Can You Hire Someone To See If Your Spouse Is Cheating?

The fact is that the relations between two married people can become colder over time. That might lead to crisis, arguing, and even divorce. Unfortunately, the divorce rate is very high, and in some countries, this number is around 50%.

On the other hand, things might seem perfectly good in your marriage, while your spouse is actually cheating on you for a longer time. If you are suspecting that your partner is not honest to you, and that there is a chance that the other side is cheating, things could be complicated.

First of all, it is not simple to discover whether you are right about your accusations. Also, you cannot simply ask your partner that. In most cases, you will get a negative an answer even if that is true. An even bigger issue would be if you were wrong, and if your partner is honest and loyal, and now you messed up with your accusations and jealousy.

In that matter, the best solution is to use some alternative method check if your partner is loyal or not. The most efficient option you can choose is to hire a private investigator, like experts from Haywood Hunt. We are going to analyze more about the possibility of hiring someone to check on your spouse.

Is It Legal?


The simple answer is yes, and you don’t need to worry about facing any issues if you decide to hire someone so you can be sure that your partner is being honest. However, it is crucial to hire an expert in this field with a lot of experience in similar actions. The reason for that is that you can be sure that the other side won’t suspect that someone is monitoring its activities.

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A person you hire will appear as a regular person who will try to be in close distance of the followed person and try to get as much information as they can about the potential hidden activities. Therefore, a private investigator will be visiting bars, parks, and all other places your partner is visiting when you are not together.

Still, you have to be aware that there are some legal boundaries to this option. You might be interested in hiring someone who can hack a device, steal someone’s mail, or check mobile baking activities, but all of these actions are illegal, and they can put both you and the person you hire in serious problems. The same is for wiring someone and using illegal methods for tracking. Everything must stay in a legal range.

However, it is still an excellent way to find out more about potential hidden activities. You will provide the investigator with details about where your partner is working and usually spends time with colleagues. It can be some restaurant, bar, park, and more. Therefore, this person will act as a regular guests or pedestrian while trying to catch something suspicious.

Also, the great advantage of this option is when you are suspecting that there might be a problem, but you are not right about that. As we already mentioned, things could become colder over time, but that doesn’t always mean that the other side will decide to cheat on you. Therefore, this option is perfect to avoid any sort of conflict.

There are Other Alternatives


When you are with someone for a longer time, it is normal that you will notice any sudden changes and behaviors towards you, and if that person is maybe hiding something. Besides the colder relations, it can be a total opposite as well. Cheating can make people excited and also feel guilty.

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Therefore, if your partner is suddenly interested in being intimate too often with you, but that was not the case in recent times, it could be a reason for the suspect. However, it is all individual, which means that this doesn’t always apply as a good reason.

Furthermore, there are some clear indications that your partner might be hiding something. For example, if he suddenly added a password lock on his mobile device, and won’t provide you with it. Also, if you are using the same PC at home, check if you can access social media, chatting platforms, and email. If these are new passwords for these sites as well, it is a reason for conversation.

The next thing you should do is to check the history on devices, so you can see if there are some new websites on the list, like dating apps, and more. Besides that, you should ask for explanation if the history is being deleted after each time when your spouse was using the PC.

Keep in mind that a cheater will always refuse to admit it and will always try to find some logical explanation, and even accuse you of being too harsh and not being honest. It is common that these people often start the conflict first so they can appear as the right side.

Another method that you can do is to check the listing in the bank. You can get this by mail, and there will be information about all spending during the month. Therefore, you can notice expensive bills in restaurants, hotels, or some expensive items that are not in your home.


The Bottom Line

The most important thing to know is that it is completely legal to hire someone to track your spouse. This is very efficient option since you can hide away from your partner that you are going through this process in the first place. It is especially beneficial for people who were not right about hiring a private investigator since it is proven that their partners are loyal.

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Also, you should look only for experienced professionals that will respect the legal range of the process. Besides that, there are some methods you can try by your own, and things that will represent a reason more to hire an investigator, like when you notice password changes on devices, and when your partner simply appears as he is hiding something.