12 useful Car Gadgets & Accessories To Make Your Road Trip Easy

Headed somewhere? Trying to make your road trip experience pleasurable & enjoyable for yourself or your entire family? If so, make sure that you get your needed accessories and buckle up. Often times we hit the road without our needed & trusted items and tools, wouldn’t you agree? Well, with our article, you will cut your traveling time in half + you will enjoy all perks & pros of it without sweating about some tools or key pieces. Here’s how to do it.

12 useful Car Gadgets & Accessories To Make Your Road Trip Easy

1. A phone holder

Source: techadvisor.com

You should buy yourself a phone holder and place it in your car since it will help with your navigation purpose. Keep both of your hands on the wheel while driving and still get the needed GPS location instructions. There are phone holders for every model of phone out there. With the right one, your phone won’t fall out or move around during bumpy rides.

2. Hanging diffuser

Who doesn’t want their car to smell like a spa? There are loads of different scents & fragrances available on the market for everyone’s liking. These scents and fragrances are less than $5 yet they can make a dramatic difference for your car & your driving experience.

3. Car hooks

Source: southernliving.com

No one wants their jackets, bags, or shirts to fly around and hop when you’re in the vehicle and on a long ride. This is why you might fancy a set of car hooks so that your entire trip runs smoothly. Don’t let your clothes wind up on the floor and in the dirt, be prepared!

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4. A tiny trash can

A tiny trash can that you can place at the front part of your car or behind your seats is always welcome & practical. With it, you will easily keep your trash and your unwanted bits & pieces away. Throw out your trash every 7-10 days and enjoy the clean aesthetic of your car.

5. Coffee/drink holder

Source: aliexpress.com

Coffee holders or drink cups are always a must-have! You don’t want to risk spilling your coffee, but you do want to secure it either with a seatbelt (trust us). This is why you need to get a cup holder rack. Luckily, you can find this tool as well as loads of different car accessories at zilideals.com, see for yourself and find the right car gadget!

6. A wet & dry vacuum

If you’re having an issue reaching some corners and you’re not too sure what to use, make sure that you approach the situation with a hot & cold vacuum. This cleaner can make a difference thanks to its breeze and lightweight feature that allows you to carry it with you everywhere you go. Get rid of stains, hair, dirt, as well as debris with this little handy invention.

7. Windshield cover

Source: joom.com

If you live somewhere where it tends to get quite cold easily & often + it also snows – a windshield cover is a must-have. No one loves to scrape ice or snow off of their windshield, especially if they are already late to work. Save yourself a lot of time & energy by getting a windshield cover.

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8. Pet hair removal brush

If you are a pet owner you probably know how annoying cleaning pet hair can be, and you also know that they tend to shed everywhere. This is why you should invest in a pet hair removal brush and simply swipe it across your seats and the front of your car every here and there. Clear the lid and get rid of the unwanted hairs every other week or so.

9. Heated cushion seat

Source: thedrive.com

If you live out in the cold and your temperatures tend to drastically fall you will prefer a bit of warmth, right? Well, there are heated cushion seats that you can turn on to get that energy & blood pumping back up. The gadget itself is practical for rainy days, as well as men, women, kids & your pets! A heated cushion set will make your driving experience cozy, better, as well as enjoyable.

10. Travel road kit

Being prepared is on your to-do list, right? With the right travel road kit, you will be prepared for any type of emergency or unexpected cases. Enjoy the essentials such as a jumper cable, flashlight or two, duct tape, batteries, screwdriver – you name it! You can create your own and go for a bunch of items that are fully personalized or go for a basic kit that you can purchase at some stores. These are not too pricey + they can easily fit into your trunk. They will also come in handy more often than not.

11. Keychain car escape tool

Source: autoguide.com

Although it may sound a bit funny, exaggerated, or unusual, you can never know where the situation may take you, and where you may find yourself on a random weekend getaway with your friends. Those who travel often or people who wish to be prepared at all times will value & enjoy this little car tool. You can easily place it and wear it on your keychain for those unexpected situations and if you find yourself in an emergency. It can come in handy as a life-saving tool, believe it or not.

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12. A warm & cozy blanket

Last, but not least, who wouldn’t want a cozy blanket in their car? A huge, incredibly warm military wool blanket can keep you safe at all times from poor weather + it can come in handy if you’re working or dealing with a lost animal that is disoriented, hurt, or simply in shock. Also, you can avoid waiting forever for the police to come up save yourself from freezing to death when out on the road and if you’ve been in a car accident. Avoid unexpected, long & cold traffic jams and be fully prepared for any situation.