5 Things You Need to Know About the PiCAT Test 2024

Have you ever considered joining the military? If so, do you know what requirements are there to be met?

We all know that there are plenty of reasons people want to join the military. First of all, people usually feel honoured to serve their country, and they opt for this profession instead of others, for this specific reason. Feeling drawn to making a change and serving your motherland is a feeling that is hard to describe for the majority of people – they claim it is something you can only feel. But patriotism is not the only phenomenon that makes people train so hard and prepare both mentally and physically, along with the feeling of contribution to your own country and people.

Being a militant comes with a lot of effort and challenges, but it also brings a huge plethora of opportunities. One of them is most certainly, the opportunity to travel. Soldiers not only travel across their motherland country, but they also get to travel the world. What is unimaginable for common people is what soldiers get to experience on a daily basis. That being said, their lifestyle is unique in many ways. Not only travelling, but also meeting new people and being a part of innumerable adventures is what seems (and is) more than exciting and tempting for people. Finally, there are some unparalleled benefits of this profession. You can count on all types of insurance, as well as being able to access amazing medical and living facilities. Of course, a good retirement package is also an important segment, when it comes to benefits.

But are you ready to pass all the tests that are needed in order to become a member of the military? When it comes to military tests, this is one of the biggest obstacles for people who are thinking of joining, because they are often discouraged by how challenging they are. However, is this really the case in reality? Which tests do you need to take, both educational or physical? If you haven’t already done your research, here are the much needed info.

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First of all, there are medical tests you need to pass. They need to ensure you are healthy, have good vision and hearing, as well as a healthy body mass index. Other than that, there are fitness tests (that many people find the most challenging). There are multiple types of these tests, but the basic fitness test usually consists of three challenges, such as running, doing pushing or throwing a medical ball. Last but not least, there is the ability (mental and educational ability) test you need to take, and that is the ASVAB test. But there is also the famous PiCat test, and this is exactly what we’re gonna talk about today.

Have you ever heard about PiCat tests and do you know anything about them? In case you haven’t, these tests have a purpose of determining what is your area of expertise, or in other words – what is the job you should be doing while serving your country. It also tests your cognitive abilities and your capacity for learning, since these tests require a prolonged period of learning and revising your knowledge and memory. There are several differences between the ASVAB and the PiCAT test, but simply put, ASVAB can be taken only once, while the other one can serve as a way to prepare, because you can do it several times. Also, if done correctly, it can transform into ASVAB, without all the stress and pressure people usually have. How is this possible? Here are the 5 things you should know about PiCAT tests, in order to better understand this system.

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Source: militaryaptitudetests.org

According to practicetestgeeks.com, you have to study hard in order to pass this test, but you don’t have to wonder what the test would look like. Thanks to the many useful websites and platforms that can be found on the Internet, you can actually go through the whole testing process before you even indulge in the real testing procedure. This will help you prepare because you will get a better understanding of what you can expect. It’s of great importance for many people, because uncertainty is what makes people stressed out. However, by simply using the available tools, you can make it a lot easier and more convenient.


Unlike the ASVAB where you only have a specified 3 hour span to finish the test, it’s not the case with PiCat. Here, you have a wide, 48 hour span, and you need to finish the test within those 48 hours. This means that you can do everything at your own pace, with no stress and anxiety about not having enough time to complete the test. You have more than enough time to focus on each task and master it.


Source: military.com

After you’ve finished your test, this is not the end. You shouldn’t stop studying and revising what you’ve already learned, because you have to do one more test, which is called the verification test. What’s the purpose of it? The answer is simple. It is there to make sure you didn’t cheat, and it is there to make sure you are a continuous learner, who hasn’t forgotten what he has learned. This is very important, and therefore you should look at it as a part of the main test. You have around 40 days to do the verification test, after you’ve completed the first one. After this number of days, you will not be able to verify your first score.

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Something specific when it comes to PiCAT is the fact that if you don’t do the first 4 sections successfully, the rest of the test won’t count. This is because the first 4 are essential, or in other words, the most important ones. That being said, make sure to master the first part of the test, and success will follow.


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Make sure not to cheat. Although so much time and a bit of vague conditions seem like a perfect environment for cheating, looking up your answers or consulting with others, try not to do that. Why? Because someone will discover what you did, sooner or later. The verification test will most likely reveal if you’ve cheated or not. But if you don’t master your PiCAT, don’t worry, because you have 4 attempts in total, unlike the ASVAB, which can be done only once. On the other hand, if you master both the test and the verification, it will easily transform to ASVAB, and you’ve done one of the hardest military tests, with ease! Good luck!