Custom Flags In Promoting Your Business

Seemingly, every other big brand is now turning to the digital space to tap into the robust market that seems to be booming lately. Looking at how these companies are investing in digital advertising, you’d think that traditional advertising is getting forgotten altogether. But before you make a skewed decision, try driving down the streets in town and see the banners, the flags, sign spinners, and balloons in front of many businesses. That’s when you realize that most successful companies are still holding on to the traditional advertising strategies.

Technology will continue to advance, and more digital advertising strategies are coming up every day, but the traditional marketing strategies will remain relevant.

Custom Flags are great for promoting your brand or any specials you’re running. This is an excellent way of the advertising business that most companies continue to use.

Why custom flags?

Brand exposure


When you have these flags out in the streets or outside your brick and mortar store, the advertising remains visible on a 24hr basis. They don’t expire, and therefore you don’t have to take them down every day. Doing this on social media or any other digital advertising form may be effective, but for a while, and then it’s forgotten. A custom flag will remain out there and keeps reminding your prospects of your products and the brand generally.

Reasonable investment

Compared to other forms of advertising, custom flags cost much less. Remember, it’s just a one-time cost, and you have the flag bringing business to your company. Compare that with the digital advertising platforms where you keep paying for the ads, fresh content, and tweaking your website every other time, so it becomes consistent with your brand message. There are multiple sizes with different prices that you can choose from.

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The custom banners and flags are an asset to your company. They can be repurposed year after year and do not go out of style. You will not need to replace them unless they are destroyed, and you can remove them and return them as you wish. Every time you keep earning from them and throughout the years.

A flexible design

Imagine those times you’re low on budget, and you need to advertise. When designing custom flags, you can as imaginative as you wish – when you are introducing a new product in the market, you can alter some information to fit into your wish. You can manipulate the message to fit into what you want and add more details until your budget allows for other advertising forms. That means your brand will remain visible even when you don’t have the money to pay for the online ads and the digital content.

They are multipurpose


If you’re looking for an advertising method that can be used for different situations, which you can keep bringing back for use once in a while, then custom flags and banners are perfect. You can use them for company anniversaries; when you’re celebrating years of doing business- you tweak a few letters and add more information to suit the season.

You can also use them for community events. Those sensitization meetings organized by community leaders are perfect avenues for selling your business. Remember, the same people who attend the meetings are your customers, and therefore, when they see your brand near them, they will most likely want to associate with it. Thus your relationship with them is enhanced.

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For grand openings you can have several flags that carry the message of what you’re offering and the specific message you want delivered to your audience at that specific time.

Custom flags can also be used when introducing a new product in the market. They are great for trade shows and public relations campaigns. It’s a great way of telling your customers that you care about them and that’s why you keep inventing new products that will suit them.

Mistakes you must avoid when using custom flags

As aforementioned, custom flags and banners are a great ways of advertising your business. But sometimes, you may realize that even after having them in the streets for several months, there’s not much business you’ve got from them. You may wonder; where did I go wrong, or what is not happening?

Banners and custom flags are not showpieces and are not just some colorful pieces you use to sell your business. A lot can quickly go wrong when designing the flags; the text you use, the font, and even the color of the flags.

Here are some common mistakes when designing custom flags and which probably have made your brand not sell.

Grammatical errors


The first rule in brand marketing is proofreading. Everything must be proofread before you print it out. Imagine you are writing your brand name, which is “Pune,” and you leave out the ‘e’ at the end, and so it reads “pun.” That’s a completely different message. Viewers may recognize the colors you use, but the name will get them thinking that it could even be an imitation- not the original company. Imagine the amount of business you lose when you’ve such mistakes in your custom flags-too bad.

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Every missing punctuation, wrong spelling, and missing article will affect your image. It’s a clear show that you’re not careful, lack thoroughness, and to the elite, it’s a show of lack of professionalism. That gives you a low mark on credibility and reliability.

Beautiful messes

Custom flags mean something outstanding. However, you should never make it something that is overly crazy so that your prospects find it so hard to understand. Avoid those whacky graphics and crazy colors. Don’t use the over-the-top design in promoting products; avoid those unreadable fonts, too many graphics, and harsh color schemes.

When using custom flags or banners, you always have to remember that first impressions matter, and therefore you have to check everything. The tone must be engaging, make the flag memorable and professional. That’s what will boost your brand presence. If you want to get it right and see the “fruits of your labor,” get a reputable custom flag company like lushbanners to help you out. They have experience working with several companies, and that’s what you need for your flags to be effective and improve your bottom line.