Is it scary to go to rehab for addiction?

Addiction is a scary thing – and so is getting help. If you have been dependent on a substance for such a long period of time, it can be daunting to all of a sudden decide to go cold-turkey and change your life. However, qualified care facilities, inpatient services, and outpatient programs are all designed to help you get your life back on track with a measurable recovery process. Recovery is more than just not taking drugs anymore. It is about the positive transformation – taking the negative void that substance abuse left behind and filling it with new challenges, healthy connections, and empowering hobbies. Finding the right kind of help is really important. With all the help out there, finding something that works for you can be hard. There are many treatment centers such as Stonegate Center, BetterAddictionCare, Fora Health, etc. That’s why try to find a supportive program that will help you embark on the path of a life free from addiction.

How to find the best drug rehab center

Choosing a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center for a loved one, or for yourself, can be overwhelming, scary, and time-consuming. With the rise of drug use in young people, an ever-growing opioid crisis, and alcoholism all problems in the United States, the need for care facilities and outpatient programs are at an all-time high.

The addiction treatment sector has seen a huge influx in marketing from drug rehab centers that are unethical and unprofessional. Weeding out the unlicensed centers and treatment programs from the long list of reliable sources is the first step in finding the best center, such as The Edge Treatment, to help cure your addiction.

Licensing and accreditation


The first step in finding the best center for your needs is to look for licensed, accredited, and certified locations that are accredited by the Joint Commission or the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. Both of these reputable associations are nonprofit and independent organizations that take into account the industry standards, high-quality results, quality of the services provided, value of the services, and the performance standards of the business.

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Furthermore, finding a drug rehab center involves choosing one that is certified. If an option is not certified, they will not be able to legally advertise their services on social media platforms, search engines, or third-party providers. However, if they are certified, you will find their advertisements on Facebook, Google, and other third-party providers, indicating they are licensed and professional.

This certification process for centers is lengthy and intense, with a vetting process that is extremely detailed to ensure the facilities are protecting the consumer and helping individuals.

Clinical staff licenses

The next step in finding a treatment facility is to ensure the clinical staff is licensed and contains the proper credentials to be working with mentally ill patients, those who have substance abuse issues, or those with a dual diagnosis condition. If the workers at a facility do not meet the recognized standards for practice, the facility is unethical and illegal.

Specific credentials to look for when searching for a drug rehab center is as follows:

  • Licensed professional counselor
  • Certified co=occurring disorders counselor
  • Certified addictions counselor
  • Licensed alcohol and drug counselor

Comprehensive treatment team


At the best drug rehab centers in the nation, you will find there are professionals with various qualifications who provide a comprehensive treatment program to help the individual beat their addiction in multiple ways. The highest quality programs involve a multidisciplinary approach to beating all aspects of the disease, like addressing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues that caused the addiction in the first place.

Some professionals as a part of the team include:

  • Nutritionist
  • Nurse
  • Psychiatrist
  • Doctor
  • Chemical dependency counselor
  • Spiritual care advisor
  • Wellness specialist
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Uses research-backed methods

The most effective drug rehab centers use programs that rely on evidence, science, and research to plan and organize their treatment. Examples of evidence-based practices are cognitive behavioral therapy and medication-assisted therapies that have been proven to work.

Mental health services


Many people who struggle with substance abuse issues also have mental health concerns that can exacerbate their addiction. Co-occurring mental conditions, such as anxiety, depression, isolation, or social disorder can cause differences in their treatment program when searching for the ideal drug rehab center.

For patients who have a dual diagnosis, the best comprehensive treatment includes addiction care, mental health disorder care, and social guidance on how to reintegrate into society.

Treatment success

When deciding which drug rehab center is the best for you or a loved one, you need to look at their success rate when it comes to patients who have been through their program. Treatment facilities that have a 100% success rate are lying – there is no one-size-fits-all approach for therapy, so if you find a rehab center with a 70-80% success rate, this is more believable.



Going to a drug rehab center can be expensive – especially if you are paying out of pocket. Make sure the facility of your choice is in-network with your insurance to help save tens of thousands on your recovery. Being in-network also means the program has met certain standards for the industry and you do not have to worry about unlicensed or unprofessional facilities.

Medical detox therapies

If you need to detox from a substance, going through a medical detox at a drug rehab center is a safe and controlled way to ween yourself off of a dangerous chemical or drug. Instead of doing the detox on your own, where you might need help from someone else and assistance, you can do it in the care of professionals who can get you what you need during the tough time period. If you’re looking into doing alcohol or drug detox, Primrose Lodge is one of your best options. You can click here to visit their site for any inquiries you might want to have.

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Specialized programs for individuals


Everyone needs a different approach when it comes to therapy, addiction treatment, or specialized programs for curing disorders. When looking for the perfect center for you or a loved one, make sure they have the option of specialized programs to fit your unique needs.

Your needs for rehab will be different than any other person. You have a different history, past, background, mental condition, and addiction history than every other person in the world, so your treatment should reflect your unique and complicated past with substance abuse.

Length of the rehab program

You may find that a shorter treatment program works best for you. With others, a long and intense, multi-month rehab program could be the cure-all for your addiction issues. The length of time spent in treatment is important, as it should be determined by your progress instead of a set number of days at the facility.

Find a drug rehab center that focuses on individual progress, not setting a specific daily limit or time frame for your recovery process.


Searching for the perfect drug rehab center to help you or a loved one with addiction concerns, mental health issues, and dual diagnosis treatment is crucial in getting our life back on track. By choosing the drug rehab center that is specific to your needs, you can make sure the treatment is personalized, the length of the program is based on your recovery progress, and the clinical staff is qualified to help you in the journey.