If You Are Trying to Quit Smoking, You Are Not Alone!

Have you tried electronic cigarettes yet? If not, they might become your way out of smoking. Yes, you heard it right!
Research has found that new smokers who switch to vaping might be able to stay smoke-free for a longer period.

Moreover, people like chain-smokers who didn’t want to stop smoking have eventually come around to quit it because they found vaping more enjoyable than any other alternative. You must have seen e-cigarettes at some of the shops like terpy.shop when you buy your regular cigarettes.

A majority of smokers are attracted to e-cigarettes because it’s a new trend. Using e-cigarettes makes them look cool and fashionable. Another one of the reasons why smokers find vaping attractive is because e-cigarettes are available in different unique flavors. Once they get a taste of the trendy flavors offered in the form of e-cigarettes, they never want to go back to their regular cigarettes.

E-cigarettes have proven to be an effective therapy tool for people who want to change their smoking habits from tobacco smoking to vaping. E-cigarettes come in various types and many different flavors ranging from fruity sweet to strong coffee. As for the smoking tool, you also get a variety of options such as tobacco pipes, regular cigarettes, or cigars. Other than that, you can also get e-cigarettes in a cool gadget like casings like a fancy pen or an advanced USB and some innovative types of MODs.

Looking forward to quitting smoking or substituting your regular cigarettes with e-cigarettes, look no further! We’ve covered all necessary details right below in this article.

Can You Switch Your Tobacco Cigarettes With E-Cigarettes?

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The sweet answer that you are looking for is YES! The fantastic thing about switching from regular to electric cigarettes is that you don’t have to keep counting your packets because there’s no box finality. It simply means that you’ll never run out of cigarettes. Furthermore, e-cigarettes successfully mimic the original smoking sensation that you’re attached to whenever you smoke.

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Using e-cigarettes eliminates the thought of smoking the last cigarette. Since there’s no box, there’s no last cigarette. You simply cannot persuade yourself to smoke the last one after which you’ll certainly quit smoking. There’s no such rules when you are using electronic cigarettes. With e-cigarettes, you won’t be able to say that it’s your last one and you won’t smoke again after it.

Not only do you stop making false promises to yourself but you actually start accepting the truth. The truth about tobacco cigarettes being harmful to your health. The truth is that your regular cigarettes are nothing but a box full of nicotine smoke that only numbs your senses.

By choosing to switch your smoking habits, you will realize how you don’t need tobacco at all. You’ll start feeling better and progress in developing a smoke free life. E-cigarettes are also for smoking but they don’t contain tobacco that destroys your lungs and causes lung cancer. Once you move on from your regular cigarettes, you’ll see how better you feel without depending on them.

Suppose you have selected the e-cig to replace your habit of smoking. In that case, you might have already invested in nicotine gums, patches, nicotine inhalers but didn’t get the satisfaction you were craving and then finally selected the e-cigarettes to fulfill your cravings.

How to Switch from Traditional Cigarettes to E-cigarettes?

All things are good! But how can you switch from traditional smoking to vaping? Although e-cigarette could be a fantastic alternative to a traditional cigarette, ditching smoking could be a pretty hectic task for anyone who has been into smoking for years. There is no need to fret; here, we have mentioned some of the ways you can easily switch from smoking to vaping.

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● Find Your Reason Why You Want to Switch!

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Everyone has their reasons to quit smoking. Many people choose health as one of the main concerns as cigarettes are the No.1 behind the deaths in the United States. Also, if you are opting for a smoke-free lifestyle, you are doing the best you can!

If you maintain your blood pressure, there will be fewer chances for you to develop heart diseases, extreme anxiety, and you are also improving concentration. Furthermore, many people want to leave the habit of smoking due to the stigma of tobacco usage, like people requesting to throw the cigarette or putting the cigarette out, side glances, or weird stares.

The best way you can end the habit of smoking is first to develop a powerful reason why you are quitting smoking in the first place. As we have mentioned above, health is one of the main concerns why people leave smoking, but your reasons could be different, and you have to analyze why you want to quit or switch to vaping.

● Set a Reward System

If you want to eliminate or create any habit, you should reward yourself whenever you find success. Every week or day you spend without smoking, you should reward yourself with your favorite side dish or dessert, or maybe you can watch your favorite Netflix series. When you use the self-reward system, you will train your brain to believe that it will receive another treat after another success by abstaining from smoking.

● Finally! Pick Your Vaping Device

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You are selecting e-cigarettes because simply you don’t want to smell like ashtrays anymore, or you have finally decided to make the switch from vaping to smoking, or maybe you have your financial and health concerns.
No matter what your reasons are for switching from vaping to smoking, rest assured that your purpose to vape is to quit the unhealthy habit of smoking, not to adopt another addiction.

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E-cigs have proven to be one of the most potent smoking alternatives in previous years. More and more people are switching from normal cigarettes to e-cigarettes to take advantage of their potential.

The Bottom Line…

Many Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT) promise to deliver nicotine to the body, like gums, patches, or even sprays. Still, smokers don’t get the feeling of smoking from such products. On the other hand, Vaping is a ditto replacement to smoking and successfully addresses the smoking sensation. E-cigarette devices cover all the smoking triggers, help smokers cope with smoking, and help to combat the behaviors and sensations.
If you have picked up vaping, congratulations on your first step to becoming smoke-free!

Final Verdict

The above reasoning makes it quite certain that if we compare electronic cigarettes with traditional cigarettes, e-cigs are undoubtedly a much safer option. This is why e-cigarettes are the best option for heavy smokers if they want to quit their habit and take care of their health.

If you want to turn your life around and slowly get rid of smoking, then you should visit us at Terpy and get your pick of the best e-cigarettes with flavorful e-liquids that’ll help you stop smoking altogether!

You will benefit both your health and your wallet because it is clear that, for a small initial outlay, your costs will be reduced in the long run, both because you will smoke less and because you will no longer buy traditional cigarettes, which are much more expensive.

With the money saved from not buying traditional cigarettes, you can devote yourself to your favorite hobbies and be happier.