Features of Gaining Citizenship of The Promising Country of Saint Kitts and Nevis

The islands of Saint Kitts and Nevis have long ceased to be an ordinary country. It is now a prosperous state. Plus, don’t forget about the attractiveness of tropical nature. Nowadays, absolutely everyone who can fulfill simple requirements is able to get a passport of this country. You need to invest in real estate or send money to charity. This will allow you to gain the desired citizenship in the shortest possible time. The favourable offer is confirmed by a special program to attract investors. It has been operating for over 35 years, constantly attracting the attention of those people who want to improve their lives.

Why choose this particular state?

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In a short time, the state has grown from a weak and hopeless to a promising one. Now it is almost an ideal place to live. The crime rate is minimal, the taxation system attracts people by the absence of strict requirements. There are also many opportunities for development in the financial sphere. Investing in the country will not be a waste of money, as it is considered a ticket to a better future. The islands delight visitors with attractive landscapes, beautiful nature and living conditions.

Those who want to live in a resort, and have excellent prospects for earning money should choose this particular state. Its passport is highly valued in the world. You can visit more than 150 countries without a visa. Therefore, it is easy to travel, making your own routes to the most interesting places. Contact Imperial & Legal and apply for a passport of this state to enjoy life and feel truly great.

Investment benefits

The main advantage of investing in the country is that money is transferred only after receiving a response from the government regarding the submitted application. That is, everything is absolutely safe — you will not need to make contributions until the final decision is made. In the event of overdue payment, the government has the right to refuse but it returns all finances back minus commissions. The oldest investment program is highly regarded in the world, therefore it’s considered one of the most profitable, reliable, and safe.

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Moreover, it is worth mentioning the following advantages:

  • excellent investment options with not the most difficult requirements;
  • simplest paperwork process, especially if you immediately contact our company;
  • ability to conduct all operations remotely, which eliminates additional costs and allows you to go about your business while the government is making its decision;
  • saving time — a passport can be obtained in a maximum of 3-4 months + additional time for paperwork and other operations. It is very fast when compared to other countries;
  • no need to renounce your current citizenship — two passports will not change the living conditions for new residents of the islands.

All operations for gaining citizenship are transparent. There are no additional conditions. The list of requirements and step-by-step actions is detailed on the website of our company. Also, this data can be found on governmental web resources. You can undergo the whole process yourself, but it is better to contact our experts. In this case, all risks will be excluded. Extensive experience allows us to fulfill all requirements in the shortest possible time and with maximum results.

How to apply without a representative?

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According to the law, the filing of an application for citizenship must be carried out only by a special agent. Therefore, you shouldn’t look for representatives with a dubious reputation. It is better to immediately trust us and facilitate the procedure. Thanks to our experienced experts, the work will be done much faster, so you will get a passport much earlier. In addition, we guarantee success, but we do it taking into account your biographical characteristics.

People with convictions and payment arrears are always in the lower category, which is being considered by the government more closely and longer. With our services, you won’t have to go to the country to settle various issues. Everything will be done by professionals, who are constantly notifying clients about the intermediate results. Therefore, in this case it’s better to trust us to receive a full package of quality services that will really give a positive result.

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Important conditions for gaining citizenship

The main requirement that allows you to obtain a Saint Kitts and Nevis passport is the required amount for investment and the payment of government fees. All transactions must be carried out by adults or on behalf of those who have reached the age of 18. Important requirements of the government in relation to those people who want to gain the citizenship include:

  • no convictions and debts;
  • no serious illnesses;
  • minimum investment amount is $150,000;
  • choose only one option for investment: returnable or charitable (non-returnable);
  • paperwork must be drawn up by the head of the family or another member of the family, on whom other members are financially dependent.

It’s easy to study all conditions in detail on the special page of our website. You can also contact the company representatives who will be happy to tell you the details in instant messengers or video calls, you choose the most convenient method.

Quick guide to gaining citizenship

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Many people want to become a citizen of the state in question. This is a really good idea considering all the benefits it offers. Now the state is considered prosperous and rapidly developing in all areas. Those who invest in its progress gain individual benefits. It usually takes 3-4 months to complete a standard application without taking into account the time for additional operations: paperwork, filling out questionnaires and solving other problems.

Therefore, in order not to delay the procedure, it’s worth contacting our experts and entrusting the whole process to them. The specialists have been working with various investment programs for a long time, therefore they will do everything at the highest level.

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To get a passport of this promising state, you need to go through only 4 stages

Contact our company to draw up the contract, attach a copy of your passport and proof of address of residence. To not waste time on searching for a representative it is better to call us right away and start a substantive conversation without wasting time. In a few minutes, you will get comprehensive information and fill out an application.

Preparation of a complete package of documents, filling out questionnaires. In the first case, those who want to become a citizen must promptly collect the necessary documents, a list of which we will send in any convenient way. The questionnaires will be completed by qualified specialists based on the submitted documentation.

Registration of the application on the government website. Further, a detailed study of all the features and biographical history of a person applying for citizenship takes place. A standard application is processed by the government within 3-4 months, while an urgent one takes 45-60 days. If everything is okay and there is a positive answer, government representatives will send you a special notification of the result.

Investment. Choose a suitable option for depositing money after studying the main amount and additional fees. It is important to transfer the investment within the time indicated in the official documents.

After your money has been successfully credited to the balance of the state, you will be able to receive your passport. You can pick it up from our office yourself or use the post office service.
It is important to understand that if you do the paperwork yourself, there is not always a guarantee that you’ll get citizenship. Our specialists have vast experience and are always ready to help everyone who wants to live in a developed country with great prospects.