Tips on How to Arrange Bookshelves Stylishly

Books can say a lot about a person. One glance at someone’s bookshelf is enough to reveal whether they are an avid traveller, food fanatic, hopeless romantic, or sci-fi nut. Whatever yours, organizing the pieces can be a challenge. Get inspired with our practical tips on how to keep your books perfectly organised.

Do you have shelves full of books, souvenirs from your travels, or photos and you’re lost as to how to stack them side by side? Alphabetizing your books isn’t the only way to go. There are several ways to arrange your books. It can be by alphabet, genre, publisher or frequency of use. However, the most aesthetically pleasing way is to simply have the books arranged by color.

Want a beautiful bookcase? Sort it by color


Creating a smooth rainbow transition on a bookshelf is not difficult – however expect a lot of sorting & organizing, and you can check Favi for some tips and shelves to purchase. First, pull all the books off the shelves, dust off the covers and sort them into several groups according to their primary colors. Not sure how to sort each shade? Pinterest has hundreds of color palettes you can follow. Then start lining the books up on the shelves, ideally from the lightest tone of one color to the darkest.

Display the spines or the covers?

A book with a beautiful cover definitely deserves extra attention, so turn really special ones round so the front cover faces you to display it nicely in your bookcase – similar to how they do in bookshops. Stack the other books so they have their spines out. Don’t be afraid to break the uniformity of the arrangement in places and stack a few books horizontally. Different sized books look good this way, simply stacking them from largest to smallest, and then you can put a small plant or framed print on the top of them.

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Library decorations include

To make the library look airy and tidy, use stops between books and stack them in different ways. You can use statues, candles, vases, photos or any other small item to break up the spaces in between. Play around with the placement too. As we mentioned already, try placing a few favorite novels horizontally and put a themed decoration on top of the pile. For example, you can spruce up a collection of books by French authors with a souvenir you brought back from your holiday in Paris. Be imaginative and spice up your bookcase with trinkets that will remind you of great memories. The accessories will beautifully air out the shelves full of books and make everything look truly special.

Consider the decoration of the Bookshelves with Souvenirs


One of the great ideas when it comes to designing your ideal bookshelves is to create them into your travel memory. This means that all objects you collected from your travel journey and that have special meaning to you, you can put inside your bookshelves. In this way, you will make a very unique bookshelves design and while seeing it in the room, you will always evoke some beautiful memories that will put a smile on your face. Therefore, if you are a true travel enthusiast you can gather all the souvenirs you purchased in other countries and make a very treasured collection that will look very attractive and impressive. For achieving a more dynamic display, you can arrange primarily books in the horizontal line and then put those souvenir objects in front.

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What about arranging Bookshelves in a messy way

If you love seeing perfection in imperfection, the ideal way of arranging your bookshelves is to stack your books both horizontally and vertically. Additionally, for the decoration, you can use all kinds of accessories that you love. You can arrange them randomly, without any particular order. This will create a very bold bookshelves arrangement that will truly attract every viewer’s attention. Additionally, you can add some colored picture frames, small art pieces, and even more highlight the design of your new authentical bookshelves.

You can decide on a layered Bookshelf Decoration


If you have deep bookshelves you have more chances to play with those layers and open space. In fact, if you arrange things properly inside it, you can create a very luxurious bookshelves appearance. For instance, we suggest you learn some special and sophisticated artwork pieces along the back of the shelves and then lay down some of the books. Additionally, you can place some heavier decorative metal objects along. For achieving a deeper appearance, you should also place some small decor pieces near the front of the shelves. In case you have some bulky vases and decorative authentical plates, you can place them behind as well and minimize the open space that is left. This will look incredibly luxurious at the end.

Are you a fan of retro Bookshelf Decor Ideas?

In case the answer to this question is yes, we can tell you right away that you have so many options and perfect decor ideas to make your bookshelf very original. A retro bookshelf would look amazing if you have some old books with authentic covers. You can line them symmetrically or horizontally. Additionally, you can add some old watches, gold candles, retro gramophone records, and some white flowers to the retro-designed vase. You can also color the bookshelf frame into gold and even place some retro pictures. This can look very magnificent and you will have a bookshelf that carries some history authentical sense.

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Decide on a bookshelf art decor


If you are an artist, you have the chance to gather all of your past artwork pieces on the bookshelf in a very discreet manner. In this way, you will only make your bookshelf incredibly stylish and beautiful. You can place whatever art pieces you own from a variety of styles and combine the colors in the way that suits your artistic taste the most. If you are creating some statues, you can add them as well on the top of some books.

Do you have a bedroom Bookshelf?

If you do not have it already, it is time to change that. You can organize all the books you read and that you are going to read before you sleep on that bookshelf. This will be your library for nighttime. However, for achieving a stylish look, you can add some incredibly elegant lamps, a big mirror, some alarm clocks, and the pictures of your family members.