How To Wear A Fedora Hat Fashionably – 2024 Guide

Men’s fashion has come a long way with incorporating older trends. Most of the people are wearing modern pieces with sportier caps. However, the style of suits and coats in a combination with fedora hats has surely come back.

Because of serious fashion disasters, most of us have a wrong image of fedoras. While there were categorized as an item that you should stay away from, proper styling definitely improves the fit.

With many types of hats, you can surely combine them in your style. To prevent making mistakes, we have created this article with some tips on how to fashionably wear a fedora hat. Make sure you read on and get some styling ideas that you can incorporate into your outfits.

What are fedora hats


While most of the brim hats look the same, there is something special with the fedoras. They are a common head accessory that has been popular over the years for style improvement and a fashion sense.

Besides the brim, they are accompanied by a short crown, that is creased in the middle for that special look. It is made in a way that you can take it off by using your fingers in a pinching gesture.

In addition, they can have a belt-like material that goes around the hat, where people in the past were sticking up a feather.

Usually worn in formal scenarios

The best occasion where you can wear your fedora is a formal event. Combining a suit, coat and fedora is the best one that you can pull off. For that reason, it is highly indicated to wear a fedora on balls and dances, fancy events, red carpet activities, and weddings. These are the situations where you are supposed to look classy, and the hat will surely contribute to that.

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On the other hand, you should avoid wearing one to occasions that are too serious for that piece. For example, it is not appropriate to wear a fedora to a funeral, so make sure you deepen your style with a hat of another type.

Be careful while styling a casual fit


When styling a casual fit, you should be careful about the fedora combination. If you wear it with inappropriate clothes, you give out a sloppy impression, quite the opposite of your intentions.

Make sure you don’t wear regular t-shirts with such a formal hat, because it shows your inability to dress properly. Instead, you should use a different type of head accessory, such as a man beanie hat. You could probably find both types at

However, fedoras can be styled for casual occasions. Especially in the summertime, you can see people wearing straw-made fedoras near the pools and beaches. It is a quite effective sun protection method. Just keep in mind that not everyone will appreciate that look. So, if you are dressing to impress other people, make sure you are being confident in your fit, or find another head accessory.

In case you want to combine a fedora in a casual fit, whether for lunches or going out with friends, it surely can be done. Pair it with your favorite jeans, and make sure you put your blazer on. That way, the hat is appropriately worn, which gives an impression of a well-dressed person.

How to properly style a fedora


As we have mentioned above, it is best to combine this hat with a suit to give out the best formal look. It is a great way to break the monotony of basic tie and suit combinations, and it shows how carefully you select your pieces.

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Since we are all associated with fedoras as a history fashion item, it goes well with retro blazers. You can combine it with other accessories such as gloves for an impressive look.

On women, a combination of these hats is simpler since they always seem to pull off every look. Imagine going on a formal event in a suit, tidy hair, vibrant lipstick color, and a fedora. This fit will surely make a statement, showing how well dressed you are.

In addition, you can combine this hat in a casual scenario. For example, you can combine a cardigan with a flower design top, sandals and the fedora will be a great fit. In case you are preparing for a date, a nice dress with a combination of large accent earrings will be a great fit for a fedora.

Autumn is a season where you can see many women with these hats. An outfit with boots, a sweater, a coat, and a fedora can be a great option whenever you need to go out during the day.

As you can see, there are various fits where you can combine a fedora into. All you need is a little bit of inspiration, so, you can always visit internet sites with outfit ideas that you can try out.

Color consideration


Whenever you are wearing a hat, you should always be careful with the colors. Since they are accent pieces, they have to match the other things you are wearing. Make sure not to mix navy clothing with a black hat, since it shows that you don’t know anything about color matchings.

To make things simpler, match the hat with the boots and belt. If all these items are matching with the clothes you want to wear, you are up to a great outfit that everyone will appreciate.

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Where to purchase the right hat from


Although these hats can be found in many stores, you should be looking for a high-quality piece, that will match the material with the purpose of your outfit.

For that reason, make sure you visit stores with an already established and popular based on their quality. It is best to visit multiple stores, to find the best deals, and more importantly get the model that will suit you nicely.

You should not forget about the online stores, since they usually have more models and a larger selection that you can choose from. Just ensure yourself about the proper sizing, and enjoy yourself in a nice classy outfit.