The Future of Online Gambling in the Cloud

Gambling has come a long way from the time gamers were playing with plastic chips and cards. Fortunately, the industry has undergone exponential growth. The advent of technology has made it possible for many gambling companies to offer gaming services to Polish players and others worldwide.

Since the virus has made many Polish players remain indoors, there has been a surge in the number of players. There is also an increase in the number of new gambling companies in the Polish gambling space.

Cloud technology is one of the technologies that are transforming multiple industries. Currently, the Polish gambling industry aims to utilize technology to make gaming better for the players who are indoors.

We linked up with our gaming expert Klara Czerwinska to elaborate more about gaming clouds and their impact on the future of gambling in Poland.

What is Cloud Gaming


It refers to a method of playing online games through remote hardware. It’s remote hardware because the servers are under the control of a separate company. Players no longer have to download online games to play, as there are lots of online games that they can access by streaming.

You also don’t have to keep updating your gaming device in case the games you want to play are not compatible with it. With cloud gaming, games are auto updated and you can play any game without obstacles.

To enjoy all the good things that the game comes with, you will only need good connectivity and a suitable gaming device.

You will need a strong internet connection because the resources you will share online include graphics, texture, shadow, game mechanics, and game graphics. Poor internet connectivity will only lag your game.

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Types of cloud gaming


Cloud gaming can be divided into the following subcategories depending on the technology applied.

  • Command Streaming

From the name, you might think the process has many complexities. But that’s not the case since the game logic and graphic commands get processed in the cloud. Rendering then occurs locally on the user’s device. The process is better than streaming on interactive video. It also reduces the load on the network.

The logic is that sending commands requires less bandwidth compared to transmitting a video. That helps in reducing latency because you will not need to decode or encode a video. However, it will limit the game graphics by the GPU capability of the device used for gameplay.

  • File streaming

The technology allows players to access games after downloading a certain number of files. It’s always about 5% of their device. File streaming helps game developers to reduce the cost of producing media and that of sending patches to players. But the players will still need better equipment to download the file from the store.

  • Video streaming

Many people associate it with streaming interactive video. When playing it, you will have to send input commands to the server. That will allow you to control the game remotely. The servers do the processing and run the game.
Image rendering occurs in the cloud on CPU/GPU. Video streaming allows you to play at high settings and enjoy good graphics. It requires a fast and stable internet for streaming.

Here are the benefits of cloud gaming


  • Device compatibility

Cloud gaming provides gamers with a highly scalable platform that allows them to play high-end games on lower machines. It allows gamers to have an exceptional gaming experience. You will have an improved gaming capacity, processing power, and graphic capacity.

  • Reduced costs

The model used in virtual gambling is the pay-as-you-go model. It means that the gaming companies pay for resources they have rented. That’s unlike the initial model that was used by the majority of the companies. It has helped in reducing the cost of hardware since all the computations are undertaken on the server.

  • No piracy

There has been a rise in the cases of piracy in the past. Many fraudulent operators are ever on the lookout to get the latest gaming products that aren’t original and offer them to the unsuspecting players.
Cloud technology eliminates the need for physical gaming software. It minimizes the chances of interruptions and manipulation of the system. That helps in maintaining the novelty of the game.

  • Availability of device support

Cloud gaming supports various devices ranging from desktops to gaming consoles. Gamers no longer have to be dependent on one gaming device.

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If you are a passionate gamer who plays on top polish sites such as those highlighted on, you will not have to keep shifting from one gadget to another. The technology supports gaming on any device provided there is good connectivity.

  • Security

Online Security has been a concern for many gamers online. Many gamers have lost their data and funds to fraudsters unknowingly.

The unsuspecting online gamers get lured by amazing graphics on the majority of the sites and amazing bonuses. That makes them join the platforms without understanding the risks they are putting themselves in.

Fortunately, better systems keep coming to make things better. Cloud gaming stores the gamer’s information on the virtual server. It allows secure computation thus keeping the hackers at bay.

  • The future of cloud in online casinos

There are many advancements that have been experienced in the gaming scene. Such advancements have been consistently making gaming better for many players in Poland and globally.

It’s undeniable that cloud technology brings lots of benefits to the gaming scene. It makes the gambling experience flexible and accessible to everyone who is passionate about online gaming.

Casino operators can also operate comfortably by uploading and updating their systems. Cloud technology allows information gathering and turns them into productive insights. No player wishes to see cloud gaming diminish.

Regarding the impact of cloud gaming on the global economy, experts predict that the growth will be consistently positive. That shows that cloud gaming will remain pivotal to the future of online gaming. There are also other forms of online gambling technology such blockchain and AI that are changing the industry as well.

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