How Much Does It Cost To Have A Song Written For You?

A sweet melody can make any special occasion seem more extravagant. Who does not love a good song, as it can set the mood real quick, and is a great way to communicate your feelings to the other people in the room. And when it is a custom song, for a special event, like a wedding or a proposal, then it makes the day even more memorable, forever.

Not everyone is a born songwriter and composer. But everyone loves a good song. Now you can get a custom made song, especially for you, for your and/or your loved ones’ big day. You just have to find some people who can bring my song to life. They are professionals and would require a few ideas and prompts from you, and you would have a perfect song ready within a few days.

Song making is a long and creative process, that takes some time. It can also be doe within an hour if you find your muse real quick. But you need not worry about it. With that said, let’s see how this process works and how much would it cost you to have a song written for you:

How Much Does It Actually Cost?


well , this question does not have a definite answer, as it depends on the skills and talent of the artist who would be customizing a song for you. The basic price ranges from $200 to anywhere between $600 to $700. And these may or may not cover the productions as well. There are many steps involved in making one song, which requires different individuals who are trained in their fields. These include writing the lyrics, making the song, the melody, composition, vocals, tweaking and editing, mixing and finally recording the song with instruments.

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You can cut down the costs a bit if you buy a complete package that would take care of everything, rather than approaching different individuals for various works. Moreover, there are some additional costs as well, such as the recording studio fee, copyrights, etc. So, no matter how amazing your song is going to be, it is going to cost at least a couple of hundred dollars.

What All Are You Paying For?


Making a song is a hectic and creative process for some, if not all. And not every one is a great singer-songwriter like the legendary  Taylor Swift. So you should know about the steps and people involved in the process:

1. Lyrics

Frist and foremost, after you have decided to get a song written for you, and deciding the overall theme and boundaries, you would require the lyrics to the song. Lyrics are the integral part of any song as they would be conveying your message to the people, and they are the first in line to grab people’s attention. Any lyricist you meet might charge you any amount between $30 to $500, based on their skills and experience. And if by any chance you ask a Hollywood lyricist, who is associated with A Listed singers, then the price can go up to a couple of grands for just one song.

2. Composition

A good and catchy melody is as important as some good and heart touching lyrics. A composer is the one eho would work on the melody and sounds section of the song. Composers work with various instruments, before finalizing the best ones for any song. You can expect a similar charge from them as well, as they too are working very hard to bring your song to life.

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3. Production And Release


Producing a song, and making it sound similar to your taste is quite a task, and this is taken care by the producer. Additionally, you can expect an increase in your expenses if you want your song to be released on the internet on various streaming media platforms. Releasing the song on streaming platforms would have twin benefits. First, it would make your song immortal and can be accessed by anyone on the planet. Secondly, it would generate some income, and you would be entitled for some percentage in it.

4. Copyright

If you decide to send the song for streaming, then you would have to file for some sort of copyright to prevent it from getting misused or used without your permission. Copyrights are of many types, however two of them are quite famous these days. First is the masters right. This means how your original version can be used, and covers a whole range of topics such as where it would be used, do you allow it to used anywhere etc.

Second is the publishing rights. This means if anyone, apar from the owners of the song want to record and release the same song, they would have to seek approval. They cannot release any part of the song without the knowledge and consent of the owners.

The Songwriting Process


You might have a few questions about how a song is made and what the process looks like? Do they start with music? Or they write the lyrics first? The answer to this is that the process varies from person to person, from one songwriter to another. Some may start with the lyrics first and then build their way around them. Other may follow a completely different route. It all depends on the mood and situatuionship of the songwriter.

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Many artists work with a whole team of creative people who are incharge of the various departments and figure the process real soon. But you might also have to pay extra if you would like to have your song delivered a little too soon.


There are many artists and websites available on the internet who can help you get the perfect song for your important dy and your loved ones. There are amny little things that you would have to pay for to get the best song ever. These include all the steps and measures taken to make a song. But, overall and in general, you would have to spend at least $200 USD.