Common Covid Time Tracking Challenges and How to Get Back on Track With A Time Card App – 2024 Guide

COVID-19 hit most of the world. This pandemic did not just hit one location. It hit us all. Suddenly, people who went to work five days a week were forced to go home and limit human interaction. However, that does not mean all work stopped. Most of us switched to working from home, and many managers had to figure out how to get back on track. One of the best solutions to deal with this new era of working from home was adopting an online time card app.

Many companies had to modify business plans and learn new ways to run a remote team. This was a huge hurdle to overcome for those who had never worked online remotely before or had to run a business from home. Companies began to search for new tools, like the time card app, to help battle the problems that came with COVID-19. For more information, you can visit


Every business had to count hours worked from home accurately, ensure they knew their employees were working, and convert a rigid work schedule into a more flexible one. On top of that, they needed a way to change company policy and add more leave time. This virus was scary and left people fearful and overwhelmed. Many companies added extra days to cope, allowing their employees to de-stress and work around the “new normal” challenges.

But, at the same time, many CEOs and managers were afraid that if the employees work at home, they will use every chance to procrastinate, and that’s a normal fear because all those things were unknown to everyone. But, as time went by, we saw that we can do everything from home if our professional choice is allowing that. In order for everyone to be happy, the time tracking diaries are one of the things companies started to use to maintain the same level of productivity during the crisis.

If you’re a business owner or manager still searching for tools that can enable you to run your business more efficiently, here are some ways that a time and attendance app can help.

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Time Tracking From Home


One of the significant battles of allowing employees to work from home is tracking their time and performance accurately.

How can you ensure employees are productive working from their homes’ comfort while still allowing them to be accountable for their own time?

One such way is through the use of a time card app. Such a job clock app provides employees with the flexibility to accurately track their work hours, no matter their location, and with very little oversight. If an employee works late or misses a break, the system can notify management and take action as needed.

Keep in mind that this is not something new. Most of the freelance platforms are doing the same, so they can create a work diary for every freelancer and their clients, as proof of work. Since you aren’t at the office, your manager is not able to monitor the work process, but you still have to provide proof you did your job and completed the tasks. That’s why it’s good for both sides to set for time tracking, so they can be sure there won’t be further disputes on this topic. You can check how a time tracking works here.

Changing Leave Policies

Many businesses added extra sick leave due to the 14 days quarantine period required after infection. This virus is awful, and if you have been exposed, you had to stay home. Many people can’t afford to miss this amount of work, and companies worldwide had to change their policies to ensure they still earned a liveable wage, even if forced to quarantine.


By using a timekeeper app, businesses can easily keep track of COVID time off and regular time off. The government requires companies to provide specifics about COVID time off, especially if they participate in the Paycheck Protection Program. The online timesheet software allows you to track COVID time off and easily report on it and share that reporting information with governing agencies and if you still haven’t got one, visit

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Some people consider this as an attack on their privacy and believe us that even the managers will avoid it if they can, but the situation is like that for a pretty long time, and there are plenty of examples of people who tried to get some spare time, without fulfilling their working tasks on time. So, the general recommendation is not to use this situation against the rules, because when you really need those moments, you won’t be able to use them – remember, you already took them when there was no need for that.

Getting Accurate Payroll

At first, no one could tell how much anyone was working. It was hard to keep up with, and you had to trust your employees kept accurate records of how much they worked and when they worked. With a time card app, there is no longer that issue.


Employees can punch time from any internet-connected device, and the app can keep track of every minute spent on the clock. You have options to limit precisely where, how, and when employees can punch time, ensuring that they’re following their assigned schedule. As an employer, you can rest assured that your employee work hours are accurate, and your payroll will be too.

According to the company and business owners, many workers tried to use the coronavirus situation so they don’t have to work. Most of them let the employees do that, but the time tracking apps can help measure productivity, and get an accurate calculation for the salary. The situation is complicated for all of us, but if we want to keep our job (since a lot of people weren’t able to do that), we have to be responsible and productive just like we are at the office. Working from home is not an excuse for procrastination, and we must learn that it’s the same job, especially if we want to keep the same salary.

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Adapting To New Schedules

When coronavirus started popping up in the United States, everyone’s schedule changed. For the past year, kids stayed home for remote learning, and parents had to adapt to the situation. No one had to be scheduled when to go into the office, but they had to set guidelines to ensure work would still get done. A timesheet management app allows for a flexible schedule that works with everyone.


As we all already know, this whole situation taught us a lot of important lessons. Many jobs can be done remotely, and that will lower the expenses for office space, and save a lot of time we lose while we travel to work or get back home. On the other hand, no one wants to lose the working atmosphere, and turn their living room into an office. As time goes by, many companies and workers will have to decide how things will go after this pandemic is finally done. Until then, it’s on all of us to try to save the economy as much as we can, and not let the whole “new normal” situation affect us badly.

COVID-19 is still something we are battling, and it will be a while before it goes away, even though we already have some vaccine supplies shipped all around the world. Most people may continue working from home, and it is going to be more crucial than ever before to put in place a system that allows people to work in the office and at home. Adopting a time card app can ensure you can flexibly yet accurately able to track employee work hours and time off, and of course, be sure everything is done properly and right on time.