How to Choose Casino Software Provider for Online Casino?

If you want to create an online casino or an app that uses igaming elements, you need a solid technological foundation for your digital product. Even if you have an in-house IT department, it is more than likely that your developers do not have enough domain knowledge or experience in development of gambling projects. In this situation, you need a casino software provider. Read on to find out who it is and how to choose the best casino software for your business!

Casino software provider – what does that mean?


A casino software provider is an IT company that offers comprehensive technology to run an online casino. Such a platform makes it possible to manage the casino on many levels, from games, to users and employees, reports, payments, and accounting. And also on different devices, i.e. computers, smartphones or tablets. Casino software is most often sold under a business-to-business license. The scope of the license allows for the daily operation of the online casino, the use of basic features, work automation and customization of the design so that customers can distinguish their casinos from other licensees. However, some casino software providers provide their products not only in the White-label model, but also in the Turnkey model. This solution allows for much more far-reaching customization.

Are there many software providers in the casino market?

If you are looking for a casino software provider that will allow you to create or develop your online casino, you will undoubtedly have a lot to choose from. There is a wide choice of casino platforms in the gambling industry, and their providers offer licenses tailored to the different needs and requirements of various markets around the world. However, not every product of this type is the same, they may differ in price, available features, possible integrations, and above all, the base of casino games.

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Is a casino software provider the same thing as a casino software development company?

This question can be a bit confusing. Casino software provider is of course an IT company that develops software for the iGaming industry. Most often, however, a casino software provider builds a casino platform as a product, which sells to customers under a license.

There are also service companies that create software for the iGaming industry, including casinos. Their offer is less comprehensive than the platform, but their domain knowledge acquired over many years of creating gambling, sports betting and lottery apps and experience in web & mobile development for various industries as well, can be invaluable. If you need to simply test your app idea before starting to pay the casino software provider fee, that can be your path. Or when you need some serious customization with one of your games, a casino software development company, can help you with creating an outstanding solution that immerses your app’s users. Also when you try to innovate fast, test various technologies such as for example AI, blockchain-based wallets, crypto payments and many more, the casino software providers can be not so flexible with, so you should choose casino software development company like:

What to take into consideration when choosing the casino software provider?

To make the best choice, you should consider what platform functionalities are necessary for you, and then compare this list with various solutions available on the market. So what factors should you consider?


Depending on the country in which you want to run your online casino, you need to adapt it to legal requirements. These vary from state to state and country to country, including the European Union. An example of rules that must be met by a gambling product is Responsible Gambling. Casino platforms operate in selected markets, so start by making sure your product is licensed in your country.

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Games in offer

The entertainment center of your online casino is the games. After all, entertainment is all what players want. How interesting and engaging the games will be will determine your success. There is strong competition on the market, but technology allows you to create modern and more immersive solutions. Everything to meet the needs of players. Therefore, the offer of available games and possible integration with casino game providers, or creating your own game from scratch should be factors that you pay attention to when choosing a casino software provider.

UI & customizations

In such a competitive industry as gambling and casinos, which often base on white label products, one of the most important factors on which the success of a business depends is the ability to stand out from the crowd. To be successful, you have to show something different from the competition, introduce something new to the game. The UI is one of the elements of particular importance. If you want users to spend time in your application, it should work intuitively, be easy to use, work fast, not generate bugs and offer secure payments. Ideally, your casino software provider has taken care of all this, and additionally gives you the ability to customize the UI of the application to highlight your branding, but also to make life easier for customers.


Reward & bonuses system

To increase the user engagement and encourage them to visit your casino more often, you should provide the right incentive. One of the solutions that allows this are bonuses and rewards for the most active users. These can be simple promotions such as a deposit multiplier, or an additional credit for using the app every day of the week, or more extensive mechanisms like virtual clubs for VIPs. These types of solutions are not available on all casino platforms, so pay attention to this when choosing.

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Technical aspects

There are many technical aspects you should consider before you decide to buy the license from one of the casino software providers. You should have a well-thought tech stack and choose a casino platform that will fit. However, don’t worry if you haven’t specified the technical side of the project yet. In this situation the best thing you can do is consult with a software development company. No one can advise you better than the experts. You should ask about the technologies, frameworks and tools in which the casino platform was written and about integration and development issues. All this information should be included in the documentation provided by the casino software provider. The selection of appropriate technologies will ensure high code quality and thus fast and trouble-free operation of the platform. Other important aspects are cross-platform compatibility, security, regular application updates, or customer support, back office, accounting, and probably many more.


As you can see, choosing a casino software provider is not a piece of cake. Prepare yourself the best you can, thus the solution you choose will determine your future in the industry, and a mistake when choosing can cost you lots of money, time, and anxiety. But we hope that with the article you just read you know exactly how to deal with this issue.