What Type of Dress is Best For Prom?

I don’t know about you, but the most daunting and complex thing I had to go through when I finished my last year of high school was to pick the outfit I’ll wear to prom. But, it doesn’t need to be a stressful experience, especially since the most important thing in choosing the correct type of gown is to know what looks good when you put it on.

This indicates that you need to understand your body type in order to learn what is suitable for you. In this guide, we’ll explore the seven distinct types of body forms, and more importantly, what type of gown suits them best. So, without losing any more time, here is what could make a decision:

1. The “Boxy” Type

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This particular type most commonly features a waistline, hip, and chest that are almost identical when measured. In most situations, this body type is common with individuals that are athletic or that participate in different activities. If your wish is to highlight your feminine side and form, you must opt for a gown that will accentuate your midsection and that’ll reveal your legs perfectly. In this way, you could make an illusion of your sizes being diverse.

If you have a boxy shape, it’s best if you stick to dresses that are wrapped or ones that have decorated waistlines, mostly because this will attract awareness to your abdomen and midsection. Further, you could select a gown that features a high slit, which will perfectly show your legs – and if you wish to complete the entire look even better, you must definitely sunbathe so that you can exhibit your tanned body.

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2. The “Slender” Type

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This type is most commonly described as a tiny and thin physique, which basically means that you may have a leaner chest, legs, or arms – or all of them could be slimmer. Because of this, it’s best if you pick to buy a gown that’ll emphasize your tall and slim form, while at the same time, it’ll make a shape that’ll highlight your midsection and that’ll make the curves you may be lacking.

Hence, a fitted option may be the best option that you could opt for if you’re thinner. You should remember that, if you wish to make the entire look more interesting and fun, you can decide to add some details such as a strap that’ll complete the gown or you can choose an option that has a quirky and asymmetric neckline. Additionally, a leg slit is ideal for this type, mostly due to the fact it’ll make you appear taller.

3. The “Pear” Type

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Next on this list is the pear type, which means that you may be smaller at the top and a bit rounder at the base. Individuals with this type are most commonly described as having a smaller chest, skinny waist, and big hips. If you wish to balance the form out, you must opt for a gown that’ll add a bit of volume and accentuates your waist. Hence, you must opt for an a-line dress without straps or you could go for an open neck.

4. The “Apple” Type

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If you have a waist that isn’t defined and a general rounder form, you fall into the apple category. Now, the most important thing that you must do is to highlight your shoulders and legs while at the same time, you must de-highlight your midsection. To achieve what we’ve mentioned, you must pick an a-line dress that features a nice waistline and that’ll successfully draw awareness to the top part.

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You must know, a fuller skirt could also assist you with achieving this, hence, a high-low option or one that has a short hemline could turn out to be ideal for you. Now, there is a wide range of options available on the market, thus, do some digging before you make a decision. To assist you and to help you browse the options can choose from, you might want to check out www.veaul.com to see a few choices you can purchase for the special night.

5. The “Hourglass” Type

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If you have this particular form, you most likely have proportional hips and a chest. This means that you’re curvaceous and that the top of your body is balanced with the height of your bottom – the legs. With this shape, it’s best if you stick to a gown that has a genuine waist and that has a top part that’ll fit your form. An option with an open or V-neckline might be the most suitable option for you, so think about it.

6. The “Busty” Shape

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People that have a busty shape are completely opposite to individuals with a pear shape. If you fall into this category, you probably have a bigger bust and narrow hips, with a waist that is undefined. Hence, it’s most reasonable if you pick a dress that’ll highlight your waist, which will in return, draw concentration to your neck and face. A low-high dress will show your legs and balance the outfit, so, you could choose an evening dress for your big night.

7. The “Petite” Type

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No list on this topic would be complete without mentioning the petite form, which is most commonly defined as being 5 feet shorter or taller. If you have this form, you must definitely bypass wearing a full-length option since this will overwhelm you. Hence, it’s best if you stick to shorter ones or a longer one that has an asymmetric and quirky hemline since this will cause you to appear taller than you actually are. Don’t neglect to wear some heels to further add to the height.

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As you could read and learn, the gown you’ll pick for your special night will entirely rely on the body you have. And, if you decide to follow the tips we’ve mentioned in our guide above, you’ll be capable of making the entire process of selecting simpler and less daunting, and more importantly, you’ll pick something that’ll make you look mesmerizing.

Since you’re now well aware of what you need to focus on when looking for a prom outfit, you really shouldn’t waste any more of your time reading articles similar to the one we’ve written. Instead, determine which body form you have, and from there, start browsing for a dress that’ll suit it.