6 Best Campsites by the Beach in the US 2024

If you love the outdoors you love beaches too. One can’t go without the other in our opinion. You can beg to differ. There’s just something special about combining vacation with quality time in the sands. If you are living in the United States, and you are planning to spend your trip on one of the beautiful beaches this country offers we are here to help you. Most people are mistaken that the best beaches are tied to the Pacific ocean and the range from Washington to California. If you think so, you’d be wrong as Maryland, North and South Carolina, together with Florida and Massachusetts also have plenty to offer. The beaches we’re going to lie out for you include not only the possibility of enjoying oceans, and sand but also activities such as surfing. So if you are in of a bit of good time that includes spending nights on the beach itself we’re presenting to you the 6 best campsites by the beach in the US.

1. Nāpali Coast State Wilderness Park: Kauai, Hawaii

Source: afar.com

Of course, you can’t start this list without a location in Hawaii. If you opt for this state park, you’ll be presented with two choices. The first one is the Hanakoa campground while the other one is Miloli’i. If you are an adventurous person, you’ll be glad to hear that the only way to reach the Miloli’i is by boat. Going to this beach is not for free, which is important to mention. For a night of stay, you’ll have to part with $25. The good part is that you can apply for a camping permit online. Unfortunately, at the moment, this campground is off-limits due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. We are expecting that it will and before the summer which will allow the tourists back. While you wait for it, you can explore beaches that are not on our list at worlds-exotic-beaches.com as they excel in this field.

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2. Homer Spit Campground: Homer, Alaska

Source: cityofhomer-ak.gov

Moving on, and we have something completely different from our first suggestion and it is Homer Spit Campground at Homer, Alaska. This place is one that offers one of the world’s best views of mountains from a beach. You are more than welcome at this location as is anyone as it can accept more than one hundred RV’s and around 30 tents. It covers a vast area along Kachemak Bay. While it being Alaska it could deter some potential visitors it really shouldn’t. It is not some secluded place, as one could think. It’s surrounded by many shops, restaurants, and bars. Everything a true camper could wish for in an attempt to get a rest from camping. If you want direct access to the water you’ll have to part with $35 for an opportunity to do so, but it is not a must. If you are not addicted to water you can find cheaper places with no water nearby.

3. Wright’s Beach, Sonoma Coast State Park: Sonoma County, California

Source: weekendsherpa.com

Have you heard of highway 1? Yes, it is that highway which offers plenty of beaches and landscapes to airy visitors. If you opt for Wright’s Beach, Sonoma Coast State Park your Instagram feed would be burning with positive comments of your pics as nature here is breathtaking. Wright beach offers twenty-seven locations for campers and most of them are pet friendly. To get access to it, you need to pay $35. This is not much, considering that you can make payments six months in advance. The only thing you need to remember that you need to announce your arrival at least 48 hours in advance, which means you can’t just appear on the location looking for a spot.

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4. Kalaloch Campground, Olympic National Park: Washington

Source: tripbucket.com

Washington is one of the most beautiful states in America. We’re not going to argue with you if you think otherwise, and if you only mention the rains, we’re not even having this conversation. All you need to do, in order to change your opinion is to visit this park and witness its beauty. On the spot, you’ll have it all clear. The rocky terrains with which it is surrounded make it a unique place on this list. The wildlife you’ll encounter in this location is unparalleled. If you’re lucky enough you’ll even see a whale. The prices may vary depending on the exact place you’re staying, and the rates go from $24 to $48 per night. You can visit even if you are not a Seattle Seahawks fan, there’s no football discrimination.

5. Apostle Islands National Lakeshore: Lake Superior, Wisconsin

Source: latimes.com

Yes, we have Wisconsin on this list, as unusual as it might sound. Apostle Islands are a unique place, consisting of twenty-one smaller islands. While not all of them are available for camping, you’ll be glad to hear that at least eighteen are. At sixteen of these, you can even indulge yourself in backcountry camping if that’s your cup of tea. You can book your spot thirty days in advance for a fair price of $15 per night. At the moment, you can’t be staying on the lakeshore due to COVID-19, but we can expect this to change briefly in the coming months.

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6. Hoffmaster State Park: Muskegon, Michigan

Source: chicagotribune.com

Michigan has a charm of its own even if you don’t want to believe us. Michigan shoreline is three miles long and you can only imagine how many camping spots are there for those who love to camp. You don’t have to imagine anything – there are 297 sites. All of them are filled with amazing views, hiking trails, and even skiing trails. While you might be thinking of a cold and secluded place, the truth is most of these sites have nearby locations where you can go shopping, walking, and even drinking. The prices range from $25 to $37 per night. It is not much considering that you have too many options to choose from.