Why Are Content Management Systems More Popular Than Ever Before?

Fancy designs, always up to date and highly user-friendly. In web design, the clearer and faster the better. Today’s users no longer want to scroll through websites forever and reach their destination with countless clicks. The better a website works, the more likely potential customers are to stay and are more likely to buy something. This article explains why a website based on a content management system (CMS) is the best choice for such factors and how you can find the right agency.

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In order to attract and keep as many visitors as possible, you need appealing content: pictures, texts, videos and graphics not only offer a great added value for the user, they are also positively registered by the search engine. But it is precisely this content that must be managed, published, updated and communicated. Depending on the amount of content and the size of the website, this is a mammoth task. Content management systems have been developed precisely for this purpose. When looking for a suitable CMS, you will most often come across over 200 different programmes and providers. There are everything from manageable blog construction kits to extensive enterprise systems. The best-known providers are probably WordPress, Shopify, Typo3 and Magento. With a market share of about 40%, WordPress is the absolute high flyer and market leader. In 2003, WordPress was developed by Matthew Mullenweg and made available as open source software, freely accessible and commercially usable CMS. This was the starting signal for one of the largest CMS worldwide. In the process, WordPress continues to put itself in the spotlight with countless fan communities. Starting with specially programmed themes, widgets, plugins and special updates of WordPress itself. Initially designed as a blogging system, there are now endless extensions available for the basic installation that allow one to upgrade the software to a fully functional CMS.

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Basically, anyone can develop a website with WordPress. However, the right design elements are missing and in very few cases the basic technical requirements are not right. To avoid investing time unnecessarily, you should look for a good WordPress agency. In doing so, you should take a close look at the projects already created by the agency and the associated technical possibilities. Because even if many agencies advertise themselves on their website, this does not mean that they can also fulfil the technical requirements for you as a customer. After all, many agencies act as individuals. In very few cases are there several employees behind the agencies. So it is all the better if you become aware of just such an agency. Such agencies usually employ conceptioners, graphic designers, web designers, photographers and Seo copywriters. But also video producers are often part of large WordPress agencies. For many users, WordPress serves as an online shop. This is exactly why you should lay the foundations for a well and smoothly running online shop right from the start. From technical optimisations to payment methods and shipping. This and much more can be realised with WordPress. But WordPress also serves as a digital business card. A simple website is usually enough to establish a company on the market.

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In the end, the programmed code is only implemented in the WordPress backend. In other words, the frontend (design) is merged with the backend (WordPress). Agencies that specialise in this approach are rare. Because no matter which design element they develop, their theme does not put any obstacles in their way. Many themes that have already been programmed and made available can only be adapted to a certain extent. You often have to make sacrifices and, in the worst case, do without the element. In the WordPress Agentur of Chris Hortsch, websites are not only conceived and designed from the beginning, but also later programmed and implemented in the WordPress backend. This means that unique websites can be designed for customers. There are also no limits to the design. No matter how crazy the idea, this team implement it. With years of experience, he knows tricks and optimal settings to make every WordPress site something special. In addition, the customers are also looked after after the publication of the site. Not infrequently, plugins are used to support technical requirements. Here, too, it does not shy away from writing out the plugins in detail and improving them or developing a suitable plugin himself. The content is created just as uniquely as the website.

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Even after completion of each project, websites created with WordPress must always be up to date. It is not uncommon that plugins, themes or widgets no longer work or look the same as before due to new updates. Due to the constant further development of WordPress, changes are also made to the code. The same applies to themes and plugins. With new versions come new problems. That’s why you should have a backup of your website at regular intervals and before every update. If problems do occur, you can always upload and activate the previous backup. This way, any data that may have been lost will be available again and the website will be fully functional. The more complex the website, the more cautious one should be in the backend. In addition, search engine optimization is also immensely important. It is not enough that your site is ready and has constant traffic. The search engine crawler must also feel comfortable.

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When looking for a WordPress agency, you should look for criteria that are particularly important to you. It is of no use either for oneself or for the agency to strive for a cooperation if the vision of the website cannot be realised. You should also make comparisons and look outside the box. Often an agency that is larger but located further away is more suitable than one in the same town. With today’s technical possibilities, the design can also be discussed at regular intervals via video conferences and problems can be solved. With WordPress as the market leader in CMS, you can never go wrong. One should familiarise oneself with the circumstances and clearly express one’s wishes. It is an advantage to have a good WordPress agency at your side, especially in difficult situations.