The Ultimate Way of Choosing E-Liquids for Your Vape

Shopping for an e-liquid is one of the most critical parts of the vaping experience once you have a nice cartridge nestled in cartridge packaging, a vape device, and freshly wicked coils. With hundreds of flavors available, it can become frustrating and confusing, and if you are ready to make a new addition to your vaping collection, this guide is perfect for you!

The Ingredients Of E-Liquid

The e-liquids tend to have vegetable glycerine, flavor, propylene glycol, and optional nicotine. The VS portion of the juice is enhanced with nicotine, while the PG portion is meant to boost the flavor. However, some manufacturing companies use VG-based nicotine, particularly in the case of 100% VG juices where flavoring and base is based on vegetable glycerin. The e-liquid with salt nicotine is also a popular choice, accrediting to the higher demand for pod devices.

The Right Flavor


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that vaping has partially gained popularity for its yummy flavors that not only fill your mouth with delicious taste, it also fills the air with fragrant aromas. While you cannot get your hands-on Marlboro and Belmont flavor, the e-liquid doesn’t taste like real cigarettes. As far as the flavor is concerned, there are some tobacco-inspired flavors with amazing smokiness. On the other hand, there are strawberry and ripe mango flavors in e-liquids.

When it comes down to smoking, the smoker basically suppresses his/her taste buds to make sure you taste the smoke. This is the prime reason why smokers start regaining their sense of taste buds and smell when they quit smoking. For the same reason, you might need some time to feel the amazing flavor of fruity e-liquids. So, once you are able to taste the e-liquid better, you can start choosing between tobacco blends, cocktails, food, and fruits.

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In case you are a fan of food blends, you can opt for pizza, cake, and wafer, but people who prefer fruity e-liquid can choose between mango, peach, watermelon, grape, kiwi, and more. In fact, there are some mixed blends that infuse together the tobacco, food, and fruit flavors to create exotic flavors. Not to forget, if you like alcohol-inspired flavors include beer, wine, and brandy. So, just start with your favorite food or fruits to make sure switching from cigarettes to vapes is a delicious path.

Nicotine Percentage


Now that you have chosen the right flavor that you want to enjoy, it’s time to consider the nicotine percentage, which depends on how much you usually smoke in a day. To illustrate, if you smoke around twenty cigarettes in a day, you need a minimum of 12mg freebase nicotine or just opt for 35mg of salt nicotine. If you are using the high-strength sub-ohm devices, stick to 3mg to 6mg because these devices produce more vapor and heat, resulting in a stronger hit. However, you must not use salt nicotine in high-wattage and sub-ohm devices because it has a higher concentration.

On the other hand, if you are a casual or social smoker and smoke light cigarettes, you need to have low nicotine strengths, depending on the vape device. However, the recommended nicotine level is 20mg to 35mg.

Considering the Bottle Size & Materials


E-liquids are available in a variety of sizes and bottle shapes. For instance, in Canada and the US, 60ml and 30ml bottles are more common, but the European countries cannot have e-liquid bottles more than 10ml, and they have restricted anything below 2ml. As far as the materials are concerned, glass bottles are so 2013 because the latest bottles and custom vape cartridge packaging is made with PET squeeze bottles and you can look at this site for more info. However, the glass bottles have a premium feel and look, but they are also pretty expensive.

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The PET squeeze bottles are easier to fill your cartridges, vape tanks, and pods because they have a nose design. In addition, they can be extremely convenient to move around, given the lightweight design. On top of everything, the squeeze bottles don’t leak and click this link to get your hands on some.

Vg:Pg Ratio

When it comes down to a 50:50 ratio of VG:PG, it will provide a throat hit to the majority of smokers, but 40:60 provides an even stronger hit. In case of a high PG factor, you must take a long drag and don’t let much air in because it results in coughing. If you are using the high nicotine and PG e-liquid, you should use a vape device with a mouth-to-lung vaping mechanism. To reduce the hit, you need to start using nicotine salts and opt for a high VG.

Nicotine salts use the genuine form of nicotine used in tobacco leaves, which results in a smooth throat hit. In addition, it promises quick nicotine delivery, resulting in satisfactory outcomes. Nicotine salts are suitable for people who need mild and light tobacco and cigarettes. Another way of minimizing the hit is a high VG, but you need the advanced vape devices.


Pg and Vg

The primary base solution in the e-liquid is either PG (propylene glycol) or VG (vegetable glycerol), or a fine combination of both. PG is meant to provide more flavor, but the vapors will be weak, but VG has a sweet flavor and is more viscous. Having said that, VG mutes the flavor, but the vapor cloud will be huge like you’ve never seen. Commonly, the 40:60 PG to VG ratio is important to ensure you are satisfied with the flavor without compromising on the vapor clouds.

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On the other hand, you must remember that some people tend to be allergic to PG. So, if you smoke it and there is itching, hives, and trouble breathing, you have to opt for pure VG blends and get the combined ratio of 80% of VG and 20% of PG.

The Bottom Line

As a beginner making his way into the vaping world, remember that you will need some time to find the right PG to VG ratio, nicotine strength, and flavors that work for you. For the same reason, you must not choose something that’s instantly available because you’ve to be careful (the first impression is the last impression, you know?).