10 Ways To Keep Your Kids Entertained During Winter

Kids love winter when there’s snow outside. But cold winter days can get quite long when the temperatures go too low or the weather is rainy, and there’s no possibility to spend time outside. Then parenthood skills are tested.

When it is necessary to spend a long time in the house, as soon as the ideas for the games run out, boredom sets in, children get nervous and become restless. Avoid this scenario by preparing simple and fun ideas for games in advance that will occupy your kids for a long time.

Wondering how to do this? Worry no further, because we have prepared a list of fun things to keep your kids and yourself entertained.

1. Exercise

Source: verywellfit.com

Exercising can be a lot of fun, and besides entertainment, it has an important element of developing a healthy daily routine. It is generally advisable to think of activities that can have an educational element as well. Choose a time in a day to repeat this activity, so kids can develop a habit, and do your best to stick to it. Combine cardio, strength, and some yoga exercises, add some music to the background and have fun!

For this activity you don’t need anything in particular, but if you have some training gadgets and you think they will inspire the kids more, feel free to use them. If you need the inspiration to get you going, visit dcins.com.

2. Gluing the line

This activity can keep the kids quite busy, depending on how much floor you’ll allow them to use.

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Material: You’ll need a pack of A4 print papers, some colorful stickers, and coloring pens.

Procedure: Draw a line on a larger piece of paper (or several joined pieces of A4 paper). The line can go through several rooms or it can be only in one part of the floor, make it curvy, or shaped according to your wishes. You will probably need to prepare stickers in advance for this activity, buy or print them. An alternative could also be for the kids to draw circles with crayons, and color them.

The result should be a piece of art or a guide mark leading to some of the rooms.

3. Shooting range

Source: timesofindia.indiatimes.com

A kind of activity they are used to having at fairs and amusement parks.

Material: You’ll need a cardboard box, a couple of empty plastic yogurt classes, some string, and a couple of balls.

Procedure: Hang a few glasses by a string, inside an ordinary cardboard box. Place them at the desired height and let your kids shoot them with a softball.

For slightly older children, make the game more fun by giving each glass the appropriate value. Whoever collects the most points is the winner.
You can also add some excitement by offering a reward for the one that collects the most points. Be as creative as you like.

4. Jumping from one line to the other

This activity is suitable for those who live in the house since there will be no neighbors below to complain. Material: You’ll only need duct tape.

Procedure: Make a nice polygon for jumping in the house with the help of duct tape and think of tasks that the child should do – jumping from one line to another, between the lines, alternately, on one leg, etc. Based on how old and capable your kids are, choose the drills accordingly.

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It’s a great game for blowing off some steam before going to bed, making sure they’ll be sound asleep.

5. Hoop games

Source: verywellfamily.com

Another physically active game. The hoop is great for movement and play.

Material: Hoop.

Procedure: In addition to the kid being able to spin it around the waist, you can arrange them on the floor for them to jump from one to the other, or while you are holding the hoop, the child can jump through it on the bed or mattress, etc.

6. Cardboard box slide

How many cardboard boxes did you just throw away, not knowing they could serve this well?

Material: If you live in a house with stairs, and have a larger cardboard box occupying the space in the garage, use it! There is no cheaper and better fun for the little ones!

Procedure: Disassemble the box and spread it over the stairs, so the kids can slide down on their bottoms.

7. Badminton

Source: unsplash.com

For those who already have badminton gear, the game is safe for playing indoors, as the ball is not made of hard materials. If not, here’s how to organize it.

Materials: You’ll need some plastic or paper plates, wooden sticks (ice cream sticks), and balloons.

Procedure: Use the sticks and the plates for making the racket. Blow the balloon to serve as a ball. Let the fun begin!

8. Foot painting

If your child is a gentle, artistic soul, it will adore this game.

Material: You’ll need a huge piece of paper, colors, and crackling nylon.

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Procedure: Place the paper on the floor, make sure it doesn’t move. Put the crackling paper on your kids’ feet, just like you’re making socks. Color the sole of the feet and let the kid walk on the paper creating art. Use as many colors as you like, put on some music and let the kid dance while painting. Repeat this activity and make an art exhibition in your hallway.

9. Learning letters

Source: tscpl.org

If it’s time to start learning letters, here’s one way to make it fun. Instead of writing them on paper, have your child draw letters in the sand. It will surely keep the attention longer…

Since it’s winter, sand can be challenging to cope with inside, but you can make a fenced area, shield the floor with nylon, and pour sand in it. This way it will feel like summer.

10. Spiderweb

Collect all the small toys you have in the house, make a net of insulating tape in the doorway, and have the kids try to move the toys to the other side of the room, through the net.

Trying out any of these activities will keep the long winter days, short.