

When it happens, it happens, right? Sometimes, your vehicle may be completely wrecked as a result. We can see that many people don’t think that they can do much with their cars under these circumstances. But the truth is completely different. There are many things you can do with them.

Naturally, you should be aware of these possibilities before you’re able to choose. That’s why we have gathered some crucial information on what you can do when you have a wrecked vehicle in your hands. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most interesting options you can choose from.

1. Sell the Vehicle


The most obvious thing to do is to sell the wreckage to the highest bid. We all know that junkyards are more than interested to purchase damaged cars, repair them, or strip them for parts. Thankfully, there are many of these junkyards to choose from. So, you might look at many different options in front of you.

Since the number of these is quite high, you would need to conduct thorough research. Have in mind that this can last for a couple of hours. If you are not certain about which one of these you should opt for, we would recommend you to take a look at, If you lack knowledge about this topic, then you should give junk car buyers GA a call to find out how much your car is worth.

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They have been buying junk cars since 2013, and have served the metro Atlanta region since then. They are familiar with all car impound rules, and facilities. Their expert junk car buyers will come to inspect your wrecked car within minutes to make a cash offer. The price is reasonable, the service overall has been reliable, and their workers are friendly. Transactions are nothing short of impressive, it is complete within 45 minutes.

2. Repair the Vehicle

The next option would be to repair the vehicle. Of course, you need to consider all the elements and see whether is it worth doing it. Sometimes, the vehicle will be beyond repair. So, investing additional money to fix something unfixable is a clear example of money wasted. Nobody wants that.

But when it is possible, then you should find a professional who can do that for a reasonable price. At the same time, if you have the needed experience in this line of work, then you can maybe do it on your own. Therefore, this may look like a great new opportunity to start a project you will enjoy for a couple of months.

3. Donate It


There are moments when we get tired of a vehicle we own. Maybe we just want to purchase a new one, but we don’t know where to start. But when a car is wrecked as a result of a car accident, and we do not have anything better to do with it, then we can donate them to someone who might need it.

For those who don’t know, there are many companies out there who are more than willing to take this problem out of your hands. Be sure to give a call to one of those and they will gladly solve the situation. Sometimes, you can expect benefits like a denigrated value tax deduction after you do this. Be sure to see whether you can get these benefits as a result of this action.

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4. Collect the Insurance

The scope of the damage needs to be calculated, right? No matter what sort of damage we are talking about. Based on these results, you can expect to receive a healthy financial injection by collecting insurance. Of course, the insurance itself should be carefully planned in case something like this happens.

Sadly, we cannot say that most vehicle owners have this in mind before car accidents. Collecting the insurance offers you a chance to use these funds to invest in the vehicle once again. You can do many things with it, including those options we’ve already pointed out earlier in this article of ours.

5. Strip it for Parts

Your vehicle, as a whole, cannot be used after a certain accident. But that doesn’t mean you should be too anxious about this happening. The reason is rather simple. You can always strip it for parts and sell them to amass funds to either purchase a new one, or to invest in something you feel is urgent at the moment.

Many do not understand how much money is in these parts. They can be used as spare parts for vehicles whose parts are malfunctioning and require changing. Therefore, take a look at the parts that can be reused again, and see for how much money you can see them to a junkyard or another vehicle owner.

6. Keep It

The final thing we want to talk about is the possibility to keep the vehicle. We will be honest, this usually happens when the damage is so severe that you cannot find a proper use for it. But if you are creative enough, or know someone who is, even wrecked vehicles can be used for something positive.

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There are numerous stories about people who have made something useful out of the wreckage. For example, you can use their part of the chassis to make a dog house. Sure, this requires quite an effort and a lot of knowledge, but it is possible. Give yourself enough room to be creative and you will find a proper solution, we’re sure of that.

Closing Thoughts

You don’t know what to do with your wrecked car? Don’t fall into despair because of that. Here, you can choose from several solutions that can help you find the best solution. Be sure to check them out.