Devils’ Line Season 2 Release Date and Review 2024

The growing popularity of anime makes sense when a series like Devils’ Line comes on screen. Everyone who now likes it may find it hard to believe but the series grew its audience base to the level of favoritism only after Hulu joined its distribution team.

However, the growing anticipation for the release of its second installment is making it hard for all the fans to maintain patience. Let’s dig in to find out when the second installment will be released and what we can expect from it.

A Peek Into The Storyline


The year 2018 was a turning point for all of us as we got introduced to a Japanese animated crime series. It revolves around two main characters namely Anzai and Tsukasa, who meet unexpectedly and get drawn to each other emotionally.

Love is beautiful, but it can also be dangerous for the people involved in it. Their life takes a turn when Tsukasa finds out that the human world is also home to vampires, or Devils as they are known in the series.

Anzai has an unavoidable craving for blood and gets in a dilemma when his craving gets out of control and he seeks human blood urgently.

The first installment ends after twelve episodes with the last one hinting at the possible break-up of Anzai and Tsukasa.

The Cast


The series lined up a star cast with two main characters: Anzai and Tsukasa and both the characters were played by Adam Gibbs and Yui Ishikawa, respectively.

Adam Gibbs caught the character’s dilemma of being torn between love and unavoidable craving perfectly and voiced the character accordingly. Yui Ishikawa knew that her character would demand a lot of emotional roller coaster rides. It would probably have been difficult to play the character of Tsukasa but Yui Ishikawa made it look like a piece of cake.

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When Can We Expect The Release


Okay, so the question has to be asked especially because it has been three years since the first installment came out. The anticipation would have to continue as there is no official word from Platinum Studio.

The great news is that the series has neither been taken off the air permanently nor has it been stated that the series has concluded with only twelve episodes.

The studio is currently working to bring the second installment and we can expect them to make an official announcement any time soon, hopefully.

Things You May Want To Know About Devils’ Line Season 2


Everyone is eager to find where the story goes. Since it may be a while for the second installment to come out, here are two things that you expect to happen, and imagine the story progressing accordingly.

Anzai is being said to get fired from his detective position, making him open to vulnerabilities from potential threats. Additionally, there is a chance that Anzai and Tsukasa may break up at the beginning of the second installment.

Summing It Up

The second installment may take a while to release but with the expected storyline it feels like it would be worth the wait.