What’s The Difference Between A Detox Center and Rehabilitation?

Addiction represents a serious problem that can leave serious mental and physical consequences for the patient. Most addictions are related to mental problems and challenges addicts are having in their lives. The group of people with various struggles, or issues like depression and anxiety are more likely to face such problems. 

Different habits can create this problem, such as drug abuse, alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, and more. However, the worst cases are related to those addicted to drugs and alcohol because these habits are affecting physical health as well. Not dealing with any of these problems on time can lead to sickness and death in the end. After a person develops an addiction, it will become very hard for it to admit this problem, especially to close friends and family. Therefore, it is essential to find a proper approach to these people and try to convince them to seek help. 

There are many institutions with experts in this field who can help them to fight against the addiction and never get back to it. If you’re interested in a detox program for treating drug and alcohol addicts, check here. Besides the detox option, they can also choose a rehabilitation program. There are differences between these two models of treatment, and we are going to introduce you to them in the following article.

Main Features of Detox Program

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This model will help people to release poisonous substances from their bodies. Therefore, it is targeting people who were seriously abusing drugs and alcohol. Drugs are especially dangerous over time, and some types can cause serious health issues. Proper treatment cannot start without this part of the process. Some of the most serious diseases linked with the addiction are hepatitis C, HIV, high blood pressure, and mental issues as well. 

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The duration of this treatment depends on the level of abuse. The most critical group are people who were using synthetic drugs and heroin, and detox will require a prolonged period. There are many advantages of this option, especially because there are experts who are taking care of patients and monitor their progress. That is very important since some of them might have physical reactions caused by a lack of opioids that their body got used to. That is the main reason why so many people are struggling with quitting their bad habits. 

For example, heroin addicts could face seizures and panic attacks, along with many other symptoms, and it is crucial to be around them during that time and provide them with proper support and medication. The average duration of this model is one week. However, it can last much longer for more serious cases of addiction.


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When it comes to this process, the focus is on sessions with psychologists. In most cases, some reasons cause people to start abusing various substances and create this problem. Therefore, the team of experts will first try to determine what caused the patient to start with its habits in the first place. It is essential to face these problems and try to resolve mental challenges for more successful rehabilitation. Choosing a detox program is an excellent solution. 

However, people who haven’t resolved problems in their life could easily get back to their habits afterward. This treatment is far more complex and it might take months for patients to stay there. Also, they can be part of group therapies and have private sessions as well. It is proven that group therapy is a very effective method since people can motivate each other to change.

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It is crucial to understand that there is always some problem that is triggering people to start abusing these substances. Friends and family must find a proper approach as well if they want to suggest someone choose this option. You should do that by showing that you care about someone and explain the importance of this treatment. The worst situation is when people around the addict start abandoning him for his action. This can make the problem even worse.

Benefits and Downsides Between These Models

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The main difference between them is that detox is targeting physical health, while rehab is related to the mental healing of the patient. Both methods can be very effective. The downside of the detox program is that the patient might get back to the same habits after the treatment. That is especially the case with people who have mental addiction and private problems that they want to cover with drugs and alcohol

If the challenges continue to disturb the patient after the treatment, there is a great chance for him to start over with the same bad habits. On the other hand, there are no guarantees that the rehab will be successful as well. it requires the determination of the addict to change his habits. Also, there is an issue related to the time required for this approach, which can last for months.


Both options can bring some advantages, and the best way to select the right one is according to the personal requirements of the addict. Besides that, you can combine these models. That is maybe the best option since people will heal from toxic materials taken with drugs and alcohol, which can leave devastating consequences for the health, and to have both private and group sessions that can help them to determine what is causing them to abuse drugs in the first place. 

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Determination is the key to success in both models of treatment. It can be struggling for serious addicts, but they can have assistance from experienced experts in this field. These institutions are constantly improving the rehab program by implementing advanced psychological methods for a better approach to patients. 

Therefore, a detox should be only one step to rehabilitation, while staying in some professional institution and having sessions with experts who can get people closer to potential struggles that lead them to abuse issues is the most effective method. According to the statistics, over 40,000 people are visiting these centers only in the United States. Some institutions have over 70% success rate when it comes to this treatment.