How Do You Know if CBD Oil Has Gone Bad – 2024 Guide?

Just like any other thing, oils also expire and so does CBD. Therefore, you should not store it in huge amounts. Despite the useful characteristics and attributes of CBD, you cannot use it excessively. Firstly, because even if something is good for you, its excessive use is not. Secondly, we need change.

For example, you like tortillas but what if you get served with them for every meal for unlimited time? Tortilla for breakfast, lunch and dinner and that too for months or even a year, what do you think about that?

Similarly, it won’t be possible for you to use CBD oils every single day. Otherwise, you will feel annoyed by them. Therefore, know that even if something is good for you, you never need a carton full of that. Furthermore, such a huge quantity will only be a burden on the buyer. Even if there is a discount, buy only what you need.


Remember one thing for your life;

The needs of the poor will be fulfilled but the desires of even the richest won’t be fulfilled.

So focus on your needs and not on your desires. This is the way you can spend your life peacefully.

Even if something goes out of stock, you can make a request. Right now, they are selling their products at a promotional price. So if you need your CBD oil now, you can go to and buy it at almost 50 percent discount. They have a variety of CBD oil products with varying ratios of concentration. So you can buy whatever suits you.

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But wait,

Before buying your CBD oils or any other product in your life, make sure to check the manufacturing date. You will always find two dates on the packing. One is the manufacturing date and the other one is the expiry date. If not, there will be the date with the title, “Best before”. This means that the specific product is best before the mentioned date.

Shelf life of CBD oils

CBD oils have a shelf life of 1 to 2 years. So if you have bought one bottle of oil, you can use it for around 2 years. It is mentioned that it varies from 1 to 2 years. Of course, it is not mainly because of the manufacturer but also because of how you manage your things.

So how will you tell if your oil has gone bad?

Here are a few signs that you should notice;

1 – A funky smell


If you have been using your oil for a longer time you might not remember how it used to smell before. So let us tell you that the fresh CBD oil smells earthy. Although you might not find it too pleasant but it won’t be unpleasant too. Therefore, you can comfortably use it.

However, if it is smelling somewhat strange and funkier, it might have gone bad. Therefore, if you have been using that for a few years and it smells really strange, you should discard it. Because it is no longer beneficial. Do not wait for it to smell really disgusting.

2 – Change in the consistency

Another clear sign of oils going bad is a change in their consistency. Yes, oils are a bit thicker than liquids but if they get thicker and murkier than their original consistency, then they are not good for us anymore.

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But of course, this also depends on the time. If you are habitual of placing things in the fridge, you will do the same with CBD oils. So when you put the oil in the fridge, it will get cloudy. So it is okay and your oil is fine too. It will get back to its original form when it reaches room temperature. Therefore, you need to be careful to not mix up the murky and thick oil with the cloudy one.
But remember the two signs of degradation. They are darkness and thickness. If your oils are now darker in color and are thick even at room temperature and it has been more than 2 years, oils have expired.

3 – Change in the taste


Of course, you might use your CBD oil in food. There is nothing strange about it. The use depends on you but it is safe for eating or any other use.

Now there are a lot of varieties in the market. Therefore, you will find it even in different flavors. So do not confuse the two. If your oil has some flavor, of course, it will taste like it.
The original taste of CBD oils is usually grassy, earthy or nutty. If not, it should be palatable and not disgusting. So if your oil tastes nothing like any of these, through it out. It is no longer useful for you now.

What you can do to keep it safe


There are a few factors that affect the shelf life. If you take care of those, you can use them for a bit longer. And by longer, it means before the expiry date. You cannot prolong that date but you can always keep your product useful until that day.

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These factors include;


The most important thing is storage space. So pay attention to these;

  1. Prevent any possible exposure to air and keep your oil in its packaging.
  2. Prevent extreme temperatures and keep the oil at room temperature (16 to 21 degrees C).
  3. Keep the bottle in a darker space like your pantry or closet.
  4. Make sure it does not regularly come in contact with stoves, air conditioners, radiators and even windows. These all are potential sources of excessive temperatures.

Some other factors include;

  • Extraction process
  • Packaging
  • Ingredients
  • Quality of the oil