Which Landlords Association Should I Join?

Most UK associations only represent residential landlords who are residential landlords. The British Landlord association represent both sectors, commercial and residential.

When it comes to Commercial tenants, they do not have the same protection as residential tenants. They do not have several charities supporting them like residential tenants.

Suppose you are an owner with one property or an extensive property portfolio. It is worth joining a professional organisation.

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The majority of landlords have been impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic one way or another and will need support.

The eviction procedure, especially the Notice period during the Covid-19 Pandemic, has caused much confusion in the buy to let market.

What do the landlord’s association’s do?

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They are a support network for the private and corporate professional landlord, including letting agents. Its role is to provide support, educate in managing rental properties, raise standards and representation for the corporate and private rental sector.

They represent their members by lobbying local and central Governments to oppose any adverse legislation.

They hold monthly meetings held by the board of directors, board members, and annual general meetings where members can attend and discuss any relevant issue.

They provide resources like documents, advice, courses, keep their members up to date, relevant legislation, and adopt best practices when managing rental property.

They also play a crucial role in making their members aware of new or pending legislation. The Tenant Deposit scheme is a good example. Many get caught out where they were not aware of the new law.

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In the last few years, the Government has phased in new housing laws and introduced new tax rules for the real estate industry.

(The BLA) – British Landlords Association

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The BLA is a genuinely free association with no annual fee or recurring membership fees to pay. The membership is free; any landlord or letting agent can join and get a free membership.

The BLA currently have just about 36,000 members. It is one of the fastest-growing association when it comes to members in the UK. They cover England, Wales & Scotland.

This is not surprising, given the membership is free.

They have a helpline for members, which currently operates five days during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The BLA also have a daily online paper that is published seven days a week for professional landlords.

Their online paper is impressive; it covers property industry news and general property problems and their issues. They also have templates and downloadable forms for the landlord community.

Their free legal advice line for members is a popular and essential service that all members require from time to time.